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Nicco Park Kolkata entry fees

Discussion in 'West Bengal' started by TKanjilal, May 28, 2017.

  1. TKanjilal

    TKanjilal New Member

    We are a group of 15 adults and children and are all planning a group trip to Nicco Park in Kolkata. As we are a large group, I wanted to know what the entry fees would be for us.

    Some places state that if you are a group of more than ten people, then you get a certain discount so I would like to know if this applies to Nicco Park as well.
    Please post details about the group entry fees and whether there are any other offers or special promotions going to the park as a large group.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!

    (Images from Malcolm's India Trip)

    What is Nicco Park in Kolkata?

    Nicco Park in Kolkata was established in 1991 and is considered as the best theme park in West Bengal. A joint venture between the Government of West Bengal and Nicco Corporation, the result has been a successful theme park established by both the public and private sectors. With its world-class rides, in terms of safety and quality, Nicco Park has become a favoured theme park getaway, not only for locals but also for foreigners seeking some wild adventure while in India. Did you know that Nicco Park is also home to one of the only two wooden coaster rides in India? Known as The Cyclone, this ride was patterned after the wooden coaster of Pleasure Land Southport in England. Want to know more about Nicco Park? Then continue reading through this guide to learn the attractions, facilities and entry fees that the theme park has in offer for guests.

    Where is Nicco Park Located in Kolkata?

    Nicco Park is located in Sector IV of Salt Lake City in Kolkata. Specifically, it can be found in Jheel Meel, just off the Salt Lake Bypass Road. It stands adjacent to the Carnival Cinemas which is under five kilometres away from the theme park's entrance gate. The nearest railway station is the Sir Gurudas Banerjee Railway Station, which is around seven kilometres away from the theme park. As a part of the Circular Railway Line, this railway station is directly connected to Dum Dum, Kolkata, Ballygunge and more. The theme park is also just 600 metres away from the Tank No. 14 Bus Stop. The Calcutta State Transport Corporation (CSTC) operates a few buses that indirectly reach this bus stop from other prime areas in Kolkata like Howrah.

    What is the Overall Vibe of Nicco Park in Kolkata?

    Nicco Park is spread over 40 acres of lush greenery all around a central lake. Plants, trees and shrubs can be found all around the theme park. Various animal statues, with the official mascot of the theme park, the tiger, can be found in some areas as well. As the oldest and first theme park of the city, the rides here are on the traditional side though very well-maintained. They provide a touch of vibrancy to the green surroundings as they are in assorted hues of red, yellow, blue and more. The water rides are less varied when it comes to options but their sparkling blue water is quite enticing and adds that beautiful sky blue tinge to the theme park. That's not all though, the presence of explanation boards explaining the concepts behind each ride provides for a learning experience too. The overall vibe of Nicco Park is green, fun and educational, truly a unique destination where you can breath some fresh air, enjoy and also learn.

    What are the Attractions in the Amusement Park?

    (Images from Malcolm's India Trip)

    The Amusement Park is located on the central, eastern, southern and northern side of the park. The Amusement Park can be divided into three sections, namely: Family Rides, Kids' Rides and Thrill Rides. As mentioned above, there's a central lake in the park and you can enjoy Paddle Boating here. This lake is located at the heart of the park and is quite huge in size

    The Family Rides section has a collection of fun but safe rides that everyone in the family can enjoy, or even a group of friends can enjoy. Of course it has the usual rides like the Toy Train, Family Carousel, Crazy Tea Party, Caterpillar and Cable Car. The Lazy River is a fun but laid-back attraction where you can float whilst the water transports you from one point to the other. There are unique attractions too, like the River Cave, wherein you would traverse through prehistoric times with caves and temples all around, and Vortex with Iceland, a seasonal attraction filled with ice that everyone can enjoy.

    The Kids' Rides section has fewer attractions that are suitable for the little ones only. It has two main rides, the Merry Go Round and the Water Merry Go Round. Both are round and round rides but the latter is on a water setting. There's a Children's Corner as well, where slides, swings, monkey bars and other fun kiddie attractions can be enjoyed by the little ones.

    Onto the Thrill Rides section where an assortment of exciting but courage testing rides can be found. The star here is none other than The Cyclone, one of the only two wooden roller coaster rides of the country. Enjoy the thrill and adventure in this old-style roller coaster ride, with traditional painting style. The Pirate Ship is yet another must-try attraction which marvels in its realistic wooden facade. The Sky Diver is a big drop ride that takes at a height of 80 feet before dropping you for a heart-stopping adventure. The Water Coaster and Water Chute are both raft rides that drop you from a height into a lazy river, but the former is through a slide proper while the latter is through a traditional chugging rack. Other rides here are the Bull Ride, Moon Raker, Twist & Turn and Flying Saucer.

