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Khardung La

Discussion in 'Jammu & Kashmir' started by DasRajan, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. DasRajan

    DasRajan New Member

    I wish to visit Khardung La, as it is supposed to be a very popular mountain pass and it has also been stated that it is the highest motorable road, I don't know how true this is, but it is a place I do wish to visit.

    I would like some more information on Khardung La, and find out whether it is easy the highest motorable road, what is it like driving through the mountain pass.

    The main question is there any place in Khardung La where you can stay?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    Khardung La is often stated as the highest motorable road in the world, it says so in the sign once you have reached its peak. It is located in the Ladakh region in the states of Jammu and Kashmir. From Leh, it is located 39 kms away. Although it's not really the highest motorable road in the world, it can still be challenging and dangerous for inexperienced riders.

    Driving through the mountain pass is an experience in itself. For the first part of the journey, the first 24 kms, the roads are paved. But the difficulty arises in the next kms, because you'd find that the roads aren't paved at all. You can go through rocks, sands, gravels and sometimes even snow. The worst is when there's a combination of these. But really, this is one of the easier roads to travel to as compared to other passes nearby it.

    But you do get amazing views in the ride itself. And I think it's worth it to traverse Khardung La just for these amazing sceneries. Make sure to bring your camera and capture these moments.

    There are no accommodations in Khardung La itself. You can try bringing your own tent and set it up there. The nearest accommodations can be found at Leh. Here's a few:
    • Hotel Shambala.
    • Thongsal
    • The Grand Dragon
    • Royal Heritage Resort
    • Hotel Kidar
    On a related note, bring your own food as well as there is no food stall in the peak of the Khardung La pass. However, there are some eateries on the camps or in the Leh.

    I hope this helps!