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Tourist Places In Goa

Discussion in 'Goa' started by Aki Akeesha, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. Aki Akeesha

    Aki Akeesha New Member

    A group of us friends will be going Goa, a place which we have been planning to visit for many years and finally it is all being planned. Unlike other people visiting Goa, we will not limit our stay or travelling to only one place in Goa and instead will explore all of Goa.

    We don't know about all the beaches in Goa so please mention those as well, we want a list of all the other tourist places in Goa as well, whether they are small things, please mention them all. We don't want to miss a chance to see every aspect or part of Goa. Location of the tourist places would also be appreciated.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Aki Akeesha! Welcome to the forum!

    There's lots of places to explore in Goa. Here's a list of the best tourist attractions you must visit while you're in there. I'll start with the beaches in North Goa:

    North Goa Beaches:

    • Querim Beach. The northernmost of all the beaches in North Goa. One of the most serene beaches in Goa as well.
    • Arambol Beach. It has both a rocky and sandy side. This is also one of the lesser crowded beaches in North Goa.
    • Mandrem Beach. It has sandy shores but very little shade. It's one of the quieter beaches as well where you can see white-bellied eagles.
    • Morjim Beach. Most famous for its Olive Ridley turtles.
    • Vagator Beach. There's two parts, a bigger but more crowded beach that cannot be enjoyed much and a smaller one where it's more secluded and great for enjoying the beach.
    • Anjuna Beach. Best known for its parties.
    • Baga Beach. Most famous for being able to fish in the area.
    • Calangute Beach. Probably one of the most crowded beaches in Goa and most known for its parties.
    • Candolim Beach. One of the quieter beaches as well where you can enjoy seafood dishes.
    • Sinquerim Beach. Has lots of water sports that visitors can enjoy.
    • Dona Paula Beach. Also called the Lover's Paradise because of a myth about a young woman who jumped off the cliff after her family rejected her love affair with a fisherman.
    • Siridao Beach. Best known for its seashells.
    • Bogmalo Beach. Diving is the most well-known water sport here.
    And the South Goan Beaches:
    • Colva Beach. It has lots of palm trees in the vicinity. One of the lesser crowded beaches in Goa but you can find different stalls and stores just nearby it.
    • Benaulim Beach. Undiscovered by many tourists, perfect for some peace and quiet.
    • Cavelossim Beach. The black lava rocks at some beach areas are quite nice to see.
    • Agonda Beach. Uncrowded, no tourists, stalls or accommodations near it. Perfect if you want to just get lost in the scenery.
    • Palolem Beach. It has white sand and blue waters but it's not developed much although many tourists already know about it.
    • Talpona Beach. You can see sand dunes and fir trees here and it's not really developed much as well.
    • Galgibaga Beach. The other beach famous for its Olive Ridley turtles.
    • Polem Beach. Again, another one of the less crowded beaches in Goa. There's a shack and refreshment area in the beach though.
    Now, here's a list of tourist attractions by city in Goa:


    • Terekhol Fort. A Portuguese Fort for the defense of Goa during war.
    • Arambol Lake. A pristine and lovely lake where you can have a picnic with your family or friends.
    • Catigao Wildlife Sanctuary. Perfect for tree and nature lovers.
    • Chapora Fort. Built by Adil Shah of Bijapur.
    • Sri Kalika Temple. Built for Sri Kalika.
    • Sri Morjee Temple. Situated around Sylan surroundings.
    • Old Market. Good for shopping for souvenirs.
    • Stately Church of the Holy Spirit. A fine example of late Baroque architecture in Goa.
    • Mormugao Fort. Built to protect the town from enemies.
    • Ruins of St. Augustine's Tower. Founded by Augustinian Friars and was the biggest of its kind in its time. Now, it's mostly consisting of ruins.
    • Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount. Offers a picturesque view of the landscapes from the hill.
    • Archives Museum. Great for learning more about Go and its history.
    • Sri Devaki Krishna Temple, Sri Kamakshi Temple and Sri Manguesh Temple.
    Vasco De Gama
    • Naval Aviation Museum. Features the history of the Indian Naval Aviation.
    I hope this helps!