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Aquatica Kolkata entry fees

Discussion in 'West Bengal' started by Gitanjali, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. Gitanjali

    Gitanjali New Member

    I am Kolkata with my family, and my kids are going on about this water park by the name of Aquatica. I have looked it up, and all I know is that it is a water park.

    The main information which I need to to find out is what the Aquatica Kolkata entry fees are and what rides are available at the park.

    I also know that there is a resort within the park, so if there are any special packages if we stay at the resort, please provide details of that.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Gitanjali, welcome to the forum!

    Aquatica Kolkata entry fees.jpg

    What is Aquatica in Kolkata?

    Aquatica is a water park resort in Kolkata, comprised mainly of wet rides. It was established in 1999 by Vishal Water World Private Limited and is considered as the very first water park of Kolkata. It is one of the few theme parks of the city hence visited by many locals. It has also gained the admiration of many foreigners or out of the city locals because of the unique wet rides that Aquatica has in offer. The best part is that it has its own resort, so that families can spend a night or two here to fully explore the water park. For those seeking for a quick getaway from the humdrum of city life, Aquatica is a good option. Fun slides, refreshing water and thrilling attractions, these are the aspects that would surely keep you coming back to Aquatica.

    Where is Aquatica Located in Kolkata?

    Aquatica is located in Konchpukur, 15 kilometres away from the centre of Kolkata. Specifically, it's located at the Thakdari Road, just 15 minutes of walking from the Konchpukur Masjid. New Town is also just under three kilometres from the water park. For those with their own vehicles, they can take the National Highway 12 but exit near the Thakdari Road, where Aquatica is only just a few minutes off it. For those who would be relying on public transportation, your best option is via bus. There are many local buses from the city centre of Kolkata reaching New Town and from there, you can easily ride an auto rickshaw or cab to take you to Aquatica. There are also direct buses from Kolkata to the nearby Nicco Park so you can board any of those instead and take a cab from there to Aquatica.

    What is the Overall Vibe of Aquatica in Kolkata?

    Nestled in lush greenery of palm trees and various shrubs, Aquatica is a stunning escape from the usual buildings and malls that you are accustomed to in the city. The clear blue water of the swimming pools would lure you in, as if mimicking the beauty of the seas. It also helps that the pastel and vividly hued slides are there, providing for a lively vibe to the entire water park. The resort has very simple exteriors and interiors. The marble flooring, bright walls and all wooden furnitures take you back to your escapades by the beach. Overall, Aquatica exudes a coastal ambience, the turquoise waters and the alluring slides are enough to keep you occupied for a few hours of your getaway.

    What are the Attractions in Aquatica in Kolkata?


    We can divide the pools in Aquatica into three, which are the following: Wave Pool, Family Pool and Kids Pool. The Wave Pool is considered as the largest of its kind in East India. It is surrounded by sun loungers and shaded areas where guests can dine or rest. Wave effects occur a few times a day on regular intervals. The Family Pool is vast and has shallow water, with a variety of small slides and sprinklers to be enjoyed by all members of the family. The Kids Pool has shallow water too, with a replica of a ship at its centre where you can find some slides and canopied shades with falling water. You also can't miss the Aqua Dance (Rain Dance Section) and Lazy River.

    As for the slides or wet rides, you have a variety of options for them. First is the Cyclone, the newest addition of the water park to their slides. You would be dropped from about a 40-feet high tunnel slide before you plummet unto a funnel-shaped structure where you would then drop into the water. The Black Hole is a huge and spiral tube slide that would take to various curves before dropping you off the pool. You also have the Pendulum, where you would be dropped into a huge open slide that would swing you to and fro like a pendulum. Other usual slides such as Multi-Lane and Raft Slide can be enjoyed in the water park. The mini replica of the famed Niagara Falls can also be found in the water park, a favourite amongst photographers.

    What are the Facilities in Aquatica in Kolkata?

