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Select City Walk Nearest Metro Station

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Saloni, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Saloni

    Saloni New Member

    It has been some time since I have been wanting to go to Select City Walk mall. I mostly travel by metro so if I go to the mall that too would be by metro too, therefore I need to find out what the nearest metro station is to Select City Walk is?

    How far is the metro station from the mall?

  2. iamawriter

    iamawriter Member

    The closest is the Saket Metro Station which is just about 3 KM from the Select City Walk Mall. which means a 3 minute drive.
    Even walking up there is possible.

  3. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Saloni, welcome to the forum!

    (Images from Kuwar, Prateek, Karandikar and Kuwar)


    Delhi is a hub for shopping, whether you're into luxury shopping or affordable shopping, you would find places suitable for you in this city. Flea markets, street-side shops and malls, Delhi has them all. It's not surprising that tourists make it a point to do some souvenir shopping here prior to leaving the city. One such place is the Select City Walk, one of the largest shopping complexes in South Delhi. Here, you would find a variety of global brands as well as local brands. Aside from shops, it is replete with restaurants and cinemas making it an all-in-one entertainment destination. Spread across 54 acres of well-maintained lawns and a 3-storey building, this is every person's haven when it comes to their innate lust for shopping.

    Location of Select City Walk

    The Select City Walk is located in South Delhi, specifically in the residential area of Saket. You can find it off the Press Enclave Marg, in between Mandir Marg and Shaheed Pankaj Juyal Marg. You can easily reach the Qutub Minar Complex from the mall, which is just five kilometers to the west of Select City Walk. You can also easily reach the Tughlaqabad Fort, which is located to the east of the mall, around six kilometers away. Further to its south is the border area between Delhi and Haryana. This area is flanked by the last wild forests of the Delhi Ridge, known as the Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary. The city center of Delhi is still around 12 kilometers away from the Select City Walk.

    Nearest Metro Stations to Select City Walk

    Select City Walk is easily accessible from any part of the city, whether by private vehicle or public transportation. If you're coming from the city center with your own car, just take the Sri Aurobindo Marg, take a turn for the Press Enclave Marg and you would easily find the Select City Walk from here. For those who would be relying on public transportation, no doubt that using the Delhi Metro is the best way to go. It's convenient, affordable and comfortable, as compared to other public transportation options. The table below highlights the four nearest metro stations to Select City Walk.

    Metro Stations Close to Select City Walk

    Metro Station NameLineDistance From Select City WalkDriving Time (By Cab or Auto Rickshaw)
    Malviya Nagar Metro StationYellow2.4 Kilometers5 Minutes
    Saket Metro StationYellow2.7 Kilometers7 Minutes
    Hauz Khas Metro StationYellow3.4 Kilometers9 Minutes
    Qutub Minar Metro StationYellow6 Kilometers15 Minutes
    All of the nearest metro stations to the Select City Walk are located on the Yellow Line of the Delhi Metro. The Malviya Nagar Metro Station is located to the west of the Select City Walk. It is around 2.4 kilometers away or a 5-minute drive by cab or auto rickshaw. The Saket Metro Station is around 2.7 kilometers to the southwest of Select City Walk or a 7-minute drive. The Hauz Khas Metro Station, to the northwest, is a bit further away at around 3.4 kilometers or 9 minutes of driving. Last is the Qutub Minar Metro Station, not such a viable option, since it is around six kilometers from the Select City Walk.

    Malviya Nagar Metro Station - Nearest Metro Station to Select City Walk (How to Reach)

    Considering the distances listed above, we can say that the Malviya Nagar Metro Station is the closest metro station to Select City Walk. Its distance to Select City Walk is just 2.4 kilometers which is the shortest as compared to the other metro stations. However, this distance is still not at a walkable interval since it can take around 30 minutes, more or less, to cover it by foot. Most locals think that the Saket Metro Station is the nearest metro station to the Select City Walk, since this is the place where it is located, but as you can see from the guide above, it's further at around 2.7 kilometers. If you don't mind the excess kilometers, this is a good alternative metro station still.

    Malviya Nagar to Select City.jpg
    Guide Map from Malviya Nagar Metro Station to Select City Walk

    The most ideal way of reaching Select City Walk from the Malviya Nagar Metro Station is via auto rickshaw. You can usually get shared and non-shared auto rickshaws outside the metro station. Alternatively, you can opt for the electric rickshaw that runs between the Malviya Nagar Metro Station to Select City Walk. This electric rickshaw can accommodate up to two passengers at a time and the fare is at Rs. 10 per person or Rs. 20 if you intend to ride solo. Aside from being environmental, the journey is also hassle-free, you can even opt for either male or female drivers. The maximum speed of this electric rickshaw is 20 km/hr.

    You can also opt for bus journey, if you want to save more rupees or just want to explore Delhi in a leisurely way. You can reach the Saket A Block Bus Station, just a five-minute walk from the Malviya Nagar Metro Station. From there, you would find buses going to Khirki Village or even the Select City Walk Bus Stop. Both are under a 10-minute walk to the Select City Walk. Bus frequency is every 10 to 15 minutes during peak hours. Bus frequency would be less during off-peak hours.


    The Malviya Nagar Metro Station is the nearest metro station to Select City Walk in Saket. It is 2.4 kilometers away from the shopping complex so the distance is not advisable to be covered by foot. It is more recommended to ride an auto rickshaw from outside the metro station to reach the Select City Walk. There would also be electric rickshaws running through this route, but their number would be lesser. You can also opt for bus journey, but it can be longer and the frequency isn't as reliable.

    I hope this helps you!:)