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Spiti Valley Itinerary

Discussion in 'Itinerary' started by ManojSaxena, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. ManojSaxena

    ManojSaxena New Member

    We three friends are going Spiti Valley in the second week of August and require some help with the itinerary. We will be travelling from Delhi so please provide a suitable itinerary from our origin to Spiti Valley, and our trip will be for eight days.
    This will be a first trip to Spiti Valley and we have no preference to where to stay or what to see which is why I am asking on the forum.
    Thanks, and please remember that the trip is for the second week of August which is only a week away.

  2. KK

    KK Member

    Here is an itinerary for Spiti Valley, travelling from Delhi:

    1st Aug - Delhi to Manali (Stay in Manali)

    2nd Aug - Manali - Losar (stay in Losar)

    3rd Aug - Losar - Dhankar- Dhankar lake- Tabo (stay in Dhankar Monastery Guest House)

    4th Aug -Tabo - Langza- Fossil Park (stay in Langza homestay)

    5th Aug - Langza - Hikkim Trek - Komic - Kaza (Stay in Kaza).

    6th Aug - Kaza - Ki - Kibber - Chandratal ( stay in Chandratal camps)

    7th Aug - Chandratal - Manali (stay in Manali)

    8th Aug - Manali- Delhi