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Kishkinta Theme Park entry fee

Discussion in 'Tamil Nadu' started by Rasu55, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. Rasu55

    Rasu55 New Member

    I am currently staying in Chennai with my family, and I would like to take my kids to some theme park. I have seen read about the popular Kishkinta Theme Park and am interested in going there. I have not been able to clearly find out what the entry costs are and would like to know what the Kishkinta Theme Park entry fee is.

    Also please do mention if there are combo tickets as well, as I know some theme parks have separate tickets for rides and separate tickets for the water park area.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!

    Kishkinta Theme Park entry fee.jpg


    The Kishkinta Theme Park was established in 1995 in Varadarajapuram in Chennai. It was Navodaya Appachan, well-renowned film director and studio owner, who founded the theme park. The theme park was named after Kishkinda, the kingdom ruled over by King Sugriva in the Ramayana. The essence behind of which is to provide for a fun and enjoyable getaway close to the city, where families and friends alike can have a sure good time together. The Kishkinta Theme Park is Chennai's oldest and largest theme park. In this guide, we would provide a bit of a background on the Kishkinta Theme Park as well as the entry rates that it has.

    Where to Find It

    The Kishkinta Theme Park is located in the southern part of Chennai. It is specifically located in Varadarajapuram, in the Ward II of Dharkast. If you're taking the Outer Ring Road, the theme park is off to the west near the end of road. The Loyola Academy is located to the northwest of the theme park while the Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering is located to the southwest of the theme park. It is also just 10 kilometres away from Chennai's famed Arignar Anna Zoological Park. The nearest transportation hubs to the Kishkinta Theme Park are the Tambaram Bus Stand, just 5 kilometres to the west, and the Keelkattalai Bus Stand, which is about 15 kilometres away.

    Overall Vibe

    The theme park can be divided into two parts, namely: the Water Park and the Amusement Park. It occupies around 120 acres of lush lands, with various manmade water reservoirs, that add to the beauty of the theme park. These manmade water reservoirs harvest rain water, which in turn, supplies the necessary water needs of the theme park. Greenery envelopes the whole theme park, so it's as if you're in a rural part of India, despite its proximity to the city of Chennai. The Kishkinta Theme Park is a perfect one-day getaway, specially for those who don't have much time to venture out of the city

    Water Park

    The Water Park can be subdivided into two areas, namely: the Water Rides and the Water Wars. Beginning with the Water Rides, there's the Water Volcano, a favourite amongst the old and young. In this artificial monster wave attraction, over 500,000 litres of water is used to create a mammoth wave that can truly thrill you. What's a Water Park without a Wave Pool? The smaller waves that come in various ripples, one after the other, is another crowd puller. Slides also flank the various areas of the swimming pool, with the likes of the Aqua Slide, Tube Slide, Dome Slide, Kamikaze, Anaconda and Multi-Lane. For the thrill-seekers, do try adventurous water rides like the Eskimo Ride and Flume Ride. The Tourist Boat, Chennai Kuttralam and Rain Disco are attractions that the whole family, from the toddlers, to the seniors, can enjoy.

    Kishkinta Water park.jpg
    Flume Ride (Image from Malcolm's)

    On to the Water Wars section of the Water Park, this is where the little ones can truly have fun. The Flower Fountain is not only colourful, it offers the opportunity for splashing unto unlimited water fun. Pass through the Rainbow Tunnel and see if you can survive this safe but fun test. Numerous water guns can also be used for a true blue water war, like the Water Zooka, Water Twister, Squirt See Saws and Spring Riders. There are also fountain sections that squirt water, the Pillar Fountain and Floor Fountain. There are more attractions too, like the Whirl Pad and Elephant Splash. Don't worry as all these fun attractions are perfectly safe even for the little ones.

    Amusement Park

    The Amusement Park can be subdivided into the Dry Rides, Kiddie Rides and Payment Rides. The Dry Rides are more suitable for teens and adults. Their version of a rollercoaster ride is the Zyclone. The Space Shuttle is a swinging space-ship like structure, that are sure to take you to new heights. Their Tora Tora ride would whirl you round and round, until you get dizzy. Other less scary rides are the Super Jumper, Arabian Nights, Bumper Car and Road Train.

    tora tora ride at kishkinta theme park.jpg
    Tora Tora (Image from Malcolm's)

    For the little ones, the Kiddie Rides section is more suitable for them. There are the usual kiddie rides like the Carousel, Swing Train, Duck Train, Aqua Boat and Monkey Jump. There are also some exciting rides for the children, like the Kangaroo, Animal Planet and Helicopter. On the other hand, the Boat MGR is a ride that the whole family can enjoy. There are also various play areas in the Kiddie Rides section, comprising of slides, swings and see saws.

