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Where to stay in Mumbai

Discussion in 'Maharashtra' started by Aisha, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. Aisha

    Aisha New Member

    A group of us girls are travelling to Mumbai in September. We want to explore most of Mumbai and make sure we cover things like shopping, sightseeing, the beaches and famous eating joints, not to mention gazing outside the celebs houses ;)
    We need a good recommendation of the area we should stay in and where it would be safe along with easy access to public transport.
    If possible hotel recommendations would also be appreciated.

  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Knowing the budget per night for accommodation would help a lot in suggesting names of hotels.
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  3. Prits

    Prits Member

    There are so many hotels which can be but if it introduces a complete clause, but like Admin has mentioned without knowing your budget it is difficult to suggest anything suitable. Also some kind of idea to what exactly you want to see would be good to know, so again hotel suggestion would be easier.
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  4. amitsharma1424

    amitsharma1424 New Member

    If u want to stay very cheap, hostels are available there, and as only u girls are travelling I will recommend you to live at victoria terminus. You can reach there from Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station. Hotels there are very cheap and it is the awesome area to live in. You will get a feel of classic movies there and hotel taj and Gateway of India is in that area only
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  5. Aisha

    Aisha New Member

    Not much time left for us to leave but we still haven't got our accommodation sorted. Our budget is Rs7500-8000 per day but that also includes our food and we are four of us and dont mind sharing a room if there are two double beds.

    Is this dormitory or hostels with individual rooms? Sorry I am not very well traveled.
  6. amitsharma1424

    amitsharma1424 New Member

    Actually you can find a single room for around RS 2000 per day double bed with very good location because CST is the really cheap area I have seen there. There are so good restaurants available there with very payable prices. I recommend you to go to CST and you will see a lot of hotels there. Just reach out to any hotel, check the rooms in some hotels and go for your choice. And for the Hostels I will not recommend u because of privacy problems.
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  7. Aisha

    Aisha New Member

    Rs2000-2500 is what I have been hearing and is well within our budget. We are not into fine dining so our food is not going to cost a lot, street food mostly.

    Thanks everyone for all your suggestions. I will book a hotel for one night and then look at others when we get there.
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  8. amitsharma1424

    amitsharma1424 New Member

    That`s gonna be a good idea. because mumbai`s street food is awesome. I also rarely eats up at restaurants and mostly likes to eat the street food.
  9. DhongiBaba

    DhongiBaba Active Member

    Your total budget is Rs8000 per day so if you take out even Rs 4500 out of that for a room you would still have plenty left for food. For Rs4500 you could find a decent hotel with a large room with twin double beds or just a very large room with two extra beds may be but that money is sufficient and for that money you could even have a breakfast included room. Booking.com has some very good options if you want to have a look.
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  10. amitsharma1424

    amitsharma1424 New Member

    Just add 3000 more to your budget and you may live at hotel Taj also.. Lol Mumbai is really cheap city. Only drinks are costly there.
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  11. ChaiNashta

    ChaiNashta Active Member

    I came back from Mumbai yesterday evening and I find it too humid and hot to be able to do anything fun there is impossible in this weather. Mumbai is best seen in winters. Stay away in Summers I would say.
  12. Yuvi

    Yuvi New Member

    Winters in Mumbai is not cold and is actually pleasant so ideal to visit then.
    Tourists usually stay around the Andheri and Coloba area, and it has a lot of hotels to choose from.