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Bus fare from Delhi to Jaipur

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Bunty, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. Bunty

    Bunty New Member

    I need to get to Jaipur from Delhi and can not afford too much on the travel, so the only option I have is to travel by bus. I would like to know how much I would have to spend on a bus fare from Delhi to Jaipur.

    Although I need the cheapest ticket, I would still like to know all the options I have, as if there is not much of a difference in the cost for the different tickets I might consider getting the higher range one.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Bunty, welcome to the forum!

    (Images from RSRTC and Auto Car Pro)


    The distance between Delhi and Jaipur is about 326 kilometres. It can take you around 5 to 6 hours to cover this distance by driving. On the other hand, taking public transport can mean a longer journey duration. At the most, journey duration can be around 7 hours and 30 minutes, especially with a bus. But if you want a cheap option, of course, nothing beats travelling by bus. Some buses are more luxurious though so you can opt for these ones if you want a comfortable journey. Luckily, plenty of buses are available for this route, operated by both the government and private companies.

    Buses from Delhi to Jaipur

    1. Government-Operated Buses - The Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (RSRTC) operates buses plying this route. They range from express buses, Volvo buses, air-conditioned buses, sleeper deluxe buses and semi-deluxe buses. The routes also differ but most buses take the Kotputli route to get to Jaipur from Delhi. You can directly book them from the RSRTC website or even from a booking site like RedBus.

    RSRTC Delhi to Jaipur Express Buses

    Bus NumberDeparture TimeFare
    Bus No. 100:25Rs. 271
    Bus No. 200:40Rs. 271
    Bus No. 33:30Rs. 271
    Bus No. 44:10Rs. 271
    Bus No. 54:15Rs. 271
    Bus No. 64:20Rs. 271
    Bus No. 74:25Rs. 271
    Bus No. 84:30Rs. 271
    Bus No. 94:46Rs. 271
    Bus No. 104:54Rs. 271
    Bus No. 115:02Rs. 271
    Bus No. 125:12Rs. 271
    Bus No. 135:27Rs. 271
    Bus No. 145:45Rs. 271
    Bus No. 155:47Rs. 271
    Bus No. 166:00Rs. 271
    Bus No. 176:05Rs. 271
    Bus No. 186:10Rs. 271
    Bus No. 196:15Rs. 271
    Bus No. 206:20Rs. 271
    Bus No. 216:25Rs. 271
    Bus No. 227:20Rs. 271
    Bus No. 237:40Rs. 271
    Bus No. 247:58Rs. 271
    Bus No. 259:15Rs. 271
    Bus No. 269:42Rs. 271
    Bus No. 2710:00Rs. 271
    Bus No. 2810:30Rs. 271
    Bus No. 2910:36Rs. 271
    Bus No. 3010:45Rs. 271
    Bus No. 3111:00Rs. 271
    Bus No. 3211:15Rs. 271
    Bus No. 3311:20Rs. 271
    Bus No. 3411:25Rs. 271
    Bus No. 3512:00Rs. 271
    Bus No. 3612:01Rs. 271
    Bus No. 3712:20Rs. 271
    Bus No. 3812:30Rs. 271
    Bus No. 3912:34Rs. 271
    Bus No. 4012:38Rs. 271
    Bus No. 4112:52Rs. 271
    Bus No. 4212:58Rs. 271
    Bus No. 4313:10Rs. 271
    Bus No. 4413:22Rs. 271
    Bus No. 4513:28Rs. 271
    Bus No. 4613:35Rs. 271
    Bus No. 4713:41Rs. 271
    Bus No. 4813:46Rs. 271
    Bus No. 4913:48Rs. 271
    Bus No. 5013:52Rs. 271
    Bus No. 5114:03Rs. 271
    Bus No. 5214:05Rs. 271
    Bus No. 5314:09Rs. 271
    Bus No. 5414:30Rs. 271
    Bus No. 5515:00Rs. 271
    Bus No. 5615:30Rs. 271
    Bus No. 5715:45Rs. 271
    Bus No. 5816:00Rs. 271
    Bus No. 5916:05Rs. 271
    Bus No. 6016:15Rs. 271
    Bus No. 6116:30Rs. 271
    Bus No. 6217:01Rs. 271
    Bus No. 6317:13Rs. 271
    Bus No. 6417:20Rs. 271
    Bus No. 6517:27Rs. 271
    Bus No. 6617:45Rs. 271
    Bus No. 6718:10Rs. 271
    Bus No. 6818:30Rs. 271
    Bus No. 6918:32Rs. 271
    Bus No. 7018:46Rs. 271
    Bus No. 7118:58Rs. 271
    Bus No. 7219:08Rs. 271
    Bus No. 7319:18Rs. 271
    Bus No. 7419:38Rs. 271
    Bus No. 7519:48Rs. 271
    Bus No. 7620:08Rs. 271
    Bus No. 7720:18Rs. 271
    Bus No. 7820:38Rs. 271
    Bus No. 7920:48Rs. 271
    Bus No. 8021:05Rs. 271
    Bus No. 8122:10Rs. 271
    Bus No. 8222:49Rs. 271
    Bus No. 8323:15Rs. 271
    Bus No. 8423:19Rs. 271
    Bus No. 8523:34Rs. 271
    Bus No. 8623:43Rs. 271
    Bus No. 8723:52Rs. 271
    These are all the express buses plying between Delhi and Jaipur. As you can see, as early as 00:25, there's already a bus plying in this route and as late as 23:43, you can still find a bus in this route. These buses depart from Bikaner House, close to the India Gate in Delhi. Fares are the same, at Rs. 271 per passenger. Journey duration varies from 6 hours up to 7 hours and 40 minutes.

