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Snowfall in Kashmir in May

Discussion in 'North India' started by Rahul Sharma, May 24, 2016.

  1. Rahul Sharma

    Rahul Sharma New Member

    I have joined the forum in the hope to get a very quick response to my query. We have just made last minute plans to go to Kashmir and will be leaving on the 28th May and staying there for a week.
    I want to know will there be any snowfall in Kashmir in May?

    Generally, on news channels, they show snowfall happening in Kashmir during this time of year, but nothing has been heard this year and seeing the hot weather I am very much doubting that there will be snowfall, but I am hopeful.

    If there is snowfall, then we would take clothes according to that, and may even extend our stay in Kashmir.

  2. Deven

    Deven Member

    The current weather predictions suggest that there won't be any snowfall in May, but you will have settled snow in Kashmir and especially in the Sonmarg and Gulmarg and Pahalgam areas. However, the weather can be very unpredictable.

    It is always good to get the latest weather status from the hotel you will staying at as they will know better staying there.

  3. jnorth88

    jnorth88 Active Member

    I would not be surprised if a surprise storm comes through. They seem to be fed by warm airs causing a pressure front in Tibet. So, maybe if you can see if their temperatures are above average, you can get a better guess if there will be snowfall.
  4. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Rahul Sharma and welcome to the forum!

    It depends really on what places you visit in Kashmir. Generally, Sonamarg and Gulmarg has snow all throughout the year. You won't necessarily see snow falling but you can see snow on the ground. You can try the Gondola Ride in Gulmarg and see snow in Phase I and II of the ride. Then, in Sonamarg, you can visit the Thajiwas Glacier.

    The best thing about visiting such places during summer is that the days are very bearable. Yes, there's snow in these places but it isn't too cold nor too hot. You can bring light wooden clothes and have fun. Trekking and picnics are great during these months.

    So there really won't be snowfall during this month. But you can still enjoy snow though. If you'd like to see snowfall, consider rescheduling your trip to winter season which is from October to January. At this time, snow is at its peak and you can even enjoy snow activities.

    I hope this helps!