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Wonderla Amusement Park entry fee Hyderabad

Discussion in 'Andhra Pradesh' started by ShaziaM, May 28, 2017.

  1. ShaziaM

    ShaziaM New Member

    There is a famous amusement park in Hyderabad by the name of Wonderla Amusement Park. I am interested in taking my kids to this park and would like to know before hand what the entry fee is.

    Some parks charge a different amount on weekdays than on weekdays so if this is the case with the Wonderla Amusement Park entry fee in Hyderabad, but clarify this, as I would choosing the cheaper option.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hi, welcome to the forum!

    What is Wonderla in Hyderabad?

    The newest addition to the Wonderla chain of theme parks, after the others in Kochi and Bangalore, is the one in Hyderabad. It was just opened in 2016 so it's the most modern theme park of the company. Wonderla in Hyderabad features the same dry rides and wet rides that the two previous theme parks have. Whether your little ones are thrill seekers or water lovers, you can enjoy a full day here that's sure to get your family closer and happier. For friends or co-workers, this is the perfect place to let go and bond. The best part is that the quality of rides, as well as the facilities, here are top notch, on par with international theme parks. Just a few kilometres away from the city centre and you can have your dose of fun. You now have this guide to help you plan your day trip for Wonderla in Hyderabad.

    Where is Wonderla Located in Hyderabad?

    Wonderla is located about 32 kilometres to the south from the centre of Hyderabad. It is specifically located at Raviryala, just off the Nehru Outer Ring Road, within the Kongara Kalan Road. The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is just 18 kilometres away from the theme park. If you're taking your own car, which is recommended, you can take the Nehru Outer Ring Road and take the Exit No. 13 to reach the theme park proper. The nearest bus stop to the theme park is the Raviryala Bus Stop, which is just under three kilometres away from Wonderla. There is a bus operated by the TSRTC (Bus No. 203/AR) that departs daily from the Women's College Koti Adibatla to this bus stop at around 7:15 in the morning. Similarly, there is a bus from the Jubilee Bus Station that runs to Wonderla Hyderabad itself, departing from the bus station at around 9:30 in the morning. From two bus stops, namely: Tukkuguda Bus Stop and Turkayamjal Bus Stop, the Wonderla management operates free pick-up and drop-off facilities for guests as well.

    What is the the Overall Vibe of Wonderla in Hyderabad?

    Wonderla in Hyderabad is spread across 50 acres of land, amidst lush greenery of trees and shrubs. The dry rides are located in the northern side of the theme park while the wet rides are located in the central and southern sides of the theme park. The varying hues of the rides and slides give some vibrancy to the theme park. From its entrance is the signature monkey mascot of Wonderla and all throughout you're bound to find other mascots of animals and characters. With its assortment of rides, suitable for the young and the young at heart, everyone can have their share of fun here. With complete facilities and services for guests, Wonderla is your delightful oasis away from the hassles of city life. Its overall vibe is lively and gleeful, two aspects that would truly brighten your world when in Wonderla.

    What are the Attractions in the Amusement Park?

    The Amusement Park can be divided into three sections, namely: Kids Rides, Family Rides and High Thrill Rides. In total, there are nine enjoyable but safe attractions in the Kids Rides section. There are classic rides like the Carousel, Circus Train and Kiddies Wheel. The Mini Pirate Ship can thrill them to new heights but don't worry, it's still at a safe standard. Round and round rides would certainly leave them wanting more, so go on, take them to attractions like Flying Jumbo, Mini Top Spin and Twist & Shout. Convoy would let them fulfil their dream of driving trucks, but on a smaller scale. Then you have the Moon Base, where they can enjoy a bouncing time in this air slide.

