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Best place to stay in Coorg

Discussion in 'Karnataka' started by AlokhitM88, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. AlokhitM88

    AlokhitM88 New Member

    I am going on a family vacation to Coorg, and I need some help in deciding which is the best place to stay in Coorg.
    As explained it will be a family vacation, and so please take into consideration that there will be kids. I would like to be close to local shops and restaurants but it is not necessary that it has to be in the middle of the city or the shops, but should be a good distance away to be able to have a peaceful stay at our hotel.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!

    (Images from Ramesh NG, Nmadhubala, Anupam and Vasanth)


    Coorg, also known as Kodagu, is a heavenly district in Karnataka boasting of abundant beauty care of nature. The district is spread over 4,000 square kilometres of lush greenery, with various localities around it. For the first-time travellers to the hill station district, the first question is always, 'Which is the best place to stay in Coorg?' Being a vast district, there are many places that one can choose from when in Coorg. But not all of them are suitable for the specific interests of the traveller, especially if you intend to do some sightseeing or be close to commercial areas. In this guide, we would highlight the best places that you can choose from when it comes to staying in Coorg.

    Best Places to Stay in Coorg

    1. Madikeri - Madikeri is located at the centre of the district and is also considered as its headquarters. It is therefore the most developed and most conveniently located locality in Coorg. There are also many attractions within the locality. The Madikeri Fort, built by Mudduraja during the 17th century, is one of the prime attractions within the locality. It was also conquered by Tipu Sultan thereafter though subsequently recaptured by the local rulers. In fact, Madikeri was named after the first ruler, who also founded the town, formerly known as Madurajakeri. If you opt to stay in Madikeri, you can easily reach nearby attractions like Abbey Waterfalls, Raja Seat, Raja's Tomb and Mercara Downs Golf Club. Madikeri is also the closest major town to the Tala Kaveri, the origin of the Kaveri River, which has in its vicinity, the Greater Tala Kaveri National Park. It takes about an hour or so of driving to reach this sacred attraction from the town of Madikeri. Most hotels and resorts are located in Madikeri, ranging from budget to mid-range ones. There are two luxury properties here, the most popular of which is the Vivanta By Taj Madikeri. The best feature of this hotel is that it is a bit further from the chaos of the town centre but still easily accessible. Mid-range and budget hotels are plenty in the town too so for the travellers on a budget, you can still have your options here. There are also many local shops here like the Mysore Cauvery Silk Shop, Coir Emporium, Madikeri Jewellers and more. As for dining options, you're also spoiled for choices, Udupi (Vegetarian), Coorg Cuisine (Local and Indian) and many more. Perhaps the only downside of Madikeri is that it can get crowded during peak tourist season, other than that, this is your best choice that fits all the criteria you mentioned above.
    • Closest Attractions - Madikeri Fort, Abbey Waterfalls, Raja Seat, Raja's Tomb, Mercara Downs Golf Club, Tala Kaveri and Greater Tala Kaveri National Park
    • Best Luxury Properties - Vivanta By Taj Madikeri and Club Mahindra
    • Best Mid-Range Properties - Hotel Le Coorg and Hotel Coorg International
    • Best Budget Properties - Hotel Chitra and The Fort Mercara Boutique Hotel
    View from Vivanta By Taj Madikeri (Image from Booking)

    2. Somwarpet - Somwarpet is located at the northeastern side of Coorg. This is a good option for those who intend to visit attractions further to the north, like the Male Malleshwara Temple (15 Kilometres) or Mallali Waterfalls (22 Kilometres). In itself, Somwarpet is very safe for families because it is a residential town. It is in fact home to several schools like the St. Joseph's Pre-University & First Grade School and OLV Convent School. For staying options, Somwarpet doesn't have any luxury properties. Thus, you have to make do with home stays or budget properties when you opt to stay in Somwarpet. A good option is the Silver Oaks Resort, which is a simple home stay set amidst lush greenery and a lake. The accommodations are in the form of cottages or tents which would truly take you closer to nature. Now, for shopping, there are only a few markets in Somwarpet, but there are weekly markets, locally known as shandy, that you can visit though. Restaurants are less but there's the Saphali Family Restaurant, considered as one of the oldest restaurants in the locality. There are smaller restaurants, much like dhabas, that you can also find around the town. Somwarpet is a good choice for families or travellers who want to stay away from the commercialised Madikeri but still be within easy access to it.
    • Closest Attractions - Male Malleshwara Temple and Mallali Waterfalls
    • Best Luxury Properties - None Available
    • Best Mid-Range Properties - None Available
    • Best Budget Properties - Silver Oaks Resort and Green Pastures
    3. Suntikoppa - Suntikoppa is merely 15 kilometres away from Madikeri, located at its eastern side. This proximity to Madikeri makes Suntikoppa another good option for travellers. You can avoid the chaos and noise of the district headquarters without venturing too far from it. In itself, Suntikoppa has a few attractions, like the St. Anthony's Church, which is an old church established in the year 1932, Salafi Masjid and Chamundeshwari Temple. Thus, if you want to witness the religious harmony of a small town, this is the place to be. You can also visit the attractions in Madikeri which were mentioned above, as the town is just under 30 minutes away from Suntikoppa. For the hotels around Suntikoppa, there are many as well that you can choose from. The Windflower Resort & Spa, a five-star property, is located here. Set amidst lush greenery, with tons of activities to offer for guests, its own lake and plantation, this is one of the best properties that the district has. For mid-range hotels, there's Coorg Country Resorts and Coorg Coffee Flower Resort, both are three-star properties. There are also many budget home stays that you can opt for a more homely vibe. Suntikoppa also has a Sunday market, or shandy, where you can interact with locals while shopping. There are also regular markets or shops all around the town like Priya Footwear & Garments, Spices of Coorg and Suntikoppa Market. For dining, it's best to reach Madikeri where the majority of restaurants can be found or you can just opt to dine in your hotel as well.
    • Closest Attractions - St. Anthony's Church, Salafi Masjid and Chamundeshwari Temple
    • Best Luxury Properties - Windflower Resort & Spa
    • Best Mid-Range Properties - Coorg Country Resorts and Coorg Coffee Flower Resort
    • Best Budget Properties - Balaji Villa Home Stay and Coffee Leaf Estate Stay
    The Windflower Resort Suntikoppa (Image from Booking)