    Carousel at kishkinta.jpg
    Carousel (Image from Malcolm's)

    The last one is the Payment Rides section, which simply means that these rides are not a part of the entrance fees. You would need to pay for separate fees to enjoy any ride in this section. Their version of the Go Kart is known here as the Ko Kart, and in contrast, you would operate a Go Kart with another person, like a tandem ride. There are also grounds for playing Basketball and Cricket. A fun version of a Bull Ride is also available, as well as a separate Video Games area. Finally, there are also facilities for enjoying Water Scooter in the numerous water reservoirs of the park.

    Bull ride at kishkinta.jpg
    Bull Ride (Image from Malcolm's)


    Craving for more? The Kishkinta Theme Park also has enjoyable shows that are suitable for the whole family. The 5D Cinema is one of their newest additions, wherein you can enjoy the showcased film all the while being shaken and rattled around your seat. In the water reservoir of the theme park, there are also shows that you can enjoy like the Water Ski Show and Rocket Man. Also worth watching is the show at the Manthira Arai, also known as the Magic Room. The theme park's founder, Navodaya Appachan, was known in the film industry for producing the first 3D film in India, the film, 'My Dear Kuttichathan.' In this studio, you get to enjoy the magic behind the gravity-defying acts in the film. Don't forget to allot some time for the Musical Fountain Show, which is every bit as whimsical and enjoyable.

    Other Facilities

    The theme park also has facilities for dining. There's the Food Village, where you can find various snack and food stalls selling a variety of small meals. There's an air-conditioned restaurant too named as the Bamboo Bridge. The restaurant serves a variety of Indian and International cuisines. Other facilities in the theme park are conference halls and an open-air amphitheatre. Lockers are available for rent as well, in case you need to safe keep some of your important items. There are separate changing rooms for both males and females too.

    Entry Rates for Theme Park

    The entry rates for the theme park differ depending on the type of visitor. For those above 4'6 in height, they are considered as adults. For those between 2'6 and 4'6, they are considered as children. The entry rates include access to both Water Park and Amusement Park.

    Entry Rates for Kishkinta Theme Park

    CategoryHeightEntry Fee
    JuniorBetween 2'6 to 4'6Rs. 490
    SeniorAbove 4'6Rs. 650
    For children, designated as Junior, they have an entry rate of Rs. 490 per person. For adults, designated as Senior, they have an entry rate of Rs. 590 per person. There are no combination packages that the management provides for guests, as these rates include entry to both Water Park and Amusement Park already.

    Timings of Theme Park

    The Kishkinta Theme Park remains open all throughout the week. However, its timings vary depending on the day of the week that you visit. It also remains open during public holidays.

    Timings of Kishkinta Theme Park

    CategoryDaysOpening TimeClosing Time
    WeekdaysMondays to Saturdays10:3018:30
    Weekend and Public HolidaysSundays and Holidays10:3019:00
    During weekdays, from Mondays to Saturdays, the theme park is open from 10:30 in the morning until 18:30 in the afternoon. During weekends, Sundays, as well as public holidays, the theme park remains open from 10:30 in the morning until 19:00 in the late afternoon.

    Contact Details for Kishkinta Theme Park

    In case you would need to contact the management of Kishkinta Theme Park, you can refer to the table below. The theme park has a working website, as well as an email address so they can easily be contacted online. They also have a working contact number that you can utilise.

    Contact Details of Kishkinta Theme Park

    AddressNo. 82, Varadarajapuram, Darkas Ward II, Near Tambaram, Chennai 600044, Tamil Nadu
    Contact Number+91 98 4005 6880
    Website www.kishkinta.in

    So there you have it, a complete guide to the Kishkinta Theme Park. With the guide above, you can easily plan your getaway in the theme park. Aside from the entry rates, the timings were also highlighted above. You can also have a working idea of the rides in the theme park, as well as the other facilities available in there. Good luck and I hope this helps you!

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