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Where to stay in Goa?

Discussion in 'Goa' started by Dixit1974, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. Dixit1974

    Dixit1974 New Member

    A group of friends from school are organising a kind of reunion and have chosen Goa as the destination. None of us has been to Goa before and are confused about which destination we should choose in Goa.

    We a group of middle aged people, so we need suggestions on where to stay in Goa according to maybe our age group or where we would fit in the crowd. So please suggest accordingly.

    Thank you, members :)
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  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hi there, welcome to the forum!

    Goa is such a small state but has varying sections. On one hand, we have the party areas of Calangute and Baga and then on the other hand, we have the shopper's paradise, Mapusa. And these places are just a few of the regions that you can stay in when in Goa. Considering your age, you are more suited for places with lots of sightseeing and I'm also assuming that you'd rather stay in more secluded places rather than in the party areas. These requirements would guide us in determining which places are suitable for your age group when in Goa. So let's begin:

    Places to Stay in Goa for Middle-Aged Individuals

    1. Panjim - Panjim is that place where it's suitable for any type of age group. It has a rich heritage behind it and it is here that you can truly see the culture of the locals. From its Portuguese structures, you get a glimpse of the bygone era which has dominated the region for a very long time. Being the capital of the state, it also has all the infrastructures that a tourist might need. It is full of hotels, resorts and restaurants that you can also choose from. As I have mentioned before, sightseeing is one of the best activities that a middle-aged person in Goa can do. But even if you'd like to indulge in water sports, Panjim is centrally located and you can easily reach the nearby beaches for some adventure. One of the best places to visit here is Fontainhas, where you get to see Portuguese-style homes, with bright paints and front balconies. There also plenty of Portuguese churches that you can visit here like the Chapel of Saint Catherine, Se Cathedral, Basilica of Bom Jesus and Church of Saint Francis of Assisi. Another must visit here is the Reis Magos Fort, a strategically-located fortification just above the sea. With its numerous attractions, Panjim cannot be left out when visiting Goa.
    • Must visit places - Fontainhas, Chapel of Saint Catherine, Se Cathedral, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Church of Saint Francis of Assisi and Reis Magos Fort.
    • Best resorts - Goa Marriott Resort & Spa (luxury), Hotel Palacio De Goa (mid-range) and Hotel Shaurya (budget).
    2. Dona Paula - Most of the beaches in North Goa are congested, apart from the further south and north points of it. At the southern part of North Goa, you'll find the Dona Paula Beach, probably one of the best beaches in the region. It is lesser crowded than most of the central beaches of Goa, yet it is still easily accessible. The picturesque views of the confluence of the rivers of Zuari and Mandovi with the Arabian sea can also be seen here. There are also plenty of water sports that you can do here. Some of the best-rated ones are kayaking, windsurfing, parasailing and motor boating. If ever you want some excursion, about nine kilometres away from the beach is the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. It is a haven for bird watchers and a great place for nature trailing. The Cabo Fort is also a must-visit here, where you can enjoy the views of the sea along with the city.
    • Must visit places - Dona Paula Beach, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and Cabo Fort.
    • Best resorts - Cidade De Goa (luxury), Varando Da Mar (mid-range) and Campal Beach Resort (budget).
    3. Varca - Probably one of the most underrated beaches in South Goa is Varca Beach. There are two high end resorts here, namely Club Mahindra and Zuri White Sands Resort. Because of this, the beach is well-maintained and very clean. It has gentle waves and white powdery sands. However, there are water sports in here and you have to venture further to the south or north for them. But if you and your friends are looking for a very scenic beach which is secluded and you can enjoy to yourselves, then Varca Beach would suit you. There are no attractions here though except for the sleepy little village of Varca. There's one church that you can visit here but it's pretty small, the Our Lady of Gloria Church.
    • Must visit places - Varca Beach and Our Lady of Gloria Church.
    • Best resorts - Zuri White Sands Resort (luxury), Varca Palms Beach Resort (mid-range) and Colonia Jose Menino Resort (budget).
    4. Agonda - To describe Agonda Beach in simple terms, it is clean and serene. Away from the crowded beaches of the north, Agonda Beach is popular amongst families and couples. For the middle-aged individuals, the calmness and seclusion of the beach is perfect. As an added bonus, the beach is also the nesting ground for the endangered Olive Ridley turtles, which occurs during the winter months. There's also the Cabo De Rama Fort that you can visit nearby to Agonda. Although much of the fort is in ruins already, it provides a great view of the surrounding city and beaches. There's also a functioning old church located within the fort. An excursion away from the beach can be at Chapoli Dam, where you can enjoy the chirping of the birds and the serenity of the water. Located on the banks of the Kushavati River, there's the Partagal Matha Temple, which devout Hindus can also visit.
    • Must visit places - Agonda Beach, Cabo De Rama Fort, Chapoli Dam, Kushavati River and Partagal Matha Temple.
    • Best resorts - Harmonium Resorts (luxury), Dunhill Beach Resort (mid-range) and Tutti Garden Bungalows (budget).
    5. Margao - One of the most progressive cities in Goa is Margao. In fact, the Madgaon Railway Station is located here which is one of the busiest stations in the state. Although the city is a bit further away from the beaches, you can indulge in plenty of sightseeing here. Some of the best religious sites here are the Church of the Holy Spirit, Our Lady of Grace Church, Sri Chandranath Temple and Sri Damodar Temple. Another prime attraction here is the Margao Market, where you can buy spices, fresh produce, handicrafts and clothes as well. An excursion away from the city is the Monte Hill where you can also visit a small chapel in. The views from the hill are very beautiful and the trek is fairly easy. Lastly, do visit the San Thome Museum, where you can find antiques and vintage items like typewriters, clocks, lamps and telephones. One of the nearest beaches to Margao is Zalor Beach, about 14 kilometres away from it. It's small but relatively uncrowded and clean.
    • Must visit places - Church of the Holy Spirit, Our Lady of Grace Church, Sri Chandranath Temple, Sri Damodar Temple, Margao Market, Monte Hill, San Thome Museum and Zalor Beach.
    • Best resorts - Nanutel Margao Hotel (mid-range) and Hotel Panchsheel (budget).
    There you go, I hope this helps you!:)

  3. Satish Joshi

    Satish Joshi New Member

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