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Wonderla Veegaland Amusement Park Kochi entry fees

Discussion in 'Kerala' started by kpmndr, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. kpmndr

    kpmndr New Member

    There is an amusement park in Kochi which is known as Veegaland Amusement Park and also Wonderla. I would like to know what entry fees for the amusement park are.
    I saw a price mentioned on the web which stated an adult ticket entry fee to be around Rs900. It didn't seem quite right, so I thought of finding out from members of the forum to get the correct information about the entry fee.

    I would be grateful if someone could please provide the entry fee costs for the park.

    If online ticket booking is different, please state.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!

    (Images from Fawas Panat and Wonderla)

    What is Wonderla (Veegaland) in Kochi?

    Veegaland was the first ever theme park venture of Wonderla Holidays Limited. It was originally launched in 2000 as Veegaland and was renamed as Wonderla in 2011. Comprised of both dry rides and wet rides, Wonderla is truly a wonderful getaway destination on the outskirts of Kochi. This thrilling adventure paradise is located in the midst of God's Own Country, all the more making the experience exhilarating and worth it. No stone is left unturned as every possible facility and amenity have been included in the theme park as well for the comfort of the visitors. After you're done exploring the city, spend a few days in Wonderla, where fun and adventure awaits you.

    Where is Wonderla (Veegaland) Located in Kochi?

    Wonderla is located to the northeastern side of Kochi, about 25 kilometres away from the city centre. Specifically, it is located in the Kakkanad Pallikara Road in Pallikara. If you're taking your own vehicle from Kochi, just traverse the Aroor Thoppumpady Road to the Kochi Bridge, then the Kochi Panvel Highway which would lead you to the Kakkanad Pallikara Road directly. The nearest railhead is at Kalamassery and Edappally, under 15 kilometres away from Wonderla. Trains from various parts of the cities directly reach these stations. There are also KSRTC buses that directly reach Wonderla from various pick-up points in the city like Fort Kochi and Ernakulam. Sometimes, you would also find private buses which have other destinations dropping off passengers at the main entrance of Wonderla.

    What is the Overall Vibe of Wonderla (Veegaland) in Kochi?

    Wonderla in Kochi truly highlights the verdant beauty of the state. The vibe is very refreshing, in stark contrast to the concrete jungles of the city that we're used to. It is located at an elevated hillock so you're granted the best views of the surroundings. From the entrance, you would be greeted by the signature monkey of Wonderla. Inside, you would enjoy the lush greenery, with lots of coconut trees and shrubs that have been planted to give shades and a cooling effect to the visitors. Then you have the vibrant hues of the dry rides, along with the sparkling blue water of the swimming pools, which gives a splash of colour to the theme park.

    What are the Attractions in the Amusement Park of Wonderla (Veegaland) in Kochi?

    (Images from Sayya and Wonderla)

    The Amusement Park can be subdivided into three sections, namely: Thriller Rides, Kids Rides and Family Rides. The Thriller Rides section has a number of electrifying rides that only the very brave and of sound health should try. This section has the classic rides such as the Flash Tower, big drop tower ride, and Super Jumper, their spinning ride that also moves up and down. Twin Flip Monster is just like the name, as if a robotic structure with two arms has suddenly gone array and moves its passengers into various angles. Space Gun is their variation of a pendulum ride, but instead of just one cabin, it has two which are flipped in various directions. Wonderla Bamba and Maverick are also pendulum rides but supported by two arms instead of one. Equinox 360 would surely turn your world upside down, winding you in various directions until your stomach churns.

    Now we go to the Kids Rides, which are definitely milder but still heaps of fun. Classic rides such as Jumping Horses (Carousel), Happy Kangaroo (Mini Drop Ride), Pirate Ship (Mini Gondola Pendulum Ride) and Kiddies Wheel (Mini Ferris Wheel). There are two variations of the classic merry-go-round, like Flying Ammu and Castle Jet. For aspiring pilots, there's the Magic Plane and for aspiring race track drivers, there's Convoy. Jumping Frogs lets the little ones ride on frog cabins and embark on a bumpy journey to their leafy home. Kids Play is another must visit, where the little ones can spend the rest of their energy climbing stairs, jumping amidst balls and conquering slides.

