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Watersports in Goa in September

Discussion in 'Goa' started by MN55, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. MN55

    MN55 New Member

    I know there is some duration when water sports can not be conducted in Goa, but I am not sure during what months this is.
    My initial plan to take my family to Goa was in September, but I first need to know about water sports in Goa in September, whether they are available to do or not.

    If they are not, please provide the estimated time when we would be able to take part in water sports in Goa.

    If possible, I would also like a brief list of what all kinds of water sports are available to do in Goa.


  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    During September, it is the monsoon season in Goa. Although it will not rain all day, everyday, there is still a higher chance of rains happening. So if you can postpone your trip maybe until October's second to last week, then that would be better. You can still enjoy Goa during September but there won't be as much water sports available. I only know of the following that you can do during September:

    • White Water Rafting. It is actually during June to September that it is best to try white water rafting. You can try it at Mhadei River or Tilari River.
    • Yachts and Cruises. This one's not really a water sport but I decided to include it here anyway. You can enjoy the water while sipping wine or eating delicious dishes.
    Water sports in Goa basically starts from October and last until May or June. Here's a list of the different water sports during this time frame:
    • Kneeboarding. You can delve into this one as a beginner as it doesn't require much balancing unlike other water sports. Try this at Candolim or Mobor Beach.
    • Kayaking. I recommend kayaking at Palolem Beach, one of the less crowded beaches in Goa. Enjoy the backwaters and mangroves with this activity.
    • Wakeboarding. Requires less balancing than water skiing and you only use one board. Try this at Ragbag Beach.
    • Windsurfing. Test your balancing skills with this water sport. Best done in Vagator or Calangute Beach.
    • Scuba Diving. A very simple water sport that can help you appreciate nature more. I loved scuba diving in Netrani Island.
    • Snorkelling. Another very easy water sport that can make you love underwater nature. Try it at Navy Island.
    • Jet Skiing. Quite easy to do and lots of tourists opt for this water sport. Try it at Candolim Beach.
    • Banana Boat Ride. Fun to try with friends or family. Try it at Agonda Beach.
    • Parasailing. Perfect for couples, try it at Majorda Beach.
    • Flyboarding. Not for the faint-hearted, a combination of jet ski and jet pack, it's one of the most thrilling water sports in Goa. Try it at Baina Beach.
    • Water Skiing. Requires some experience in balancing. Try it at Arossim Beach.
    • Paddleboarding. Requires paddling through the sea with only one paddle. Try it at Candolim Beach.
    I hope this helps!