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Taxi in Bhutan

Discussion in 'Bhutan' started by AbhiV, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. AbhiV

    AbhiV New Member

    I will be traveling to Bhutan in November and my stay duration will be for one week. I will be doing sight seeing and exploring the place, so a lot of traveling will be involved. I want to know what the taxi costs are like in Bhutan, and whether anything else other than a taxi is recommended for traveling within Bhutan.

  2. ManishArora

    ManishArora New Member

    Booking a taxi in Bhutan works out to be very costly, so instead of this you should hire a car for your trip and go see places your self. You can also get a shared cab which also works out to be cost effective. As an idea of costs a cab can cost anything from Rs2500 per day.

  3. Benti

    Benti New Member

    It all depends on how far you are going. I would not recommend taking a taxi for long trips. You might want to see if you can book a tour to take you on a sightseeing trip.