    Last is the Family Rides section, where everyone in the family can have their dose of fun. Of course it also has the classic rides such as Dashing Cars I & II (Bumper Cars), Caterpillar Village (Wacky Rollercoaster Ride), Flying Boat (Gondola Pendulum Ride), Wonder Splash (Log Flume), Dancing Wheel (Round Up Ride) and Sky Wheel (Ferris Wheel Tower Ride). You can even enjoy panoramic views of the surroundings with rides like the Rockin' Tug and Wind Mill. Fire Brigade is an interactive ride where you can fight through raging fires while on a firetruck ride. You can also enjoy 3D shows in Adventure of Chikku and Cinemagic. You also can't miss the Balarama Cave, that is if you're not afraid of the dark, or monsters, or ghosts.

    What are the Attractions in the Water Park of Wonderla (Veegaland) in Kochi?

    (Images from Ahmed, Nowfalem and Ms. Snooy)

    The Water Park is located at the southern side of Wonderla, this area is also subdivided into different sections. You first have the two Wave Pools, one is at the centre while the other is at the southwestern side. These pools have artificial waves all throughout the day, as if transporting guests to the beaches of the state. There are three Play Pools with the same features, there's a central play area that is canopied, and has various slides that the little ones can enjoy. There are also two Lazy Rivers, located at the southeastern side of the Water Park. Whilst on a raft, visitors can enjoy being floated idly by the river as it has a slow current to it.

    Aside from the swimming pools, the Water Park also has rides that one can indulge in. We can divide them into the Low Thrill Water Rides and the High Thrill Water Rides. At the southeastern most side are three rides that are fun but have some level of thrill as well. The Family Slide is an open spiral white slide wherein riders are placed unto rafts and then dropped unto a shallow pool. The Pendulum is a U-shaped slide that would rock you back and forth before you halt finally. Boomerang is a wide candy-cane coloured tube slide that ends up on a boomerang shaped platform. Other slides in this section are the Snake Slides, Fun Slides and Bullet Slides.

    The High Thrill Water Rides mainly have two slides. First is the Wavy Fall, which is a high and bumpy open slide that drops riders from a height of about a six-storey high building. Second is the Vertical Fall, which is a high and straight open slide that drops riders from a height of the same six-storey high building. Added attractions in the Water Park are the Waterfalls, set upon an artificial rock edifice, and the Rain Disco, where music and water amalgamate for a chilling good time.

    What are the Restaurants in Wonderla (Veegaland) in Kochi?

    For the foodies, there are many restaurants in Wonderla to satisfy your appetite. Park View is one of the main restaurants, located just near the entrance. The restaurant mainly has South Indian cuisine dishes, suitable for both vegetarians and no vegetarians. For those who reach the theme park in time for breakfast or lunch, this is a good stopover, you can have your meals here before reaching the rides proper. Near the Caterpillar Village are two restaurants, the Vintage Kitchen and Vintage Chimney. Both serves South Indian cuisine but the latter only has vegetarian dishes. Near the Dancing Cars is the Spice Garden, a pure vegetarian Indian cuisine restaurant. Wood House is near the Magic Plane, this restaurant serves Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisines. Other dining options are Five Star Chicken and Food Court in this area.

    Near the Fun Glides is the Valley View, another multi-cuisine restaurant. Aside from Indian dishes, you can taste scrumptious Chinese dishes here. Waves, another multi-cuisine restaurant, is in between the two Wave Pools. You can enjoy a variety of dishes here, from Indian, to Chinese and to Continental cuisines. Hot Spot is another restaurant, located at the southernmost side of the Water Park. It is close to the Play Pools of the Water Park. Here, you can find mainly some snacks of the Indian cuisine variety. You can also find various food stalls spread across the areas of the theme park, for snacks or beverages that you might be craving for.

    What are the Facilities in Wonderla (Veegaland) in Kochi?

