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Juhu beach nearest railway station

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Nero, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Nero

    Nero New Member

    I will be going Mumbai and would be traveling by the local trains. One of the places I would be visiting will be Juhu beach.
    I would like to find out which is the nearest railway station to Juhu and exactly how far it is from the beach, and whether I would further need to take public transport to reach the beach.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Nero, welcome to the forum!



    A favourite hangout place amongst the locals and tourists alike of Mumbai is the Juhu Beach. It is one of the city's most lively and vibrant beaches, albeit very crowded. There are tons of activities that one can do here, from sports, horse riding, camel riding and many more. There are lots of accommodation options and restaurants around the shores of the beach too. Juhu Beach is located close to Daulat Nagar and is easily accessible by different transportation means. Most visitors opt for train journey though as this is the most convenient and easiest way of reaching Juhu Beach. Fortunately, there are nearby railway stations catering to the Juhu Beach area.

    Nearest Railway Stations to Juhu Beach

    Railway StationLineDistance from Juhu BeachWalking Time
    Andheri Railway StationWestern and Harbour3.5 Kilometres44 Minutes
    Vile Parle Railway StationWestern and Harbour3.9 Kilometres50 Minutes
    Santa Cruz Railway StationWestern and Harbour5.6 Kilometres1 Hour and 10 Minutes
    Khar Road Railway StationWestern7 Kilometres1 Hour and 25 Minutes
    The table above highlights the nearest railway stations to the Juhu Beach in Mumbai. As you can see, the nearest railway station to the beach is none other than the Andheri Railway Station, located in the Western and Harbour lines of the Mumbai Suburban Railway, merely 3.5 kilometres away from it. If you try to cover this distance by walking, you'd reach Juhu Beach in about 44 minutes, more or less. The next nearest station is the Vile Parle Railway Station, also located on the same lines, about 3.9 kilometres away from Juhu Beach. The last two stations, the Santa Cruz Railway Station and the Khar Road Railway Station are both located under 7 kilometres away from the Juhu Beach.

    Nearest Railway Station to Juhu Beach - The Andheri Railway Station

    The nearest railway station to the Juhu Beach is the Andheri Railway Station. This railway station is about 3.5 kilometres away from Juhu Beach. You have three options, ride a bus, an auto rickshaw or a taxi to reach the beach from the railway station.

    1. By Bus - To cover the remaining distance between Andheri Railway Station and Juhu Beach, you can opt for bus journey. From the Andheri Railway Station, walk for about six minutes to reach the Andheri Station Kumkum West. From here, you can board the BEST Bus No. 627 which reaches the Mora Village, merely 18 metres away from the Juhu Beach.

    Departure Times of BEST Bus No. 627

    Departure Times (From Andheri West Kumkum)06:25, 06:47, 07:07, 07:21, 07:36, 07:50, 08:09, 08:28, 08:47, 09:07, 09:28, 09:48, 10:08, 10:29, 10:49, 11:09, 11:40, 12:11, 12:42, 13:12, 13:43, 14:13, 14:44, 15:14, 15:45, 16:18, 16:40, 17:02, 17:24, 17:46, 18:08, 18:30, 18:52, 19:14, 19:36, 19:58, 20:20, 20:41, 21:04 and 21:25
    Departure Times (From Mora Village)06:45, 07:07, 07:27, 07:43, 07:59, 08:15, 08:35, 08:56, 09:16, 09:36, 09:57, 10:17, 10:37, 10:58, 11:18, 11:38, 12:09, 12:40, 13:11, 13:41, 14:12, 14:42, 15:13, 15:43, 16:16, 16:49, 17:11, 17:33, 17:55, 18:17, 18:39, 19:01, 19:23, 19:45, 20:07, 20:29, 20:51 and 21:13
    The table above highlights the departure times of the BEST Bus No. 627 from Andheri West Kumkum and from Mora Village. As you can see, there are buses plying early in the morning, from 6:25 in the morning, until 21:25 in the evening, for the Andheri West Kumkum route. For the other way round, from Mora Village, buses depart as early as 6:45 in the morning, until 21:13 in the evening. There are buses every 15 minutes or so and journey duration is around 26 minutes, more or less. Just keep in mind that Mora Village is the last stop on the route, the 16th to be specific, and from there, Juhu Beach is just a minute of walking away. Fare is very minimal, at around Rs. 10 for the ordinary bus and at around Rs. 35 for an air-conditioned bus.

    2. By Auto Rickshaw - A simpler approach would just be to hire an auto rickshaw from the Andheri Railway Station to Juhu Beach. Fare would be very minimal, around Rs. 50 to Rs. 80 for a one-way ride. Journey duration would be around 30 minutes, more or less.

    3. By Taxi - You can also opt to just ride a taxi from the railway station to Juhu Beach. Uber and Ola Cabs are present in the city so you can opt for those. For their cheapest type of cab, fares would be around Rs. 100 to Rs. 200 for a one-way ride. However, these charges can be higher especially during peak hours. You can opt for normal metered taxis and their rates would be slightly higher, but they won't have surge pricing, unlike Uber or Ola Cabs.


    These are your best options for reaching the Juhu Beach from the nearest railway station to it, the Andheri Railway Station. From the Andheri Railway Station, 3.5 kilometres away from Juhu Beach, you can opt for bus, auto rickshaw or taxi to reach the beach proper. If you want a more economical option, opt for buses since their frequency are quite high and you would be dropped off very near to the Juhu Beach. If you want convenience, then you can opt for either an auto rickshaw or taxi.

    I hope this helps!:)