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Snorkeling Rentals

Discussion in 'By The Sea' started by Dakota, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. Dakota

    Dakota New Member

    When I go to India is it necessary for me to take my snorkeling gear with me? Do they have place I can rent snorkeling gear? What about day tours to take people to the best snorkeling spots? I would also love to learn to scuba dive and spend one day scuba diving. Do anyone know if this is possible?

  2. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    I think it would depend where you're going. Friends of mine have snorkelled in Goa and there were apparently rental places that were easy to deal with - and like you said it saves bringing all your gear. Where are you headed for snorkelling? It might be easier to assist if we know where you're headed and someone might know the name of a reputable company for you! :)

  3. Dakota

    Dakota New Member

    This is sort of a problem right now. I have so many places I want to visit in India. I am just trying hard to narrow down a few of them right now. I am planning on staying for 3 weeks. I would love to take a cruise up the cost and spend a few days at each port snorkeling, sight seeing and swimming. Then on the other hand I want to see the wild life and would love to go on a Bengal Tiger hunt. I think right now I am more curious about what there is and what I should plan on doing.