    Just outside the entrance is the vast parking area where guests can park their vehicles. This area also has a separate section for smaller vehicles such as bicycles and motorcycles. Near the entrance, you would find the ticketing counter, along with changing rooms, first aid counter and some food stalls. Speaking of food stalls, there are many within the water park, there are two more near the Pendulum slide and Wave Pool. There are ample shaded sitting areas for the use of guests as well. The central lawn is where special events are held, such as festival celebrations or musical performances. There are also swimming costume counters, where you can buy or rent swimming costumes from. The resort section has an on-site restaurant, swimming pool, banquet halls and lockers.

    What are the Entry Fees for Aquatica in Kolkata?

    The entry fees for Aquatica differ depending on whether you have booked online or through the counter. Aside from that, rates differ during weekdays and weekends. These rates include entry only, there are no inclusive meals or beverages. Generally, booking online means that you can save a bit of money as the rates are lower. So if you can, opt for this option, though if rushed for time, you can also just book from the counter.

    Entry Fees for Aquatica (Online Booking)

    Guest TypeDescriptionWeekday Entry Fee (Mondays to Fridays)Weekend Entry Fee (Saturdays to Sundays & Public Holidays)
    ToddlerBelow 1 Year OldFreeFree
    ChildAbove 1 Year Old (Below 4'6 Feet in Height)Rs. 280Rs. 280
    AdultAbove 4'6 Feet in HeightRs. 350Rs. 420
    Entry Fees for Aquatica (Counter Booking)

    Guest TypeDescriptionWeekday Entry Fee (Mondays to Fridays)Weekend Entry Fee (Saturdays to Sundays & Public Holidays)
    ToddlerBelow 1 Year OldFreeFree
    ChildAbove 1 Year Old (Below 4'6 Feet in Height)Rs. 350Rs. 400
    AdultAbove 4'6 Feet in HeightRs. 500Rs. 600
    What are the Other Fees for Aquatica in Kolkata?

    Aside from swimming costumes, there are also lockers for rent in Aquatica. There are published rates for this as well, for the convenience of guests. With this in mind, you can easily plan for your budget for the water park. Tubes and towels are also available for rent in the water park.

    Other Fees for Aquatica

    ItemDeposit RateRental RateRefund Rate
    LockerRs. 200Rs. 50Rs. 150
    Swimming Pants (Men)Rs. 100Rs. 50Rs. 50
    Swimming Slacks (Women)Rs. 100Rs. 50Rs. 50
    Swimming Shirt (Men)Rs. 100Rs. 50Rs. 50
    Swimming Top (Women)Rs. 100Rs. 50Rs. 50
    Swimsuit (Women)Rs. 150Rs. 50Rs. 100
    Kids Swimsuit (Girl)Rs. 150Rs. 50Rs. 100
    Kids Swimming Pants (Boy)Rs. 100Rs. 50Rs. 50
    TowelRs. 200Rs. 50Rs. 150
    TubeRs. 300Rs. 50Rs. 250
    What are the Room Rates in Aquatica in Kolkata?


    There are 23 rooms in total in the Aquatica Resort. You can choose from their Deluxe Room or Super Deluxe Room. The former is a double occupancy room while the latter is a triple occupancy room. Rooms are spacious, with their own air conditioning, mini bar and tea/coffee maker. Room tariffs include a complimentary breakfast as well. You would also be given a 50% off discounted entry as extra charges for the water park proper.

    Room Rates for Aquatica Resort

    Room TypeOccupancyTariffInclusions
    Deluxe RoomDoubleRs. 2,700Breakfast + Water Park Entry with 50% Discount as Extra Charges
    Super Deluxe RoomTripleRs. 3,200Breakfast + Water Park Entry with 50% Discount as Extra Charges
    What is the Verdict?

    For a fun-filled weekend, why not try out something new? With the various swimming pools and slides here, you can forget about all your worries in life. And with the very affordable entry fees, you won't need to ponder about where you're going to get the budget for this getaway. For that truly relaxing time away from work, you can even book a room from their resort. If you do so, you are entitled to a discounted rate for your entry to the water park proper. Swim to your heart's content, scream as much as you'd like during the exhilarating slides and finally, just have fun. After all, that's what theme parks are for, right? Enjoy!