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Alleppey Day cruise

Discussion in 'Cruise' started by AhbiSinha, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. AhbiSinha

    AhbiSinha New Member

    I will be in Kumrakom and from there I will be taking a train to Alleppey. From there I would like to take a day cruise on a house boat which would Start at Alleppey and end back at Alleppey. The route would be Alleppey, Venattukad, Munattumugham, Nedumudi , Chennamkari, Kainakari, Kuppapuram, Meenapally Kayal, Pallathuruthy and return back to Alleppey. Has anyone been on this day cruise, any reviews?

    There is another option for a day cruise which is from Kumarakom to Alleppey, which is better of the two?


  2. Deven

    Deven Member

    Taking a cruise in the Alappuzha is always a better option, so go for the cruise which would be from Kumarakom to Alleppey. When you take the cruise you need to let the company know which route you want to take, and it would be good to have the route you have mentioned above.

  3. AhbiSinha

    AhbiSinha New Member

    Thanks Deven.
    Can you provide any other information about the cruise, as in what kind of boat is used, what all we are able to see while on the cruise etc?
    The more information I have the better.