    RSRTC Delhi to Jaipur Volvo Buses

    Bus NumberDeparture TimeFare
    Bus No. 100:30Rs. 750
    Bus No. 22:00Rs. 750
    Bus No. 32:30Rs. 750
    Bus No. 46:01Rs. 750
    Bus No. 57:00Rs. 750
    Bus No. 68:00Rs. 750
    Bus No. 79:01Rs. 750
    Bus No. 810:00Rs. 750
    Bus No. 911:01Rs. 750
    Bus No. 1012:31Rs. 750
    Bus No. 1113:01Rs. 750
    Bus No. 1213:30Rs. 750
    Bus No. 1314:00Rs. 750
    Bus No. 1415:00Rs. 750
    Bus No. 1516:30Rs. 750
    Bus No. 1617:30Rs. 750
    Bus No. 1718:31Rs. 750
    Bus No. 1819:31Rs. 750
    Bus No. 1921:31Rs. 750
    Bus No. 2022:30Rs. 750
    Bus No. 2123:00Rs. 750
    Bus No. 2223:15Rs. 750
    Bus No. 2323:40Rs. 750
    Bus No. 2423:58Rs. 750
    These are all the Volvo buses plying between Delhi and Jaipur operated by the RSRTC. Although this list isn't as extensive as the former, you still have buses plying as early as 00:30 in the morning and as late as 23:58 in the evening. These buses also depart from Bikaner House in Delhi. Fares are on the higher side at Rs. 750 per passenger. Journey duration is around 6 to 7 hours.

    RSRTC Delhi to Jaipur Air-Conditioned Buses

    Bus NumberDeparture TimeFare
    Bus No. 11:30Rs. 300 to Rs. 400
    Bus No. 29:31Rs. 300 to Rs. 400
    Bus No. 323:45Rs. 300 to Rs. 400
    Only a few AC seater/sleeper buses ply between Delhi and Jaipur. Fares vary between Rs. 300 to Rs. 400 per passenger. Journey duration is around 7 to 8 hours as well.

    RSRTC Delhi to Jaipur Sleeper and Semi Deluxe Buses

    Bus NumberDeparture TimeFare
    Bus No. 1 (Sleeper)20:15Rs. 400 to Rs. 600
    Bus No. 2 (Semi Deluxe)17:55Rs. 400 to Rs. 600
    Bus No. 3 (Semi Deluxe)19:58Rs. 400 to Rs. 600
    The last type of buses are the sleeper and the semi-deluxe ones. They also have just a few options and you need to book them early if you want to board them. Fares vary but they are between Rs. 400 to Rs. 600. Journey duration is around 7 to 8 hours as well.

    2. Privately-Operated Buses - There are also a number of privately-operated buses plying this route. Their fares are a bit higher though as compared to the government-operated ones. You can book a bus directly from RedBus or via bus booking counters in Delhi.

