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Distance from Mangalore to Coorg

Discussion in 'Karnataka' started by Siyali, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. Siyali

    Siyali New Member

    I am from Mangalore, and I wish to go to Coorg. I haven't been to Coorg before and need to know what the distance from Mangalore to Coorg is and what mode of transport you would recommend for traveling.

    I was planning to take a car to Coorg, but I am not too sure what the road conditions are like. So I am also now considering traveling by bus.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Siyali, welcome to the forum!



    The distance between Mangalore and Coorg is about 151 kilometres. Driving this distance can take around 3 to 4 hours, more or less. You have different options for transportation for this route. Buses operated by both the government and private companies regularly ply through this route. If you are more of a train journey person, you can reach the nearest railway station from Coorg since it doesn't have its own railway station yet. If you're more into a comfortable journey, then opt for riding your own vehicle or even a hired cab. By public transportation though, journey duration can be a bit on the longer side.

    Transportation Means from Mangalore to Coorg

    1. By Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) Bus - The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation, also known as KSRTC, operates some buses running from Mangalore to Coorg, or Madikeri. Their buses depart from the KSRTC Bus Stand in Pragati Colony, in the Bejai Main Road, close to the IDBI Bank ATM. They have a variety of buses that you can choose from as well, with timings all throughout the day.

    KSRTC Buses from Mangalore to Coorg

    Bus CodeDeparture TimeArrival TimeBus TypeFare
    0805MNGBNG8:0512:00Airavat Club ClassRs. 305
    1003MNGBNG10:0313:45AiravatRs. 283
    1205MNGBNG12:0515:30AiravatRs. 283
    1400MNGMYS14:0018:30Rajahamsa ExecutiveRs. 195
    1502MNGMRI15:0219:15Karnataka SarigeRs. 135
    1530MNGCBT15:3019:00AiravatRs. 270
    1531MNGMYS15:3119:00AiravatRs. 295
    1630MNGBNG16:3020:30Karnataka SarigeRs. 135
    1830MNGBNG18:3022:30Karnataka SarigeRs. 140
    1835UDPMYS20:151:05Rajahamsa ExecutiveRs. 195
    1916MNPMDY21:1500:46Rajahamsa ExecutiveRs. 195
    2015UDPMYS21:252:45AiravatRs. 255
    2144MNGBNG21:451:00Rajahamsa ExecutiveRs. 195
    2239MNGBNG22:392:00AiravatRs. 305
    2046MNPMYS22:453:40Non AC SleeperRs. 225
    2015CDPMDY22:452:30Rajahamsa ExecutiveRs. 195
    These are the buses operated by the KSRTC that run between Mangalore and Coorg. Take note that most of these buses have destinations other than Coorg, they would just be passing by the hill station along the way. Thus, you need to stay awake for the journey duration or at least wake up prior to your departing point in order to get off the bus. You can choose between different types of buses, namely, Airavat Club Class, Airavat, Rajahamsa Executive, Karnataka Sarige and Non AC Sleeper. Fares vary between Rs. 135 to Rs. 305 per passenger. Journey duration is around 3 hours and 30 minutes, up to 5 hours and 20 minutes.

    Since the distance to cover isn't that much, bus journey is a good option. You can opt for any of the Rajahamsa Executive, Airavat or Airavat Club Class buses for a more comfortable journey. You can book any of these buses from the KSRTC Booking Counter in the Panambur Service Station in Mangalore. Or you can opt to book any of these buses via the official website of KSRTC. There are additional charges though like the reservation fee of Rs. 5 plus levied service fee of Rs. 6. You can make the payment via credit card, debit card or net banking.

    2. By Durgamba Motors Bus - Durgamba Motors is an Udupi-based private bus company which has branch offices in other cities like Mangalore and Bangalore. Their head office in Mangalore is located near the PVS Circle. This is also their main pick-up point for passengers from Mangalore though they also have other boarding points in the city, like in the Lal Bagh Circle and Kankanady Circle.

    Durgamba Motors Buses from Mangalore to Coorg

    Bus CodeDeparture TimeArrival TimeBus TypeFare
    24U22:452:30Sleeper Non ACRs. 530
    7U23:002:40Sleeper Non ACRs. 530
    These are the buses operated by Durgamba Motors running between Mangalore and Coorg. Just like the former, these buses have a different destination, which is Mysore, so you need to be dropped off at Coorg along the way. The buses drop off passengers at the Madikeri General Thimmayya Circle. Journey duration is around 4 to 5 hours for this route. Their buses are mainly non air-conditioned sleeper buses though the fares are on the higher side, at Rs. 530 per passenger. You can book any of these buses from the official website of Durgamba Motors.

