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Ocean Park Hyderabad entry fee

Discussion in 'Andhra Pradesh' started by Sandher8, May 7, 2017.

  1. Sandher8

    Sandher8 New Member

    Its the time of year when we need to take the kids out to some place and this time we have chosen to go, Ocean Park.

    I would like to find out what the Ocean Park Hyderabad entry fee is for all age groups. If there are packages available please also provide details about them as well.

    Additional information which I would like to know is the timings of the park and the day's it is closed.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!


    What is Ocean Park?

    Established in 1998, Ocean Park holds the title of being the oldest of theme park in the city. Ocean Park is comprised of two main areas, namely: Water Park and Amusement Park. For the little ones, this theme park is a fun place for frolicking and running around. Certain sections are designated for the children only, in order to provide them with utmost fun and enjoyment. For the adults, this theme park can rekindle their childhood memories. From the older rides, to the lush greenery, it can take them back to the simpler times. For both families and friends, Ocean Park is one of the best day outing getaways, as it just stays true to its tagline, 'Water Wonderful World.'

    Where is Ocean Park Located?

    Ocean Park is located in Gandipet, just on the outskirts of Hyderabad, about 22 kilometres from the city centre. Specifically, you can find it at the western outskirt of the city, just three kilometres away from the Osman Sagar. If you're coming from the city centre, you can take the Nehru Outer Ring Road and then the Shankarpalli Hyderabad Road. The Chaitanya Bharati Institute of Technology (CBIT) is the nearest landmark to the theme park, barely 15 minutes of walking away. The downside is that the nearest railway station, the Nagalapalle Railway Station, is around 20 kilometres away from the theme park. Your best option would be to take a local bus (Bus No. 6B) from the Ram Nagar Bus Stop which would directly reach the Ocean Park Bus Stop. From this stop, the Ocean Park is just a few minutes of walking away.

    What is the Overall Vibe of Ocean Park?

    Ocean Park appeals to both the young and old. It has this fairytale atmosphere, enhanced by the statues of dragons, various animals and other creatures. Shades in the form of large trees and palms are abundant within the theme park. There are areas for strolling or just gazing, in the midst of all the well-manicured lawns and gardens. There are also some sitting areas, some are just basic, while others are in the form of almost a gazebo-like structure. Both the water rides and dry rides are very simple, but somehow, close to the hearts of the guests, just because they've been around for a long time. Overall, the Ocean Park exudes a combination of nature-like and home-like vibe, which means you can get closer to the natural beauty of the surroundings while having that very comfort still.

    What are the Attractions in the Water Park?

    The Water Park can be subdivided into two sections, which are the Water Rides and Ladies Pool. The Water Rides comprise of a huge main swimming pool area, wherein the slides are located, a dedicated rain dance area and of course, a wave pool area. Slides like the Aqua Glide, Aqua Trail, Multi Lane and many more can be enjoyed in the main swimming pool area. The star of this section though is the Tornado, which is a long tube slide that almost resembles the shape of a tornado. At the end of the ride, you're dropped into the water through a small opening in the tornado.

    The Ladies Pool is a dedicated section for women as well as children below 3 and a half feet. It is comprised of a toddler's swimming pool, along with fun slides that are perfectly safe for the little ones. The water of the swimming pool is just shallow, so that children can enjoy swimming without the parents worrying about them. Slides like a Wide Slide, Wave Slide and Tube Slide can also be found within this section. Canopied areas with falling water and a tilting bucket can also be enjoyed by the women and children here.

    What are the Attractions in the Amusement Park?

    The Amusement Park can be subdivided into two sections too, which are the Kid's Zone and the Adult's Zone. The Kid's Zone is dedicated to small children or toddlers. It has an assortment of fun but safe rides that they can enjoy. The Jumping Frogs is the kiddie version of a safer rollercoaster ride. The Peacock Train is their version of a toy train ride, in the form of a peacock. There are also the usual rides like the Mini Pirate Ship and Mini Carousel that won't be missed by the little ones. Other rides are the Sun-Moon and Candor, which offer a bit of thrill for the children. Also located in this section are the Dry Slides.

    The Adult's Zone is where the thrilling and exciting rides are located, suitable for the teens and adults. There's a ride that's sure to spin you round and round, aptly named the Break Dance. You can feel like you're a pilot in the Super Jet ride, with jet-like seats and the sensation of surreal spinning in the skies. And finally, you also cannot miss the High Swinger, which can turn your world upside down as it takes you to great heights. All these rides are suitable only for the brave-hearted individuals.

    There are also some Chargeable Attractions in the Amusement Park. These attractions won't be covered by the entry fees so you need to pay separate charges for them. These are the following rides: Super Loop, Sky Cabs and Bumping Cars.