    Ashok Travels AC Sleeper and Non AC Seater/Sleeper Buses

    Bus TypeDeparture Station - TimeArrival TimeFare
    AC SleeperKhanna Market - 18:0023:59Rs. 600
    Non AC Seater/SleeperKhanna Market - 18:3023:30Rs. 500
    Non AC Seater/SleeperKhanna Market - 20:302:00Rs. 300
    Non AC Seater/SleeperKhanna Market - 20:353:00Rs. 400
    Ashok Travels has four buses plying this route. The first one is an AC sleeper bus which departs from the Khanna Market in Delhi at 18:00. The others are non AC seater/sleeper buses which depart from the Khanna Market in Delhi as well. Fares vary but the most expensive one is the AC sleeper bus which is at Rs. 600 per passenger while the others are at Rs. 300 to Rs. 500. Journey duration is around 6 hours.

    Mahalaxmi Travels AC Seater/Sleeper Buses

    Bus TypeDeparture Station - TimeArrival TimeFare
    AC Seater/SleeperDhaula Kuan - 1:457:00Rs. 500
    AC Seater/SleeperDhaula Kuan - 6:2512:50Rs. 400
    AC Seater/SleeperDhaula Kuan - 23:455:45Rs. 400
    Mahalaxmi Travels operates AC Seater/Sleeper buses plying between Delhi and Jaipur. Journey duration is also around 6 hours but the buses depart from Dhaula Kuan in Delhi. Fares are between Rs. 400 to Rs. 500 per passenger.

    Rishabh Travels AC Seater/Sleeper Buses

    Bus TypeDeparture Station - TimeArrival TimeFare
    AC Seater/SleeperFilmistan - 19:001:20Rs. 950
    AC SleeperFilmistan - 22:304:45Rs. 475
    Rishabh Travels operates only two buses plying between Delhi and Jaipur. Both are AC sleeper buses and depart from Filmistan. Journey duration is around 6 hours. Fares vary but are between Rs. 475 to Rs. 950 per passenger.

    Shrinath Nandu Travels Non-AC Seater/Sleeper Buses

    Bus TypeDeparture Station - TimeArrival TimeFare
    AC Seater/SleeperKhanna Market - 18:0023:30Rs. 380
    AC SleeperKhanna Market - 20:001:30Rs. 380
    Shrinath Nandu Travels operates only non-AC seater/sleeper buses from Delhi to Jaipur. Journey duration is about 5 hours and 30 minutes. These buses depart from the Khanna Market and fare is at Rs. 380 per passenger.

    Vikas Travels AC and Non-AC Seater/Sleeper Buses

    Bus TypeDeparture Station - TimeArrival TimeFare
    AC Seater/SleeperFatehpuri - 16:0023:30Rs. 475
    AC Seater/SleeperFatehpuri - 22:451:30Rs. 475
    AC Seater/SleeperFatehpuri - 23:1023:30Rs. 475
    AC Seater/SleeperFatehpuri - 23:4523:30Rs. 475
    Non AC Seater/SleeperFatehpuri - 8:2514:25Rs. 285
    Non AC Seater/SleeperFatehpuri - 18:3000:30Rs. 350
    Non AC Seater/SleeperFatehpuri - 20:002:00Rs. 380
    Non AC Seater/SleeperFatehpuri - 23:305:15Rs. 238
    Non AC Seater/SleeperFatehpuri - 23:554:55Rs. 285
    Non AC Seater/SleeperFatehpuri - 23:555:30Rs. 238
    Vikas Travels operates both AC and non-AC seater/sleeper buses. They have buses plying from 8:25 until 23:55. Fares vary but the non-AC ones are cheaper with the lowest being at Rs. 238 per passenger and the highest being at Rs. 475 per passenger. These buses depart from Fatehpuri and journey duration is around 5 hours to 6 hours and 45 minutes.


    You have plenty of options for buses plying between Delhi and Jaipur. But if you want the cheapest one, you can go with the Vikas Travels which has non-AC seater/sleeper buses, with fares as low as Rs. 238 per passenger. The RSRTC express buses are also good options at Rs. 271 per passenger. If you don't mind the longer journey duration, the RSRTC has AC buses too, with fares between Rs. 300 to Rs. 400 per passenger. Also, the Mahalaxmi AC seater/sleeper buses have fares ranging between Rs. 400 to Rs. 500 per passenger, another good option for a comfortable journey without breaking the bank.

    I hope this helps you!:)