    Before entering the theme park from the main gate, you would see the huge parking lot of Wonderla. It has the capacity to accommodate over a hundred vehicles at the same time, though it is set amidst an open area. On the entrance proper, aside from the ticketing booth, you would also spot the dormitory or driver's rest area. There is also an ATM here for guests who might need to withdraw some excess cash. A bit further from the entrance, there are some souvenir shops where guests can buy take home gifts from. Changing rooms and lockers are also available here. For persons with physical disabilities, they can rent wheelchairs from here.

    Onto the theme park proper, you would find many bathrooms and changing rooms nearby prominent attractions. Nearby the Valley View and also close to the Play Pool are infant feeding rooms for breastfeeding moms. You can also find first aid booths, cloak rooms, lost & found and prayer room inside the park premises. For the comfort of guests, there are ample potable drinking water fountains within the theme park too. There's an on-site pavilion for special events that guests need to celebrate. Seating areas are also spread around the theme park for guests who are tired of walking.

    What are the Entry Fees for Wonderla (Veegaland) in Kochi?

    Entry fees for Wonderla include access to both the Amusement Park and Water Park. Thus, if you're pressed for time and would rather visit just one section, you still have to pay the entire amount of the entry fee. There are two types of entry fees, one is the Normal Entry Fee and the other is the Fastrack Entry Fee. For the Normal Entry Fee, you need to queue on the regular lines of the attractions and for the Fastrack Entry Fee, you can bypass the regular queues of the attractions. All entry fees don't include any meals or beverages yet so you have to allot extra money in your budget for that.

    Normal Entry Fees for Wonderla in Kochi

    Guest TypeDescriptionWeekday Entry Fee (Mondays to Fridays)Weekend Entry Fee (Saturdays to Sundays)Inclusions
    ToddlerBelow 2'95 FeetFreeFreeAccess to Some Rides in Amusement Park & Water Park
    ChildBetween 2'95 Feet to 4'59 FeetRs. 750Rs. 890Access to Suitable Rides in Amusement Park & Water Park
    AdultAbove 4'59 FeetRs. 900Rs. 1,100Access to All Rides in Amusement Park & Water Park
    SeniorAbove 60 Years OldRs. 750Rs. 890Access to Suitable Rides in Amusement Park & Water Park
    Fastrack Entry Fees for Wonderla in Kochi

    Guest TypeDescriptionWeekday Entry Fee (Mondays to Fridays)Weekend Entry Fee (Saturdays to Sundays)Inclusions
    ToddlerBelow 2'95 FeetFreeFreeAccess to Some Rides in Amusement Park & Water Park
    ChildBetween 2'95 Feet to 4'59 FeetRs. 1,100Rs. 1,300Access to Suitable Rides in Amusement Park & Water Park
    AdultAbove 4'59 FeetRs. 1,500Rs. 1,700Access to All Rides in Amusement Park & Water Park
    SeniorAbove 60 Years OldRs. 1,100Rs. 1,300Access to Suitable Rides in Amusement Park & Water Park
    *Note - These are the normal entry fees for Wonderla. After Hours Entry Fee is only applicable during summer season so it's not included in the rates above.

    What is the Timings for Wonderla (Veegaland) in Kochi?

    Wonderla is usually open all throughout the year though some rides might be on maintenance during weekdays. The Amusement Park opens at around 11:00 in the morning for both weekdays and weekends. It closes at around 18:00 during weekdays and at around 19:00 during weekends. For the Water Park, it opens at 12:00 in the afternoon and closes at 18:00 in the evening, for both weekdays and weekends.

    Timings of Wonderla in Kochi

    CategoryDescriptionTimings for Amusement ParkTimings for Water Park
    WeekdaysMondays to Fridays11:00 to 18:0012:00 to 18:00
    WeekendsSaturdays to Sundays11:00 to 19:0012:00 to 18:00
    What is the Verdict?

    Wonderla in Kochi is included in Trip Advisor's Top 10 Theme Parks of India. This is just one of the testaments of the quality of rides and facilities offered by the theme park. So this weekend, instead of going to your usual routine of movie watching or even shopping, why not spend a few hours of Wonderla Kochi instead? From kid-friendly rides, to family rides, to thrilling rides, Wonderla has it all. It also has an extensive Water Park where you can get wild with laughter and giggles. I hope this helps you!