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Paradise Isle Beach Resort, Malpe

Discussion in 'Karnataka' started by iamawriter, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. iamawriter

    iamawriter Member


    If you are planning on visiting South Karnataka do visit Udupi a place where you will find a bit of everything. Who would not have heard of that great temple where every tourist flocks to get an entry?

    There are several beaches too and one among them is the Malpe Beach not far from St. Mary's Island where one can reach by getting into a boat.

    Standing proudly on the Malpe Beach is the Paradise Isle Beach Resort facing the sea.
    This Beach Resort is cozy and ideal for honeymooning couples too.

    Udupi is just about 66 KM from Mangaluru, reachable by road and train.

  2. Prerna

    Prerna New Member

    Do you have any more information on the Paradise Isle Beach Malpe, such as the resort facilities and charges?