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Best Place To Eat Fish In Amritsar

Discussion in 'North India' started by Ruby, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. Ruby

    Ruby New Member

    I am landing at Amritsar airport to go to Ludhiana and before I leave I wanted to be in Amritsar for a while to get a taste of the famous fish of Amritsar. I know that there are many shops there which provide fish, but I want to know, which is the famous and best shop that serves the popular Amritsari fish.
    If there is anything else famous in Amritsar food wise please also mention that as well.

  2. Prits

    Prits Member

    Makhan fish and chicken corner is very popular and their fish tastes really good, they are located at Majitha Road, Basant Nagar. Unfortunately this is the only place I know for fish.
    Other food delicacies in Amritsar are kulchas and the best place to have a kulcha is at Kulcha Land which is located on Ranjit Avenue and also don't forgot the famous Beera Chicken on Majitha Road.

  3. Ruby

    Ruby New Member

    Went according to your suggestions and would like to say a big thank you, as the fish was delicious. I did see other fish shops but didn't try them out as Makhan fish was too good in taste.
    There was also this pakora place where we had pakoras, that to was a famous shop but I can not recall the name of the place, will update the thread once I remember the name.
    I had heard a lot about Bharwa Da Dhaba, and after going there and seeing the tasting the food I have to say it is all talk and nothing special, so that place should be avoided.
  4. Preet

    Preet New Member

    Apart from Makhan fish and chicken corner I would also suggest Beera Chicken, they serve chicken as well as fish.
    I have tried both places and personally prefer Beera Chicken, the only fish I had tried at Beera Chicken was fish tikka and it was amazing. Its soft and simply melts in your mouth, they gave tartar sauce and this minty green chutney which was freshly ground with the fish and the fish tastes good with the sauce and chutney and without it. The other product I tried from there was roast chicken again which was very juicy and full of flavor. I didn't go on an empty stomach, but if going then I suggest you go to the place hungry to enjoy a bit of all there dishes.