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Hotels in Jim Corbett National Park

Discussion in 'Wildlife and National Parks' started by Almira12, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Almira12

    Almira12 New Member

    In June I am going to Jim Corbett with my parents, husband and three kids. It will be our first time there, and we are not familiar with the area at all, which is why help is required with the accommodation.

    I would like to get some suggestions for hotels in Jim Corbett National Park. I am not 100% sure if there are hotels within the park or just outside so please do advice this.

    If there are hotels inside, I would like suggestions for hotels inside and outside the park. The budget is between Rs1800 - Rs2500.

  2. Mohit Eagle

    Mohit Eagle Member

    Hi Almira,

    Here are some hotels both inside and outside of the park within your price range of Rs1800 - Rs2500. The cost per night and some brief details have been mentioned with each hotel suggestion.

    Hotels inside Jim Corbett National Park

    Krishna Wilderness Retreat - Room rates start from Rs2100. The hotel has a garden and also garden view rooms. Free WiFi is available through out the hotel property

    Corbet - Treetop Riverview, A Sterling Holidays Resort - Room charges start from Rs2100. The hotel provides both garden and mountain views. An on site restaurant is available and there is no WiFi available.

    Hotel wild way home stay - Room costs start from Rs1900. The hotel has mountain view rooms, there is an outdoor swimming pool. An onsite restaurant is available and there is no WiFi available.

    Deer View Resort - Per night room charges start from Rs1250. The hotel has a restaurant and pool and WiFi services are not available.

    Country Club Wild Exotica Resort - Room rates start from Rs2290 and the hotel charges include breakfast. The hotel has a pool, restaurant, and free WiFi services.

    Hotel Holiday Highlights - Rooms rates start from Rs2015. The hotel has a swimming pool, restaurant and WiFi services.

    Hotels outside Jim Corbett National Park

    Corbett Comfortable Resort - Rooms charges start from Rs2300. The hotel has a spa and restaurant. Accommodation is also available in huts.

    The Corbett View Resort - Rooms pricing starts from R1900. The hotel has a swimming pool and restaurant on site. Both rooms and huts are available to stay at. There is no WiFi availability.

    OYO Rooms 028 Hill View Retreat - Room charges start from Rs2200. A swimming pool and restaurant are available at the hotel. There is no WiFi availability here.

    Hotel Ananya Regency - Rooms start from Rs2200. The hotel has garden view rooms, a sun terrace. A restaurant is available on site and also free WiFi is available.

    The Mint Plaza Corbett - Rooms start from Rs1270. The hotel has a restaurant and bar. Free WiFi is available.

  3. Deven

    Deven Member

    For anyone wanting to go to Jim Corbett National Park, I would like to advise you that before making any bookings or planning your visit to the park, please find out if the park is open. Many people have planned trips to the national park and upon arrival found out that the park is closed.

    You can check if you park is open from the official Jim Corbett National Park website or by calling them up or even asking the hotel you would have planned to stay at.