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Best Resorts in Jim Corbett

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by NareshBhangu, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. NareshBhangu

    NareshBhangu New Member

    I am trying to find out about the resorts in Jim Corbett. I am not even sure if the resorts are in the park itself or outside the park.
    I need information about the best resorts in Jim Corbett, I would like to have a list of the resorts according to cost wise and service and facilities wise, it would be easy to compare resorts.

    Are the resorts closer to the park more expensive?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    All resorts I was able to find are located just near the Jim Corbett Park. I wasn't really able to find once that are inside the park. Here's a list of the best resorts just nearby the Jim Corbett Park:
    • Camp Riverwild Resort. Located on the fringes of the Corbett Park and on the banks of the Kosi River, the Camp Riverwild Resort offers amazing views of both. Rooms are elegant and luxurious, complete with all the amenities you might ever need. There's also a conference hall and recreation centre that guests can use. There's also a restaurant with multi-cuisine options. Room rate is at Rs. 4,900.
    • Wild Crest Resort. The resort is just 6 kms away from the Birjani Gate of the Jim Corbett Park. Rooms have AC, television and modern bathrooms. They also have garden views from the rooms. There's also a restaurant which offers open air dining during the evening. There's a swimming pool, spa, kid's playroom and a discotheque hall. Room rates start at Rs. 4,800 per night.
    • Ramganga Resort. Just on the Northern side of Corbett Park lies the Ramranga Resort. The resort itself is spread over 20 acres of land with lots of facilities and amenities to suit your needs. Rooms come with views of the surrounding area. Rates start at Rs. 7,000 per night. There's an adult pool and kiddie pool as well. There's even a library for those who love reading books.
    • Ashokas Tiger Trail Resort. Located on the Southern side of the Corbett Park, you can find Ashokas Tiger Trail Resort. They boast of having the cheapest rates when it comes to trekking activities for the park. There's a restaurant, a jacuzzi, a pool, a spa and a saloon as well. I love the Tree Top Cottage offering uninterrupted views of the jungle. Room rates start at Rs. 11,000 per night.
    • The Den Corbett. The Den is located at Mohan in Corbett. The Tree House has a great panoramic view of the jungle and even has its own balcony. It's complete with AC, tv, fridge, bathroom and even a coffee maker. Rate of the Tree House is at Rs. 17,000 although the Standard Room is only at Rs. 4,000. They have a spa and yoga centre as well.
    • Maya the Forest Resort. Room rates start at an affordable price of Rs. 5,500. The Maya Forest Resort is just nearby the Corbett National Park as well. There's a restaurant, a gym, riverside decks and a swimming pool. Rooms are basic but complete with amenities and very clean as well.
    I think room rates depend on the amenities of the resort and how extravagant each room is. Most of these resorts are near the park and they also offer safaris for the park. So it's not really much of a problem to reach the park. I hope this helps!