    3. By Seabird Tourists Bus - This is your last bus option from Mangalore to Coorg, the Seabird Tourists, which is another private bus company. They only have one daily bus plying from Mangalore to Coorg and then into other destinations thereafter. Their bus departs from the PVS Circle as well, but also has boarding points in Jyothi Circle, Kankanadi Bypass and Pumpwell Circle. It then drops off passengers at the Kodava Samaja Complex in Madikeri or Coorg.

    Seabird Tourists Bus from Mangalore to Coorg

    Bus NumberDeparture TimeArrival TimeBus TypeFare
    112:0015:00Volvo AC SeaterRs. 250
    This is the only bus operated by Seabird Tourists plying from Mangalore to Coorg. The bus departs from Mangalore at around 12:00 and arrives in Coorg at around 15:00. This is a Volvo AC Seater bus but the fare rate is very affordable at Rs. 250 per passenger. You can book this bus from the official website of Seabird Tourists.

    4. By Indian Railways Train + KSRTC Bus - Since Coorg doesn't have its own railway station, you can opt for the Subramanya Road Railway Station instead, about 99 kilometres away from the hill station. The Subramanya Road Railway Station is directly connected to different railway stations in Mangalore. Journey duration would be around two hours, more or less. There are four trains plying between Mangalore to Coorg directly.

    Indian Railways Trains from Mangalore to Subramanya

    Train Name and NumberDeparture Station - TimeArrival Station - TimeScheduleFare (General)
    Mangaluru Subrahmanya Road Passenger Train No. 56647Mangalore Central - 10:15Subramanya Road - 12:30DailyUnreserved
    Karwar Yesvantpur Express Train No. 16516Mangalore Junction - 11:10Subramanya Road - 13:00Tuesdays, Thursdays and SaturdaysRs. 65
    Kannur KSR Bengaluru Express Train No. 16518Mangalore Central - 20:55Subramanya Road - 22:50DailyRs. 65
    Karwar KSR Bengaluru Express Train No. 16524Mangalore Central - 20:55Subramanya Road - 22:50DailyRs. 65
    These are the trains plying from Mangalore to Subramanya. They depart from the Mangalore Central Railway Station and also the Mangalore Junction Railway Station. Fare is very minimal at Rs. 65 per passenger although the first train is an unreserved one. From the Subramanya Road Railway Station, just ride an auto rickshaw or taxi to reach the Kukke Subramanya Bus Stand. From this bus stand, there are buses running to Coorg directly, operated by KSRTC. Below are their timings and fare rates.

    KSRTC Buses from Kukke Subramanya to Coorg

    Bus CodeDeparture TimeArrival TimeBus TypeFare
    1245KKSMYS12:4515:45Karnataka SarigeRs. 90
    1431KKSMYS14:3117:31Karnataka SarigeRs. 90
    These are the direct buses plying from the Kukke Subramanya Bus Stand to Coorg. They only have two timings, one departs at 12:45 and the other departs at 14:31. Journey duration is about three hours though and fare is around Rs. 90. As mentioned above, there are levied charges for online reservation as well. You can reach the same website mentioned above for the KSRTC booking of buses.

    5. By Private Car or Taxi - If you want a more comfortable and hassle-free journey, then you can opt for bringing your own car or hiring a cab. Generally, the roads from Mangalore to Coorg are okay, with some bad patches, except during monsoon season when it is ravaged by rains and the roads become mostly difficult to drive in. Here is the usual route taken by travellers from Mangalore to Coorg.
    • Route via National Highway 275 - Mangalore > Adyar > Kalladka > Puttur > Kumbra > Jalsoor > Sullia > Madikeri > Coorg
    If you're taking a cab, fares are around Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 3,000 for a one-way ride from Mangalore to Coorg. It depends on the company you're taking and also just what part of Coorg you're going to.


    These are your travelling options from Mangalore to Coorg. You can opt for a bus for a direct and economical journey. There are no direct trains from Mangalore to Coorg. You can opt for a combination of train and bus journey, the fares would turn out to be cheaper but the journey would be longer. If you have your own vehicle, you can opt to go by road too. The journey would be very scenic and enjoyable though this can turn out to be the most expensive. If you want an even more hassle-free option, opt for a cab journey so you can relax and enjoy the views all the way into Coorg. I hope this helps!