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Khardungla Pass

Discussion in 'Jammu & Kashmir' started by Seema, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. Seema

    Seema New Member

    I will be going to Leh with my husband and a group of some other friends in two weeks time. We will also be going to Nubra Valley for which we need to go past the Khardungla Pass. I have read that the road can be a bit dangerous and also talked about it with my husband, and he said its all fine, but I am feeling a little jumpy about it.
    I would like some more information about Khardungla pass, and some of my queries have been listed.

    1. Exactly how dangerous is Khardungla pass?

    2. What are the conditions of the road, is it difficult to drive?

    3. It is supposed to be a worth going Khardungla pass, why?

    4. Do we need any permits or do any payments need to be made for Khardungla pass?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello @Seema and welcome to the forum!

    I'll try my best to answer your questions.

    Just to give you an idea, it's dubbed as the "world's highest motorable road." It is about 17,582 feet high and can have very steep and treacherous roads. But the truth is, it's not the most dangerous road actually, although it's in the top 10 in India. You might encounter some difficulties, traffic delays due to one lane and steep sections. Landslides, washouts and road accidents are also not unusual here. However, it's generally safer than other passes or roads in India.

    The roads are mostly not paved and you might encounter some rocky and sandy ones. The mixture of ice and dirt can also make for a more difficult ride. Then, like I've mentioned, there are also one lane roads which can be dangerous for inexperienced drivers. It is closed from October to May though due to heavy snow in its roads which can be dangerous to pass through.

    The Khardungla Pass goes through the Ladakh Range as it connects Leh and Indus Valley to Nubra Valley. The views from this route are definitely worth seeing and going through. Most people take pictures of the sign board saying "world's highest motorable road" once they reach the top of the pass, which is another experience as well.

    There is no set fee for entering Khardung La Pass. For foreign tourists, they need to acquire an Inner Line Permit to go through the Khardung La Pass. It can be acquired at the DC Office in Leh. For locals, they won't need any permit at all.

    I hope this helps and good luck!
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