    Then we have the Family Rides, with its variety of family-friendly attractions. Their variation of the ferris wheel is called the Sky Wheel, which is perched on top of a tower, 443 metres above sea level. You can truly enjoy a bird's eye view of the surrounding rides from this attraction. Of course this section also has the classic rides, the Pirate Ship, Wonder Splash and Crazy Cars I & II. If you're more into spinning rides, try out either their Termite Coaster & Train or the Grand Prix. Finally, there's the Adventures of Chikku, a short film that becomes even more enjoyable because of the 3D and 5D effects.

    Last is the High Thrill Rides section, where adrenaline pumping and goosebumps inducing rides can be found. The main star here is the Recoil, a reverse looping rollercoaster, which means you'd first be taken to the loops forwards and a second round but this time, backwards. Maverick is a ride that would turn your world upside down, literally. Equinox would take you to unknown heights, all the while spinning you round and round. The Twin Flip T-Rex ride was designed like a dinosaur with two arms spinning you round and round until your whole universe gets dizzy. Other must-try rides here are Techno Jump, a spinning ride, and Space Jam, a variation of the big drop ride.

    What are the Attractions in the Water Park?

    In contrast, the Water Park can be divided into two sections only, which are the Water Rides and High Thrill Water Rides. For the Water Rides, these are medium thrill rides suitable for teens and some are suitable for kids as well. On the central side of the Water Park are four slides that you can enjoy, Tornado, Splash, Drop and Mammoth. These are tube and spiral slides that you can traverse bravely, the last one requires a raft as well. On this side as well is the Lazy River, where you can frolic amidst flowing water without any effort at all. Screw and Bullet are also tube slides that shoot you unto a shallow and narrow pool of water. Boomerang and Harakiri are also located in this section, both of which involves a raft to enjoy. You can even try racing with your loved ones or friends in the side by side slides, Fun Racers and Uphill Racers.

    At the southwestern side of the Water Park are two Wave Pools. Here, you can enjoy the artificial waves which has certain timings in a day. At the southeaster side of the Water Park are the Sea Lagoon and Pirate Lagoon. These areas have tilting buckets, water guns, small slides, stairs and sprinkling water that can enjoyed by the little ones or even the adults. At the middle of these two is the Rain Disco, where you can groove to the latest hits while enjoying the water sprinkling from the floors. Now, there are only two High Thrill Water Rides, the Wavy Fall and the Vertical Fall. Both are high slides but the former has a few bumps along the way while the latter is a straight, narrow slide.

    What are the Dining Options in Wonderla in Hyderabad?

    The first restaurant you'd encounter from the entrance is the Park View Restaurant. This restaurant serves mainly South Indian dishes such as Dosas, Idlis and Uttapam. The Food Court is located at the centre of the theme park, close to the Fun Racers and Uphill Racers attractions. In this dining area, you have a variety of options, like well-known fast food chains such as Five Star Chicken and Papa John's, plus a variety of stalls offering snacks, chaats and delicacies from the north and south of India. Just to the south of the Crazy Cars I & II is the Chillies Restaurant. You can choose from both North Indian and South Indian dishes here. Last is the Waves Restaurant, just close to the Wave Pools, which serves a variety of cuisines ranging from Continental, Chinese and Indian. There are also food stalls around the theme park where you can get beverages and snacks from.

    What are the Facilities in Wonderla in Hyderabad?

    Just outside the entrance proper is the parking area which can accommodate over a hundred vehicles at the same time. On the main entrance, you can find a lost and found counter, lockers and changing rooms. There is also a small but functional conference hall here for special events or meetings. Souvenir shops and ATMs are also the other facilities that you would find here. The multi-purpose hall stands next to the entrance and here, you can celebrate your birthdays, receptions or other events that have more guests. The first aid booth is located next ton the Waves Restaurant, at the southern part of the theme park. Bathrooms are available in most areas of the theme park and potable drinking water fountains are also available nearby prominent attractions. Other facilities such as prayer rooms, infant feeding room and wheelchair or stroller rental counter are also available in Wonderla.

    What are the Entry Fees for Wonderla in Hyderabad?

