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Blue Lagoon Beach Resort

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by RakeshN, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. RakeshN

    RakeshN New Member

    We are three families planning a holiday in Chennai and are looking into the Blue Lagoon Beach Resort. The hotel seems ideal because it's near the beach and it has a swimming pool which the kids would love.
    The only issue is we don't know what the price of the hotel is, there is no place on the web where we can check the cost.

    We would also like to know whether the hotel is suitable or not, we know that the beach is nearby but location wise is it close to any other places. Is it a place which kids would enjoy themselves, and also what the quality of food is like?

  2. Mohit Eagle

    Mohit Eagle Member

    That's right RakeshN there is no place on the web to find out the cost of the hotel, as they don't show their prices (some hotels have a policy of not showing their costs on the web). You have to call the hotel up and ask them for the costs. The contact number for Blue Lagoon Beach Resort is 044 - 6452 6002.

    Yes, there are plenty of places you can visit which are near the hotel, such as temples and parks.

    It is a perfect place for kids to enjoy. The resort provides children's play areas, cricket ground, volley ball court, football ground and a swimming pool.

    The Blue Lagoon Beach Resort has their own restaurant by the name of Buhari's and they serve a lunch and dinner buffet with a large variety appealing to all tastes.