    There are also added attractions in the Amusement Park, most of which are on a separate chargeable basis. Shows like the Kung Fu Cowboy and Robinhood 4D Show can be enjoyed in theaters here. The replica of the Eiffel Tower can also be climbed for a panoramic view of the park. Oceanica is a newer attraction which features marine animals in aquariums. The Haunted House is not your typical horror house, as it rotates around while various scary themes, puppets and more come alive. Other attractions are the Mig 21, a defunct Indian Air Force fighter plane on display, and the Snow Globe, a realistic snow globe that has been turned life size.

    What are the Attractions in the Water Park?

    (Images from Nicco Park)

    The Water Park is also known as the Wet-O-Wild and it is located at the western side of the park. The Wave Pool is the prime attraction here, a large pool with artificial waves mimicking that of the waves of the sea. Nearby to it is the Niagra Waterfalls, which is located upon an artificial rock edifice with free flowing water as if a natural waterfall. The Kiddies Pool and Pirate Bay are fun water attractions for the little ones. Colourful slides, sprinklers and buckets with falling water are the main features of these sections.

    There are also various adventurous water slides that the teens or adults can enjoy here. The Wave Runner is a set of four side by side slides with bumps along the way, where guests can race with each other as to who can reach the pool faster. The Family Swirl Slide is an open slide in which a family of four can traverse using a raft. Other slides like the Body Slide and Tube Slide feature twists and turns along the way for a more thrilling ride. For the music lovers, the Rain Dance would provide for grooving music while you dance around in tune of the sprinkling water.

    What are the Dining Options in Nicco Park in Kolkata?

    (Images from Nicco Park)

    There are three main dining options in the Nicco Park. On the Amusement Park section, the Food Court is located near Vortex, just close to the entrance. Cuisines that one can find here are North Indian, Chinese, American and South Indian. Aside from the usual light meals such as burgers, pizzas and hotdogs, there are also full meals here such as noodles, rice dishes and more. On the Water Park section, there's the Beach Cafe, which offers a myriad of Indian dishes along with beverages for guests. Finally, the Bowler's Den is located at the rooftop of the Nicco Super Bowl, which offers a range of Indian dishes to guests. With its posh ambience, this is easily the most luxurious dining option in Nicco Park.

    What are the Other Facilities in Nicco Park in Kolkata?

    (Images from Nicco Park and Malcolm's India Trip)

    First is the Nicco Super Bowl, which is simply the bowling alley of the park. It has a different access point or entry point from the main park itself. Aside from bowling, you can enjoy other indoor games here like pool, air hockey and derby. This is a favourite meeting point for many corporate groups as well because of its laid-back but appealing ambience. You can rent the entire premises for a more private company meeting or recreational activity but make sure that you do so in advance.

    Nicco Super Bowl Rates

    Entry OnlyRs. 60PoolRs. 60
    Bowling (One Set)Rs. 120Air HockeyRs. 40
    Bowling (Two Sets)Rs. 170DerbyRs. 60
    From the entrance to the theme park, there are two visible areas, the large parking area and the bus slash taxi stand area. The ticket counter is also nearby the entrance gate where you can purchase your tickets from. Also in this area are bathrooms as well as a souvenir shop where you can buy some take home gifts from. There are also ample changing rooms all around the theme park, especially in the Water Park section. Changing rooms are separate for males and females.

    Other facilities like potable drinking water, lockers, luggage counter, lost & found and first aid counter are also available within the park premises. For large groups, there are paid bunk facilities for sleeping, which is mainly given to students. For the physically challenged, the theme park is wheelchair accessible so you can bring your own or also just opt to rent for wheelchairs in the park premises. Smoking booths are also available within designated areas in the theme park.

    For special events, the theme park has various halls in different areas. For example, there are two indoor halls in the Water Park section, aptly named Water Side Hall 1 and Water Side Hall 2. You can also rent the large lawn area for special outdoor events like birthdays or receptions. In the Amusement Park section, there's an Indoor Recreation Centre, Plaza Hall III and Plaza Hall IV. Even popular names like Tata Motors and The Telegraph have hosted their events here.

    What are the Entry Fees for Nicco Park in Kolkata?

    You can opt to avail of the simple Entry ticket for the Nicco Park. With this ticket, you can ride just a few rides in the Family Rides section and Kids' Rides section. Or you can opt for separate entry tickets, available for the Amusement Park only or for the Water Park only. But these tickets still include the Entry ticket rate, so you can ride the previously mentioned rides still. For a complete adventure experience, you can opt for the Composite Package which includes entry to the Amusement Park and Water Park.