    You can choose from three entry tickets for Wonderla in Hyderabad. First is the Normal Ticket, which means you need to queue on regular lines for all the attractions of the theme park. Second is the Fastrack Ticket, which means that you can bypass the normal queues for all the attractions of the theme park. Third is the After Hours Ticket, which means you can enter the theme park only after 17:00 in the afternoon. For all types of tickets, rates differ accordingly, if you visit during a weekday or if you visit during a weekday.

    Entry Fees for Wonderla Hyderabad (Normal Ticket)

    Guest TypeDescriptionWeekdays (Mondays to Fridays)Weekends (Saturdays to Sundays & Special Holidays)
    ChildBetween 2'9 to 4'6 FeetRs. 790Rs. 890
    AdultAbove 4'6 FeetRs. 950Rs. 1,100
    SeniorAbove 60 Years OldRs. 790Rs. 890
    These are the entry fees for Wonderla in Hyderabad for the Normal Ticket. For this type of ticket, you can enter the theme park from 11:00 onwards. The rates above include access to both the Amusement Park and the Water Park. However, it doesn't include any meal of the day nor beverages. Children below 2'9 feet are allowed free entry to the theme park.

    Entry Fees for Wonderla Hyderabad (Fastrack Ticket)

    Guest TypeDescriptionWeekdays (Mondays to Fridays)Weekends (Saturdays to Sundays & Special Holidays)
    ChildBetween 2'9 to 4'6 FeetRs. 1,200Rs. 1,400
    AdultAbove 4'6 FeetRs. 1,500Rs. 1,800
    SeniorAbove 60 Years OldRs. 1,200Rs. 1,400
    These are the entry fees for Wonderla in Hyderabad for the Fastrack Ticket. For this type of ticket, you can enter the theme park from 11:00 onwards as well. Additionally, you can bypass the normal queue in rides in both the Amusement Park and Water Park. Meals or beverages are not yet included in the rates above so you need to add those in your budget.

    Entry Fees for Wonderla Hyderabad (After Hours Ticket)

    Guest TypeDescriptionWeekdays (Mondays to Fridays)Weekends (Saturdays to Sundays & Special Holidays)
    ChildBetween 2'9 to 4'6 FeetRs. 500Rs. 590
    AdultAbove 4'6 FeetRs. 590Rs. 720
    SeniorAbove 60 Years OldRs. 500Rs. 590
    These are the entry fees for Wonderla in Hyderabad for the After Hours Ticket. For this type of ticket, you can enter the theme park from 17:00 onwards only. You need to queue using the regular lines only so if you reach the theme park at a later time, you might not be able to fully enjoy all the rides. Further, meals are not yet included in these rates so make sure you plan accordingly.

    What are the Opening and Closing Times of Wonderla in Hyderabad?

    The timings of the two sections of Wonderla, Amusement Park and Water Park, differ. During weekdays, the timings of the Amusement Park are from 11:00 to 18:30 while on weekends, it's from 11:00 to 20:00. During weekends, the timings of the Water Park are from 12:30 to 17:00 while on weekends, it's from 12:00 to 18:00.

    Timings of Wonderla Hyderabad

    SectionWeekdays (Mondays to Fridays)Weekends (Saturdays to Sundays & Special Holidays)
    Amusement Park11:00 to 18:3011:00 to 20:00
    Water Park12:30 to 17:0012:00 to 18:00
    What is the Verdict?

    For a fun-filled weekend getaway, venture into Wonderla, just on the southern outskirts of Hyderabad. As per your inquiry, weekday rates are more affordable as compared to the weekend rates. You can even opt for the After Hours Ticket, which has the most affordable rates especially on weekdays. Ticket rates include entry to both Amusement Park and Water Park so you won't have to worry about separate fees at all. For seniors and children that fit the criteria mentioned above, they can enjoy discounted rates as well. Good luck and I hope this helps you!