    What are the Entry Fees for the Ocean Park?

    Ocean Park offers various rates suitable for individuals or groups alike. In contrast to the other theme parks within the region, Ocean Park is the more affordable option. So if you're on a tight budget but still want to enjoy a quick weekend getaway, Ocean Park is a great choice for that.

    Entry Fees for Ocean Park (Individuals)

    Guest TypeDescriptionRateInclusions
    ChildrenBelow 4'6 FeetRs. 230Access to Water Park + Amusement Park
    AdultsAbove 4'6 FeetRs. 350Access to Water Park + Amusement Park
    For individuals, couples or families, there are the normal entry fees for Ocean Park. For children below 4'6 in height, the entry fee is at Rs. 230 per head. For adults above 4'6 in height, the entry fee is at Rs. 350 per head. With these rates, you can access both the Water Park and Amusement Park in Ocean Park. However, meals, snacks or any other beverages would come at an extra cost.

    What are the Packages Offered by the Ocean Park?

    Ocean Park also offers discounted rates for schools and colleges who visit the theme park in groups. A minimum of 50 students is required to avail of these packages. Further, an authorisation letter from the school or college dean is necessary to avail of these discounted rates.

    Packages for Ocean Park (Schools & Colleges)

    Guest TypeRateInclusions
    School Student (Up to 10th Class)Rs. 220Access to Water Park + Amusement Park
    College Student (Up to 10th Class)Rs. 250Access to Water Park + Amusement Park
    Although Snow World is further from the Ocean Park, about 20 kilometres away, there are also combined packages for these two attractions. These packages are available for both individuals and schools or colleges. It is also not necessary that you use the combined tickets on one day. You can use them in different days just as long as you use them within a month from the purchase.

    Combined Packages for Ocean Park + Snow World (Individuals, Schools & Colleges)

    Guest TypeRateInclusions
    School Student (Up to 10th Class)Rs. 400Ocean Park Ticket + Snow World Ticket
    College Student (Up to 10th Class)Rs. 450Ocean Park Ticket + Snow World Ticket
    Children (4'6 Feet & Below)Rs. 400Ocean Park Ticket + Snow World Ticket
    Adult (4'6 Feet & Above)Rs. 700Ocean Park Ticket + Snow World Ticket
    What are Any Other Information Guests Need to Know?

    Bringing of outside food into the theme park is not allowed. There are a few snack stalls like a bakery and ice cream parlour within the premises though. For full meals, there's an in-house restaurant serving South Indian and Chinese dishes to guests. It is also strictly prohibited to bring alcoholic beverages in the theme park. Bending of the rules may risk the guest's access to the theme park and expulsion from it is at the discretion of the head of the management. It is always very important to abide by the rules set upon by the owners of the Ocean Park.

    To access the swimming pools, one must have the necessary swim costumes. Nylon swim wears are preferred and guests are encouraged from wearing normal cotton clothes, salwar kameez ensembles or pants. If the guest doesn't have his or her own swim wear, they can rent swim wears from the theme park premises. At all times within the theme park premises, guests are required to wear the arm bands provided for by the staff upon entry. Removal of the arm band can lead to expulsion from the theme park premises.

    Other facilities like lockers, wheelchairs and safety deposits are also available within the theme park premises. These facilities have surcharges though depending on the amount of time of usage. Also not missing are the usual changing rooms and bathrooms that guests can utilise free of charge. Parking is also available just outside the venue but there are fixed fees that guests need to pay.

    What are the Schedule and Timings of Ocean Park?

    The timings of the theme park vary depending on the season. It remains open all throughout the year though, every week, from Mondays to Sundays. The opening and closing times differ, whether it's summer and monsoon or winter.

    Schedule and Timings of Ocean Park

    Summer & MonsoonMarch to OctoberDaily11:00 to 19:30
    WinterNovember to FebruaryDaily10:00 to 18:30
    The Water Park also closes earlier than the Amusement Park. Everyday as well, the staff and employees enjoy their break at a few minutes in the afternoon so during that time, all the rides in the Ocean Park won't be functioning.

    Opening and Closing Times of Sections in Ocean Park

    SectionOpeningClosingLunch Break
    Water Park10:00 or 11:0018:0014:00 to 14:30
    Amusement Park10:00 or 11:0018:30 or 19:3014:00 to 14:30

    A budget-friendly getaway close to the city of Hyderabad is Ocean Park. With an assortment of fun water rides and dry rides, you are assured of an enjoyable weekend or even day out here. The best part? Even just a whole day is enough to explore the entire theme park premises. You won't need to plan an itinerary or even reserve for a hotel booking. Just pack your swim wear and go! After all, what can be more spontaneous than a sudden getaway into an unknown paradise? Good luck and enjoy your trip to Ocean Park.