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Are There Private Or Less Populated Beaches In Goa?

Discussion in 'By The Sea' started by RBean, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. RBean

    RBean New Member

    I'm curious to know if there are any private beaches or ones that have less tourists in Goa? I don't like visiting beaches that are packed with tourists and beach goers. I find them very noisy and not at all relaxing.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @RBean! Welcome to the forum!

    Although Goa is known for its parties and night life, there are secluded beaches in the region that you might want to check out. These beaches are away from the crowds and noise unlike the more popular beaches of Baga and Calangute. Here they are:

    Less Populated Beaches in Goa
    • Kakolem Beach - This is also known as Tiger Beach. You can find this beach in the South of Cabo De Rama Beach. It is reachable by sea or by land. By land though, you'd have to drive through broken roads and patches, then climb a stairway to reach the Kakolem Beach. The sea route is easier and faster. You just need to hire any boat that can take you to the beach. Since it is very secluded, you won't find any accommodations or beach shacks around. There's a stream just nearby where its waters flow through the waters of the Kakolem Beach. You would find rocks scattered all around the shores and under the water as well. Be careful in swimming as there are strong undercurrents in the water.
    • Butterfly Beach - This is located to the North of Palolem Beach. You'd have to trek for two hours to reach this beach. Your other option would be via boat ride. The trek itself can be a bit challenging with various streams, forests and climbs. Because of the difficulty of reaching this beach, not many tourists visit this place. You can have the white sands and turquoise water all to yourself. Make sure to bring your own food and tent as there are no accommodations or beach shacks nearby. You might be able to spot some dolphin swimming in the islands, if you're lucky.
    • Siridao Beach - This is located in Tiswadi in North Goa. Despite its close proximity to Panaji, at about 7 kms, not many people visit this beach. Perhaps many tourists overlooked this beautiful, seashell-abundant beach. There are no buses that go to the beach but since it's easily accessbile, you can ride an auto or even rent a bike to reach the Siridao Beach. The sand here is a bit course but the water is very clean. You might even spot some of the local fishermen's boats here. There are no accommodation options near the beach but there are a few shacks nearby.
    • Grandmother's Hole Beach - This is located in Marmagoa in South Goa. This is just 3 kms away from the city of Vasco. It can be easily reached via bus. The beach here is undeniably clean and deserted. The Marmagao Fort is located in a cliff a bit further from the beach. But unfortunately, much of the fort has eroded now. Also located on the cliffs is a Japanese Garden, with many species of flowers and plants. En route to the beach, you'll find the Shree Durgamata Shiv Temple. Although you cannot do much in the beach, no water sports or shacks, you can enjoy the serenity of the surroundings.
    • Bambolim Beach - This is located about 7 kms away from Panaji. You can just hire an auto to take you to the beach. There are two resorts here so staying nearby the beach is possible. Furthermore, the water of the beach is suitable for swimming as there are no undercurrents and it's not that deep. Beach shacks are also available nearby the beach. Despite these features, the Bambolim Beach is one of the lesser crowded and unknown beaches in Goa.
    • Galgibaga Beach - This is about 18 kms away from Canacona in the South of Goa. You can reach the beach via land or via the Galgibaga River. Along with the beaches of Agonda and Morjim, the Galgibaga Beach is also a nesting place for the Olive Ridley turtles. In fact, the Northern part of the beach is allotted just for the nesting of the turtles. There's a few villas and huts in the beach as well as a small family-run hotel. On the Southern part of the beach, you'll find a few beach shacks offering delectable dishes. The sands in the beach are incredibly smooth and powdery. The water is very clean and remains free from the trashes, unlike the more popular beaches in the region.
    • Hollant Beach - This beach is just about 2 kms away from the Dabolim Airport. It is located in Marmagoa in the South of Goa. There are no buses going to the beach. But it is easily reachable via taxi or private vehicle. Some parts of beach have rocks but the water itself is very safe for swimming. There are no hotels nearby the beach but you can find guest houses around the area. There are a few shacks though that offer good and cheap food.
    • Polem Beach - This is the Southernmost beach in Goa, located 30 kms away from Chaudi. There are buses that you can ride to reach Polem Beach from Panaji, Margao or Chaudi. However, you'd have to walk for 15 minutes across the field after they drop you off at the bus station. Polem Beach has white sands and clear, blue waters. You might even spot dolphins and white-bellied fish eagles here if you're lucky. There's one beach shack here that offers delicious foods and drinks.
    I hope this helps!