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Places to Visit Near Pune

Discussion in 'Maharashtra' started by ShrutiSameer, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. ShrutiSameer

    ShrutiSameer New Member

    My husband and I both live in Pune and have been here for the past one and a half years. We have seen most of Pune and now would like to go to the nearby places, some of which are hill stations and some resorts I think.

    I would like members to provide details of places to visit near Pune including hill stations. We don't have any particular distance that we want to be within, so feel free to recommend about the places you know about.

    If you can please mention the best time to visit the place as well.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    Pune is considered one big name in the field of rising IT sectors in India. Sometimes, it's even referred to as the "Oxford of the East." You mentioned that you wanted to visit hill stations near Pune, you've come to the right place. Here's some of the best hill stations one can visit in Pune:

    • Matheran. Located in the Raigad district, this hill station is about 800 metres above sea level. What I love about this destination is that tourists aren't allowed to use their cars to reach the place. You can opt for government owned vans, horses or your feet! They have this regulation because they wanted to protect their hill station and that's quite admirable. Best months to visit: October to May although the weather in Matheran is pleasant almost all-year round.
    • Amboli. This is a small hill station located in Sayahadri Hills. The best thing about this hill station? It offers scenic views of the surrounding valley, waterfalls and sunsets/sunrises. Best months to visit: October to March.
    • Panhala. It is located in the Kohlapur district of Maharashtra. This hill station has amazing views of the Sahyadri Range. But aside from that, the Panhala Fort and the Parashar caves can also be visited here. There's no best month to visit Panhala because the weather is great all-year round. So when you plan your trip here, you don't need to worry about what month to visit it.
    • Lonavala. Just a few kilometres away from Mumbai, Lonavala is one of the most popular and easily accessible hill stations in Pune. Just after the monsoon season, the whole hill station blooms into lush greenery and flora. So you can schedule your trip just after the monsoon season to truly enjoy Lonavala. Don't forget to bring home some chikki!
    • Khandala. It is located between the Deccan Plateau and the Konkan Plains. This is probably the most popular hill stations in Pune because of its alluring waterfalls and lakes. Consider going in October to May or just before monsoon season ends.
    So there you go, my favourite hill stations in Pune. You mentioned resorts in Pune as well so I'll include a few here:
    • Kamalini Kutir. If you like serenity and tranquility, then consider this resort. It is a small resort in the banks of the Kanindi River. Just beside the resort are many destinations like the Rajgad and Torna Forts, the Chapet Dam and the Madha Ghat Waterfalls. You can visit any time of the year.
    • Rutu Farms Stay Experience. This resort takes you back to simpler times when farming and agriculture are the focus. You can try such activities like a tractor ride or a bullock cart ride. It is a one-of-a-kind resort where you are taught more about being environmentally inclined. You can visit any time of the year as well.
    I hope this helps!
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