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Double decker train from Delhi to Jaipur

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by V1shal8, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. V1shal8

    V1shal8 New Member

    I would like to know about the double decker train from Delhi to Jaipur. I have only briefly heard someone talking about the train I am not even sure whether it exists as not, as nothing has ever really been mentioned in the news or on the web.

    I would like all the information about this double decker train from Delhi to Jaipur from costs to duration of travel, the stops it makes and more.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hi there, welcome to the forum!


    Overview of the Delhi Jaipur Double Decker Train

    A double decker train has two levels, an upper floor and a lower floor, thereby increasing the capacity for passenger loading. It is not only enjoyable to ride, it's also very convenient and efficient, since it can load twice as much passengers as compared to the load of normal trains. The Delhi Jaipur Sarai Rohilla AC Double Decker Express Train is one such example of double decker train. It is one of the few double decker trains in the country and was just inaugurated in the year 2012. It has a bright yellow and red facade while its interiors are just very simple, with green chairs. It has both an AC Chair (ACC) and an AC Executive Chair (1AC or EC). The journey duration between the two stations is around 4 hours and 30 minutes.

    The Delhi Jaipur Sarai Rohilla AC Double Express Train No. 12986

    There are two trains plying from Delhi to Jaipur and from Jaipur to Delhi. The one you need to book is the Delhi Jaipur Sarai Rohilla AC Double Express Train No. 12986, which goes from Delhi to Jaipur. Below are all the stations that the train passes through.

    Station NameDescriptionHalt
    Delhi Sarai RohillaFirst StationYes
    Delhi CantonmentSecond StationYes
    GurgaonThird StationYes
    Alwar JunctionFourth StationYes
    Jaipur GandhinagarFifth StationYes
    Jaipur JunctionLast StationYes
    From the table above, you can see that there are four stops in between for the Delhi Jaipur Sarai Rohilla AC Double Express Train No. 12986. The train has a two-minute stopover for each station. The train begins from the Delhi Sarai Rohilla Railway Station and its last stop is the Jaipur Junction Railway Station.

    The distance covered by the train is about 304 kilometres. The journey duration is around 4 hours and 30 minutes. The train runs daily at 17:35 from the Delhi Sarai Rohilla Railway Station and arrives in Jaipur Junction at 22:05 of the same day. The average delay of the train is about 3 minutes to 15 minutes.

    Seats Available

    On the upper deck of the train, there are 5o seats while on the lower deck, there are 48 seats and the remaining seats are located at the normal height. There are two types of seats available, namely: AC Chair (ACC) and AC Executive Chair (1AC or EC). There are no sleeper class of seats in the train. Both ACC and EC are sitting-only classes and they have minimal differences between them. The AC Chair is a bit more cramped, with a 3 x 2 seating arrangement. The AC Executive Chair has more space and has a 2 x 2 seating arrangement. It has ample leg space, seats can be reclined a bit and they also face one another. Below is a table highlighting their fare differences.

    Passenger TypeAC ChairAC Executive Chair
    AdultRs. 485Rs. 1,185
    ChildRs. 265Rs. 600
    The AC Chair is more affordable than the AC Executive Chair but both can be reserved online. Adults need to pay at least Rs. 485 for an AC Chair while children's fare is at Rs. 265. On the other hand, if you would prefer the AC Executive Chair, you need to pay at least Rs. 1,185 for an adult and Rs. 600 for a child. These fares don't include the meals for the journey yet. You also cannot choose which seat you'd prefer, whether in the upper deck or in the lower deck. You can specify though if you'd like a window or non-window seat.


    Other Facilities on the Delhi Jaipur Sarai Rohilla AC Double Express Train No. 12986

    Each seat has its own arm rest as well as a water bottle rack. In most seats, there's a laptop shelf too, attached at the back part of the seat in front of you. In the middle seats though, there's a centre table instead of the attached laptop shelf. Each row of seats also has its own charging port for your electronic devices. On top of each seat is a luggage rack but only light and medium-sized luggages can fit into these compartments. The seats are cushioned too so they are very comfortable for the whole ride. And lastly, while food is not included in the fare, you can still buy meals from the Indian Railways Catering Service. Of course, the pantry service is of additional cost to passengers.


    With the introduction of the Delhi Jaipur Double Decker Train, the journey from the Capital of Delhi to the Pink City of Jaipur has been more fun and convenient. It is not only a way for tourists to commute from Delhi to Jaipur, but also for locals who do business on both sides. Further, the train has been well-kept since its inauguration, the interiors of the train are kept clean and trashes are removed by the cleaning staff after every ride.

    I hope this helps you.:)