    4. Kushalnagar - Further to the east of Madikeri is Kushalnagar, which is around 40 minutes away. Kushalnagar is bounded by the Kaveri River to its west and south. It is the first major town tourists reach if they come from Bangalore or Mysore. Undoubtedly, the nearest attraction is the Kaveri River, followed by the Namdroling Monastery, also known as the Golden Temple, which is under five kilometres away from the town. You can also visit the Harangi Dam which is located within the town proper. It even has a small but maintained park that you can stroll in. Kushalnagar is a big town with plenty of tourist facilities so it's a good option for families who want to be in a commercial area. There are no five-star properties here but there are a few four-star ones and plenty of budget ones. The Amanvana Spa Resort is the top four-star property here, situated on the banks of the river. It is spread amidst incredibly lush greenery and a variety of other hues due to the surrounding flowers. Stays are in the form of bungalows, very private and with luxurious bathroom window opening into the gardens. For budget options, a highly rated property for that is the Palm Era Resorts, which has cottages and lots of activities to keep the guests engaged. For dining options, the town has plenty, Atithi (Vegetarian), Shanthi Bites (Indian & Chinese), Domino's Pizza and more. For shopping, you can head to the Kushalnagar Market for local handicrafts and spices.
    • Closest Attractions - Kaveri River and Namdroling Monastery
    • Best Luxury Properties - None Available
    • Best Mid-Range Properties - Amanvana Spa Resort and Purple Palms Spa & Resort
    • Best Budget Properties - Palm Era Resorts and 4 Seasons
    5. Virajpet - Virajpet is located at the southern part of Coorg, about an hour away from Madikeri. Virajpet is a good staying place if you want to be close to the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, as it is just on the outskirts of it. This is a teeming paradise of evergreen forests, with one of the highest peaks of Kodagu, the Brahmagiri Peak, located inside it. For the adventure seekers, you can trek to reach the peak, which takes around 500 steps to complete. You can also opt for wildlife safaris within the forest reserve to have a glimpse of the rich wildlife that it has. In Virajpet itself, there are a number of religious sites that you can visit like the St. Anne's Church, Kanchi Kamakshi Temple and Bhadrakali Temple. Other excursions can be at the Thadiandamol Mountain, the highest mountain of the district, Chelavara Waterfalls, a cascading waterfall in full power during monsoon, and Nalknad Palace, an 18th century two-storey structure built by Dodda Veerarajendra. These three latter attractions are about an hour away from Virajpet. There are two main luxury properties here, The Tamara Coorg and Magnolia Estates & Resort. Marvel in the pristine beauty of the hills and plantations of Coorg when you stay in any of these properties. Mid-range options are Ambatty Green Resort and Coorg Evergreen County. The Blossom Home Stay is perfect for those in a budget but still want to be close to nature. There are a few restaurants around as well but if you're staying here, the best food options are offered by the resorts or local home stays. So what type of travellers would best enjoy a stay in Virajpet? Adventure lovers and nature lovers would probably be the best traveller types for this town in Coorg.
    • Closest Attractions - Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, St. Anne's Church, Kanchi Kamakshi Temple, Bhadrakali Temple, Thadiandamol Mountain, Chelavara Waterfalls and Nalknad Palace
    • Best Luxury Properties - The Tamara Coorg and Magnolia Estates & Resort
    • Best Mid-Range Properties - Ambatty Green Resort and Coorg Evergreen County
    • Best Budget Properties - Blossom Home Stay
    Sunset from Thadiandamol, Near Virajpet (Image from Vijay)

