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Road Condition from Pune to Mangalore

Discussion in 'West India' started by RadheSham, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. RadheSham

    RadheSham New Member

    I will travelling to Mangalore from Pune, and need to know what the road conditions are like, as I will be traveling by car.

  2. Deven

    Deven Member

    Road conditions from Pune to Mangalore are fine, you would fine the odd places where the road is bad. Traffic wise it is easy going apart from the point from NH 17 to NH 63 where there is a large number of trucks.

  3. RadheSham

    RadheSham New Member

    Is it wise to travel at night, as I prefer driving during the night due to my sleeping schedule? Although I can manage day time driving but would prefer night time driving.
  4. kokosflocken

    kokosflocken New Member

    I've traveled between these two at night, and it is not too bad. Everyone seems to be a lot more disciplined on the roads at night. I don't know why that is :p The only thing that would bother me if I were driving, though, is the big buses on the narrow roads. Those are somewhat scary. But my friends who've driven from Pune (and Mumbai) to Mangalore don't seem to mind it too much. In any case, if your sleeping schedule allows it, why not?
  5. Steve Dawson

    Steve Dawson Member

    Its quieter at night for sure, I've travelled the road at night and during the day. Its a good condition road for the most part but the trucks hog the road a bit sometimes. Leave yourself plenty of time for your journey and make sure you don't get tired and you'll be fine. You will miss some beautiful scenery if you travel at night though.
  6. Ashwin Mahesh

    Ashwin Mahesh Member

    This is a pretty scenic route to travel by road, there are ghat sections and beaches, so you'll enjoy it more if you travel during the day.
    Do consider the fact that Mangalore is a port city and hence there is a lot of movement of heavy trucks, also bus drivers are quite infamous for their rash driving.

    There was a time when Iron ore was shipped from Mangalore port to China, and for this reason alone around 5000 trucks used to traverse a part of the route every night. But this is no longer the case and it also ensured that the roads were well built

    As far as the road condition is concerned it is definitely better than the average road conditions across rest of India, yet it could get much better.
  7. pwarbi

    pwarbi Active Member

    Deciding to travel by day or by night is a hard decision as they both have their plus and negative points. Personally I always prefer to travel during the day, and while it is a little busier, at least I get to see some of the features of the country along the way.
  8. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello there! Welcome to the forum!

    The distance between Pune and Mangalore is about 774 kms. It can take you 11 to 13 hours to cover this distance. This is the route you have to take:
    • Pune > Satara > Karad > Belagavi > Dharwad > Yellapur > Gokarna > Murdeshwar > Udupi > Mangalore.
    Here's a little breakdown of the road conditions between this route:

    From Pune to Satara, the road conditions are average here. There's also a toll here so be prepared for that. You'd also encounter lots of diversions along the way. The distance between these two is about 120 kms, so expect journey time to be between 3 hours.

    From Satara to Belagavi, roads become better at this point. You'd approach another toll here so be prepared for that again. You can drive at higher speeds during this route. The distance between Satara and Belagavi is about 231 kms, journey time is about 4 hours or less.

    From Belagavi to Dharwad, this is probably the best route at this point. The road conditions are excellent and well-maintained. Another toll is here so you'd have to pay again. This is about 76 kms, so about an hour or 2 of driving.

    Now, from Dharwad to Yellapur, another good stretch of roads. You can drive higher speeds at this point. The tar on the roads are in good condition. You won't need to pay toll here as well. This is about 74 kms so an hour of driving or so.

    From Gokarna to Mangalore, road conditions are good enough. There was some constructions here on the roads back then, I don't know if they're finished by now. But even with that, there's not much traffic and the roads are two-lanes mostly. You also won't need to pay toll here back then but I think there's a toll now. The average distance from Gokarna to Mangalore is 234 kms so that's about 5 hours of driving or so.

    It's okay to travel by night time but I would still recommend driving during day time. If you're new to a region, it's better to drive the first time during the day so you won't get lost or encounter problems. The first time you travel to a destination, you won't know where the gas stations are nor the eateries. And if you'd encounter any mishaps, at least during day time, it's easier to ask for help. That's just my two cents anyways. It's still up to you.

    Good luck and I hope you enjoy your road trip!