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Ski in Kashmir

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by RajeshKr, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. RajeshKr

    RajeshKr New Member


    I am totally new to this sport and have never tried to ski in any open valley. I tried skiing in iSkate (Gurgaon) and got to know from my friend that we can try this sport in Kashmir, is that true?
    Can anyone please tell me is it available in Kashmir and if I go there then do I need to worry about my safety or it’s something which anyone can try?

    I will really appreciate if someone can share first-hand experience


  2. DhongiBaba

    DhongiBaba Active Member

    What you did at Gurgaon at iSkate is not skiing but called ice skating. I don't know of any places in Kashmir where you can do ice skating so you are better of doing it at Gurgaon :)

    Zor se bolo... Dhongi baba ki....

  3. RajeshKr

    RajeshKr New Member

    Yes, I did ice skating in iSkate and I want to try ski too. I loved ice skating and that's what actually made me think about ski.
  4. Aadi

    Aadi Member

    Hi Rajesh

    Yes, Gulmarg is the place near Shrinagar in Kashmir where you can go for ski, it's known for intermediate skiing and you need not to worry about safety measures there. Ski camp organisers there take all the safety precautions and I never heard of any ski accident down there.
  5. ChaiNashta

    ChaiNashta Active Member

    You can go to Patnitop in winters where ski slopes are not too steep and are best suited for beginners. Last time I was there I saw a few people getting ski lessons there which you may find useful as you do not have any experience.
  6. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    At Gulmarg the slopes are very steep and not very suitable for newbies. Patnitop on the other hand is pretty good for beginners.