    Entry Fees & Packages for Nicco Park in Kolkata

    CategoryRatePrice BreakdownInclusionsLast Entry
    Entry Fee (Limited Rides)Rs. 200Entry Fee Only (Rs. 200)All Kids' Rides + Crazy Tea Party, Toy Train, Family Carousel, Paddle Boat, Eiffel Tower, Mig 21, Lazy River & Pirate Ship18:30
    Amusement Park PackageRs. 600Entry Fee (Rs. 200) + Amusement Park Fee (Rs. 400)All Rides in Amusement Park + Kungfu Cowboy Stunt Show17:30
    Water Park PackageRs. 600Entry Fee (Rs. 200) + Water Park Fee (Rs. 400)All Kids' Rides + Crazy Tea Party, Toy Train, Family Carousel, Paddle Boat, Eiffel Tower, Mig 21, Lazy River & Pirate Ship + All Rides in Water Park17:30
    Composite PackageRs. 650Entry Fee (Rs. 200) + Amusement Park & Water Park Fees (Rs. 450)All Rides in Amusement Park + All Rides in Water Park + Kungfu Cowboy Stunt Show16:00
    For the simple Entry Fee Only, it costs Rs. 200 per head, which includes access to all the Kids' Rides plus the following attractions: Crazy Tea Party, Toy Train, Family Carousel, Paddle Boat, Eiffel Tower, Mig 21, Lazy River and Pirate Ship. For this package, the last entry is at 18:30 in the evening. For the Amusement Park Package, the rate is at Rs. 600 per head, which includes the Entry Fee of Rs. 200 and the Amusement Park Fee of Rs. 400. This rate includes all rides in the Amusement Park as well as access to the Kungfu Cowboy Stunt Show. For this package, the last entry is at Rs. 17:30 in the afternoon.

    For the Water Park Package, the rate is at Rs. 600 per head, which includes the Entry Fee of Rs. 200 and the Water Park Fee of Rs. 400. This rate includes all rides mentioned in the Entry Fee as well as access to all rides in the Water Park. For this package, the last entry is at Rs. 17:30 in the afternoon. For the Composite Package, the rate is at Rs. 650 per head, which includes the Entry Fee of Rs. 200 and the Amusement Park plus Water Park Fee of Rs. 450. This rate includes access to all rides in the Amusement Park and access to all rides in the Water Park. For this package, the last entry is at Rs. 16:00 in the afternoon.

    Individual Rates for Some Paid Rides in Nicco Park in Kolkata

    CaterpillarRs. 30Twist N TurnRs. 30
    Cable CarRs. 50Water CoasterRs. 50
    River CaveRs. 70Kung Fu Cowboy Stunt ShowRs. 100
    CruiserRs. 30Flying SaucerRs. 40
    VortexRs. 50Haunted HouseRs. 60
    Striking CarRs. 70RobinhoodRs. 100
    BullRs. 30Moon RakerRs. 40
    Snow GlobeRs. 50Water ChuteRs. 60
    RollercoasterRs. 80Sky DiverRs. 100
    What are the Group Packages for Nicco Park in Kolkata?

    Nicco Park offers group discounts only in two circumstances. First is if the group is part of a school, with members more than 25 and with an official letter from the school head, then they can avail of a hefty discount. Second is if the group is of four members or less and has a member with an Annual Fun Ticket, then they would also be suitable for a discounted entry rate.

    Group Packages for Nicco Park in Kolkata

    Guest TypeDescriptionRequirementsDiscount
    School Group25 Members and AboveLetter from School Authority50% on Entry Fee or Packages
    Family or FriendsFour Members and LessOne Member Holder of Annual Fun Ticket50% on Entry Fee or Packages
    So for school groups of 25 members and above with the requirements mentioned in the table, they are entitled to a 50% discount on the entry fee or other packages. For four members of a family or group with one member holding an Annual Fun Ticket, they are also entitled to a 50% discount on entry fee or other packages. The Annual Fun Ticket costs Rs. 2,500 and includes access to the Amusement Park and Water Park all-year round for the ticket holder.

    What is the Verdict?

    Nicco Park in Kolkata provides not just for a fulfilling and fun getaway but also for a more intimate bonding experience with your friends or loved ones. If you're in the mood for adventure or maybe just want to get away from the daily hassles of everyday life, this is the place to be. Leave all your worries and cares behind. Let the inner child in you rejoice and just go on, be carefree. I hope this helps you!


  3. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Member

    Gee, it looks like you have your own Disneyland in Kolkata. I am really surprised because I didn't know that India has such a theme park. Here I go again with my ignorance. Anyway, that's one good adventure for a tourist that can compete with other theme parks like Ocean Park in Hongkong and Universal Studios in Singapore. And it's a combined theme park with water park where you can soak especially during summer. That's one good adventure I wouldn't want to miss.