    6. Kutta - On the border of Coorg with Thirunelly of Kerala is the little known town of Kutta. This is your best option if you want to stay within the virgin forests of the district. In fact, to reach Kutta from Mysore, you need to pass through the Nagarhole National Park. The entrance of this wildlife reserve is barely five kilometres away from Kutta. As such, you can easily go for a wildlife safari to see the animals of the reserve like the Indian elephants, royal Bengal tigers and sloth bears, to name a few. The Iruppu Waterfalls is also just under nine kilometres away from Kutta. This waterfall falls at a height of about 170 feet and is approachable by a 15-minute trek from the parking. You can even reach the wildlife sanctuaries of Kerala, Aralam and Tholpetty, as they are just a few minutes away from Kutta. Unfortunately, most luxury properties are located at the other entrance side of the Nagarhole National Park. Most properties within Kutta are of the budget category, mainly of the home stay types. For that, you can try out the Stay Simple Bison Manor, a picturesque property set in the middle of a coffee estate and the buffer forests of the Nagarhole National Park. Other good options are the Spice Glade Home Stay and Comfort Home Stay. Now Kutta is not a commercial town, nor does it has plenty of tourist facilities. But for those who want to enjoy some peace and serenity amidst nature and wildlife, this is the place to be in Coorg.
    • Closest Attractions - Nagarhole National Park and Iruppu Waterfalls
    • Best Luxury Properties - None Available
    • Best Mid-Range Properties - None Available
    • Best Budget Properties - Stay Simple Bison Manor, Spice Glade Home Stay and Comfort Home Stay
    7. Siddapura - Siddapura is around 30 kilometres to the south of Madikeri. It is primarily known as the best place to stay if you want to be closer to the coffee estates of Coorg. In the town itself, you can visit a few religious sites like the Siddapura Jama Masjid and St. Joseph's Church. The Kaveri River is also just within walking distance from the town. You can also visit the Dubare Elephant Camp, just 15 kilometres away from the town. The luxury property, Orange County Resort, is located in Siddapura. This property is spread around 300 acres and surrounded by coffee plantations. Accommodations here are in the form of villas or bungalows. It's where you can enjoy the beauty of nature, the chirping of the birds, all without being away from the modernities or glamour of life. For mid-range properties, you can opt for Coorg Holiday Cottage or Elephant Corridor Coorg, which are more affordable but still offers the same scenic views. There are also many home stays that offers more budget-friendly rooms for tourists. For shopping, there are small stores in Siddapura like Coorg Spice House and Ansar Store. Most restaurants are located within hotels or properties like the Annapurna (Vegetarian) or Hotel Kingsway Restaurant. If you have always been fascinated by the coffee plantations of Coorg, Siddapura would be your best choice of place for staying here.
    • Closest Attractions - Coffee Estates, Siddapura Jama Masjid, St. Joseph's Church, Kaveri River and Dubare Elephant Camp
    • Best Luxury Properties - Orange County Resort
    • Best Mid-Range Properties - Coorg Holiday Cottage and Elephant Corridor Coorg
    • Best Budget Properties - Mina's Nest Home Stay
    Coffee Estate in Siddapura's Orange County Resort (Image from Booking)

    8. Pollibetta - Last on this guide is Pollibetta, which is located to the south of Madikeri, about an hour or so away. Pollibetta is at the heart of the lush coffee estates of Coorg, very close to the Tata Coffee Plantation, which is within six minutes of walking away from the town. Within the town, you can visit the Juma Masjid and Our Lady of Lourdes Church. Also within walking distance is the Tata Coffee Golf Course. You can enjoy a leisurely stroll here if golf isn't much of your interest. Five-star properties are not within this area but there are other staying options that can offer the best staying experience. After all, with the surrounding coffee estates, the beauty of even the simplest property is enhanced here. Two of the best rated properties here are The Cliffs Resort and The Cottage Pollibetta. The Cliffs is a resort offering cottages spread upon 300 acres of coffee plantations. On the other hand, The Cottage Pollibetta is more of a home stay that offers a simpler staying experience in Coorg. There are a few shopping markets in the town like the Santoor Complex and PP Store. For restaurants, the options are limited but you can head to Gonikoppal where more dining options can be found, which is just 10 kilometres away.
    • Closest Attractions - Tata Coffee Plantation, Juma Masjid, Our Lady of Lourdes Church and Tata Coffee Golf Course
    • Best Luxury Properties - None Available
    • Best Mid-Range Properties - The Cliffs
    • Best Budget Properties - The Cottage Pollibetta

    This ends our guide on the best places to stay when in Coorg. Of course, Madikeri is the top choice, being located at the heart of the district and having the most number of staying options as well as tourist facilities. If you want to be close to Madikeri but want to stay away from its chaos, Suntikoppa is a good option for that. If you want to stay in the north, there's Somwarpet, or if you want to stay in the south, take your pick from Virajpet or Kutta. For those who would rather be close to the lush tea estates, Siddapura and Pollibetta are your best bets for that. If you're coming from further cities like Mysore or Bangalore and would like to rest along the way before seeing Madikeri, then Kushalnagar is a good choice for staying.

    Good luck and I hope this helps you!:)