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Elephanta Caves

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by Pamela, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. Pamela

    Pamela Guest

    I was reading about the Elephanta Caves on UNESCO's World Heritage site. Has anyone ever been to see the 'City of Caves'? Are they open to tours or for any kind of viewing?

  2. Tabitha

    Tabitha New Member

    I believe there are tours to the Elephanta Caves. You can check with a travel agent, they may be able to find you one. The temples are really interesting since they were dug out of rocks. Can you imagine the amount of work that went into that?

  3. BadBoy

    BadBoy Active Member

    If i am not wrong then you are talking of the Elephanta caves which are in Mumbai. Caves are open for Sight seeing.

    You wont be seeing any elephants their rather their are Images of HINDU( gods) inscribed on the walls.. Elephanta caves are on an island in the Arabian sea.. ships/steamer/ferries are the only mode of transports and one can take them from Gateway Of India..

    If you visit Mumbai then should go to the caves and enjoy the streamer ride ;)
  4. Pamela

    Pamela Guest

    Thanks for the replies, guys. :) I came across something about the caves while doing research for my vacation and got really excited! I have a thing about caves (weird, I know, but I've been to a lot of them here in the States, too...) so I'm really thinking about centering my vacation around seeing Elephanta -- and any other similar caves India has!
  5. Indyra

    Indyra Member

    Why was it named Elephanta caves? I am not even aware that elephants lived in caves. Unless, of course, the caves are huge. Either way, I'm sure it is a beautiful sight to see.
  6. Vinaya

    Vinaya Member

    The name Elephanta caves derives from the fact that the interior walls of the cave contains carvings of Elephants. If you are in India, you must not miss the opportunity to visit Elephanta caves, it is very beautiful. Another similar cave is the Amarnath cave, which is a pilgrimage site for the Hindus.
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  7. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    I've never been here - still planning for my first trip to India - but I just took a look online and these caves look incredible! I have been fascinated by history for as long as I can remember, so things that have significance to history always intrigue me. The Shiva Cave (the main one, I believe!) seriously looks incredible. I also like doing unique things on my vacations that I couldn't do or find in my home country - so I think this would fit that description nicely!
  8. Ritika Sharma

    Ritika Sharma Member

    I have never been there but after studying the post I am looking forward to visit the place in my next vacation.
  9. Rayne

    Rayne New Member

    And yet another site to add to my itinerary. They do look fascinating. Just to study the history of India would take longer than I have. This site will be a priority though.
  10. Salman

    Salman New Member

    You must visit the Elephanta Caves if you are in Mumbai. It is a short boat ride to the island and there are several boat trips in a day. The rides are not expensive at all and you can get guides to show you around once you are at the Caves.