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Khauli Pass Trek Information

Discussion in 'Trekking and Mountaineering' started by HardikBali, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. HardikBali

    HardikBali New Member

    I am trying to get information on Khauli Pass trek and am unable to find anything. I have registered on the forum in the hope to get any kind of information about Khauli Pass.

    Thank you members.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    Khauli Pass is located in the Kanawar Wildlife Sanctuary in the Parvathi River Valley near Manikkaram in Kullu. It is about 12,800 feet above sea level. It is just a small pass and it's covered by snow almost all-year round. The best time to trek this pass is from the months of May to October. The distance of the trek is about 48 kms. You would need around 3 to 4 days to reach the peak. This trek can be categorised as medium in terms of difficulty.

    Although this pass isn't as popular as other passes, it's as satisfying to any trekker. This was once a popular trekking route but was forgotten along with modernity. Now, it's gaining a bit of popularity to trekkers. It's a great offbeat trekking location, if you're tired of the usual and commercialised ones. Scenery-wise, you won't be disappointed as the colourful flowers and the snow-laden peaks greet you. It's a contradiction at the most, but in the eyes of a trekker, it can be one of the most beautiful sceneries you might encounter.

    This is a possible itinerary for this trek:

    Day 1: Kasaul to Garahan - This is about a 10 km stretch. You'd follow the trail from the Garahan Nala to the Graham Hamlet.

    Day 2: Garahan to Padri - This is about a 7 km stretch. You'd follow the trail from Garahan Hamlet to Padri Meadow.

    Day 3: Padri to Khauli Pass - This is about a 14 km stretch. This is a steep and challenging route which is the Khauli Pass. You'd also camp at Manihar, which is a few kms away from Khauli Pass.

    Day 4: Manihar to Jhuni - This is about 17 kms. This is the start of the descent, it's a bit steep as you approach Hurla Nala. Camp is at Jhuni.

    Day 5: Jhuni to Garsa - This is the end of the trek. You can directly ride a bus from Jhuni to Kullu.

    I know there are other routes you can take though. But this is the one that I am familiar with. Don't forget to bring your thermal wear and wool clothing items.

    I hope this helps!