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Places to stay in Goa

Discussion in 'Goa' started by Notebook, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. Notebook

    Notebook New Member

    We are 6 girls planning a Goa holiday. Neither of us have been to Goa before and don't know anyone who would know much about the place either. As it would be only us girls, we want to find a safe place to stay at during our stay.

    We would like to be outside during late evening enjoying the atmosphere and even be on the beach, and for this we need to know the places to stay in Goa which would be safe and also provide some fun for us.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hi there, welcome to the forum!

    Goa is generally a safe state but it's still not devoid of crimes especially since it's a popular tourist destination. For this year, the crime detection rate in Goa increased while the crime rates have decreased by a few percentage points. This is a good indication that Goa is a safe tourist destination. But even with these statistics, it's still best to practice caution and street smarts when you travel to Goa. This applies very well for foreigners, especially women, as they are more easily targeted for crimes. So as a sort of guide, here are some of the best places to stay in Goa for solo women travellers or groups consisting of women only:

    1. Benaulim - You can find Benaulim in the Salcette district of Goa. This town is located in the southern region of Goa. As we all know, South Goa is well-known for having cleaner and less crowded beaches. The best feature of the Benaulim beach is that it isn't as commercialised as other beaches in Goa. You'd find that it is mostly locals that flock to the beach during weekends and the locals in Goa are quite nice and hospitable. There are still several luxury and budget hotels within the area though so accommodation won't be much of an issue. Safety-wise, Benaulim has lower crime rates as compared to the other towns in Goa. Since it is less visited, you won't find much crime-makers in the town. Of course, it's best to stay at a reputable hotel so that you and your friends would be safer. As it's mildly isolated, do not venture out to the beach during night time. There are also many houses for rent in Benaulim, which can be cheaper than a hotel. There are also a few Portuguese structures and monuments that you can visit around the area. As long as you stay within the city centre during night time, you'd be safe. But don't venture into hilly areas or isolated areas during night though.
    2. Candolim - Since you mentioned that you'd like to enjoy the night life, then Candolim might be a good choice for you. Its proximity to Calangute and Baga makes it an ideal base for partying. However, unlike the mentioned beaches, it's not as crowded nor as dirty. There are also some clubs and bars located within Candolim itself, although they're not as lively as the ones in Baga. Even during night time, the streets of Candolim are lit up by the numerous restaurants and vehicles. Thus, strolling during night time amidst these streets can be a good activity. There are also plenty of sports bars along Candolim, which can be laid-back night life alternatives. There are also many hotels within Candolim itself, from luxury ones to budget ones so you won't have an issue with that. Of course, Candolim has its fair share of theft and pickpocketing but with cautiousness, you'll do fine. I'd still advice against staying in the beach at night time except if you're staying at a beach hut that has its owners right there with you.
    3. Panaji - The capital of Goa is one of the busiest cities in the state. Since there are crowds of locals and tourists almost all the time in the city, it's generally a safer area and you can venture out even in night time. The city is a good base for visiting both the southern and northern Goa beaches. There are numerous attractions here to keep you preoccupied as well. Panjim also has a few night clubs but nowhere as many as the ones in Calangute or Baga. So if you want to enjoy partying, you need to go to these places. Luckily, being the main city, Panjim has many transportation options to reach these areas. There are many hotels here as well and most of them are in the budget range. Food won't also disappoint you here, where you can taste local cuisines at an affordable price.
    4. Margao - The Madgaon Railway Station is located in Margao and perhaps that is one reason why you'd see flocks of tourists here as it's the base when they're coming from other states. There are many lodges and hotels around the city, which are quite affordable. There are also plenty of restaurants and bars around the area. Night life is sparse here though and you'd have to go to the nearby cities for that. However, if safety is your number one concern, then Margao is one of your best options. There are some robbery rates here but crimes against tourists are pretty low. Still, it's best to exercise caution and don't venture out in the night alone.
    So there you go, a list of the safest places in Goa. For your safety though, I'd recommend sticking with your group when going out at night. Do not drink too much as well as it can be very dangerous when you're wasted and in a different place. Hire a taxi as well to bring you back to the hotel. If you cannot find a taxi during late night, call your hotel and ask for some guidance from them. Enjoy your stay in Goa and stay safe always!