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Things to do in Bangalore

Discussion in 'Karnataka' started by VineetJJ, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. VineetJJ

    VineetJJ New Member

    I am going to be staying in Bangalore for two weeks at my grandparent's house. I don't really know anyone there, and I can not just stay at home for the whole two weeks. I need to be out and would like to know what things to do in Bangalore.

    I only know Bangalore as an IT city, so I am not expecting much but hoping for some good things to do.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello there, welcome to the forum!

    If sightseeing is not for you or maybe you have explored much of Bangalore already, then it's time to pump up your adrenaline doing some adventure activities around the city. Although some of the adventure activities around Bangalore require some travel time away from the city centre, it will only fit you well as it takes you around the greener side of the region. Whether it's thrill, excitement or maybe just time away from the work life that you need, then Bangalore has something to offer to you. Read on and find out what these adventure activities that you can around Bangalore are.

    1. Trekking - If being one with nature is on your list, then why not indulge in some trekking? Along with the surrounding mountains and greenery, you'd also enjoy the serenity and peace away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Some of the nearest treks that you can do around Bangalore are Makalidurga (66 kilometres), Savandurga (70 kilometres) and Ramanagara (50 kilometres).
    • Makalidurga Trek - The trek to reach Makalidurga takes you through the Makalidurga Railway Station and numerous terrains and streams. Once you reach the peak of the hill, you would find the Makalidurga Fort, yet another attraction worth exploring here. Some opt to trek Makalidurga at night time, which can be more challenging and thrilling.
    • Savandurga Trek - Savandurga is the largest monolith rock in Asia. Its proximity to Bangalore makes it a favoured trekking trail by many adventure seekers. Savandurga has two peaks, namely: Billigudda and Karigudda. Billigudda has gentler slopes and chosen by beginner trekkers. On the other hand, Karigudda has more difficult terrains and slopes so only trek here if you have some experience. Along the way, you would be able to spot the ruins of an old fort, built by Kempe Gowda and later conquered by Tipu Sultan.
    • Ramanagara Trek - Trekking the terrains of Ramanagara can be quite challenging for beginners. Hence, only undertake this trek if you have some experience. You would pass through granite and rugged terrains that can be very difficult at times. Ramanagara is comprised of seven hills so there are plenty of new places that anyone can explore here.
    2. Paintball - If you can round up a group of friends, then you can try out paintball. Bangalore has many resorts and places that offer paintball as an adventure activity. Some of the best places for paintball in Bangalore are: The Paintball Arena (18 kilometres), Urban Valley (26 kilometres) and Wonder Valley (18 kilometres).
    • The Paintball Arena - For Rs. 199 per person, you get to play and enjoy paintball. What's more is that the arena has other activities for guests as well like foosball, zorbing and wall climbing. If ever you get hungry, they also have an in-house restaurant that serves delicious meals. It's one of the best adventure places very near to the city centre of Bangalore.
    • Urban Valley - This resort offers day packages for guests. Aside from paintball, other activities that you can do here are indoor sports, outdoor sports and ATV riding. You can even enjoy a swim in the outdoor pool of the resort. Some packages include the meals for the day already or if you'd like, you can even stay the night at the resort.
    • Wonder Valley - This is yet another resort located close to Bangalore. They also have packages in which you can indulge in many adventure activities including paintball. Their day package consists of all meals of the day already and indulging in all the adventure activities in the resort.
    3. Paragliding - Although paragliding requires training, it's one of the most thrilling adventures around Bangalore. You would need at least three days to a week to be fully integrated into the activity. The best place for paragliding near Bangalore is in Nandi Hills (60 kilometres).
    • Nandi Hills - If ever you cannot avail of the course for paragliding, you can try out tandem paragliding in Nandi Hills. You would be paired up with a professional paraglider and you can experience paragliding for a few minutes. The views from above, with the rugged and beautiful terrains of Nandi Hills below are quite stunning.
    4. Parasailing - At just about 17 kilometres away from Bangalore, Jakkur is the best place for parasailing. Unlike paragliding, you won't need any training to try out parasailing. Much like a kite, the parachute is attached at one end of a vehicle and you would then be slowly lifted up. It's definitely thrilling and most adventure seekers love trying out this activity when in Bangalore.
    • Jakkur - Parasailing is done in the Jakkur Aerodrome and is preferred by many groups and families even. The activity is fairly short, not more than three minutes but gives you a great view of the surrounding city and mountains. For those with children, they can try out tandem parasailing which can be equally fun.
    5. Bungee Jumping - Bangalore is home to a bungee jumping facility called the Ozone Adventures. It is just about 5.6 kilometres away from the city centre of Bangalore. Though not for the weak-hearted, bungee jumping is best for those who have the bravery to face jumping the huge height in front of them.
    • Ozone Adventures - Bungee jumping here is not on a fixed platform but rather on a crane. The height is over 25 metres and has a 40-metre high crane. The height might not be that huge but it's only because jumping from cranes is still not that safe as compared to a permanent platform.
    6. Zip Lining - This is one activity that even those who fear heights can enjoy. You are attached to a cable line and you would pass through the entire line while enjoying the views from below. There are two places that you can try this out in: Innovative Film City (35 kilometres) and Bheemeshwari Adventure and Nature Camp (102 kilometres).
    • Innovative Film City - This theme park has facilities for many activities which includes zip lining. Zip lining is here pretty short and would take you around the different areas of the park. The theme park also has many museums and theme areas that you can explore although they cater mostly to the children. Thus, it's a favourite destination amongst families with younger children and teens.
    • Bheemeshwari Adventure and Nature Camp - This adventure camp, a bit further away from Bangalore, is a good option for those seeking something new. Zip lining here takes you through the different forest, river and mountain views which can be quite a treat to the eyes. Other activities that you can try here are rafting and kayaking.
    There you go, a list of things that you can do around Bangalore. Other activities that you can do here are rappelling and rock climbing which can be done in Ramanagara as well. Although you need some time as these places are a bit further away from the city centre of Bangalore, they're all worth it as they can give you a breath of fresh air at the same time.

    Good luck and enjoy Bangalore!:)