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Pure Sandalwood Powder In Bangalore

Discussion in 'South India' started by Sanya, May 7, 2016.

  1. Sanya

    Sanya New Member

    During my stay in Bangalore, I wish to go shopping out there and get a hold of some of the local spices too. I have also been meaning to get hold of pure sandalwood powder for a time now and was wondering whether I would be able to get it from Bangalore.

    If I can get it, it would be great for someone give me details of where I can get pure sandalwood powder in Bangalore from?

  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    I would try Amazon or Flipkart instead of going to a brick and mortar shops.

  3. Deven

    Deven Member

    You can visit the Cauvery Emporium stores in Bangalore which are state run.
  4. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Sanya! Welcome to the forum!

    It's kind of hard to find pure sandalwood powder in shops in Bangalore. Indian sandalwood or santalum album is a threatened species in the country. Sandalwood trees are owned and harvested by the government but illegal logging still occur. Because of this, the supply of sandalwood products like powders and oils have gone down and as a result the prices have risen. But anyway, here are some shops that might have a limited supply of sandalwood powder:
    • Shree Shankeshwar Jain Upkaran Bhandar - This shop is a dealer of many products of sandalwood, aggarbatti and rudraksha. You can call them before going to their store so you'd know if they have pure sandalwood powder in stock. You can find this in: 10/1290-A, Subhash Chowk, Gopipura Main Road, Khapatiya Char Rasta, Bangalore - 560001, Opposite Jain Pedhi, Gopipura, Surat. Their contact number is: +(91)-9879365167.
    • KSTDC Sandalwood Shop - They have a variety of sandalwood products, from billets, powder, red powder, oil and soap. Their 100 grams of sandalwood powder is at Rs. 2,500. The red sandalwood powder is at Rs. 900 per 100 grams. Their address is: Centre Q Towers 46/26, Ground Floor, MG Road, Bangalore. Their contact number is: +91-9446742701.
    • Link International - They sell scented sandalwood powders that are used for incense sticks. Their price is at Rs. 350 per bag. Their address is: 4th Block, Jayanagara Jaya Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011. Their contact number is: +91-858698207.
    • Natural Holistics - They sell mostly herbal products like sandalwood powder, arnica powder and brahmi powder. Their address is: No. 1, Basement of N Rajagopala Reddy Square, 3rd Main, Rajana Colony, Basavanagar Basvanager, Bengaluru - 560037, Karnataka. Their contact number is: +91-8048080136.
    • Karakushala Kaigarika Sangha Limited - They sell mostly handicrafts made of wood but they do have sandalwood powder as well. Their address is: No. 34, 2nd Cross, Lakksandra, Bangalore, 560030, Karnataka.Their contact number is: +91-80-22273635.
    There you go. I hope this helps.