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Street Food

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by SirJoe, Oct 23, 2015.

  1. SirJoe

    SirJoe New Member

    India has a great tradition in this area and can put most western countries to shame when it comes to it´s great diversity. Every city prides itself on this convenient " fast food". It often reflects the cities cultural history and the different influences that it has faced.
    Which city would you consider has the best street food?

  2. BadBoy

    BadBoy Active Member

    Hi there,

    India is a massive country.. we have over 20 states and each state has its own specialty so its quite difficult to tell which one has the best street food..

  3. djordjem87

    djordjem87 Member

    I never been to India and i would really love to. I have a friend though who went there several times to work there always came back with stories about street wood. HE told me these stories because he knew i love food and especially street food. I believe that one can learn so much about culture and people just by roaming through the streets and eating good traditional food. I had the names of all the things he tried written and when i find it i will share his opinion because i wrote it down. One meal i do remember and it is something called Aloo Tikki (i think so). As he explained and i tried to confirm by googling it, it is a Potato croquette ( by literal translation) but it has more then just potato. He told me about some various dips and that combo is my favourite snack food. So, i tried to find a good recipe but all i found was some English-BBC-Custom recipes. If there is someone willing to help me on this, please do. I will search for a thread about this and if there is no any i will make one.
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  4. MichelleVL

    MichelleVL New Member

    Hi, I've only been to The Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and New Delhi, so those are the only places I can compare with. I found there to be more variety of street foods in New Delhi, and these were also more appealing to me my taste. I think the large food diversity is maybe due to the fact that New Delhi is so heavily populated in comparison to the islands.
  5. Gabydi

    Gabydi Member

    One of the main reasons I want to visit India is because of the food. I've never been there but Indian food all over the world is amazing, I can't imagine how good the real thing is. I'm really excited about visiting India soon and already have a list of all the dishes I'm dying to try. Now, as of which place is the best for eating? Guess there's no correct answer for this, as far as I know each place has their own specialty and even though they're all different they all are awesome!

    Alu Gobi...
    Butter chicken...
    Chaat Papri...

    God, I'm hungry already!
  6. Jani

    Jani New Member

    I am not familiar with any of the above, and have no idea what most of them contain. However, butter chicken? Sounds interesting. Also sounds fattening, hahaha. Still, I'd love to try it.
  7. Gabydi

    Gabydi Member

    Alu Gobi is a dish with potatoes and veggies that is yellow because of the turmeric and curry, but it's really good. I can't describe how good it is. Well, if you like spicy food then you'll love this.

    Butter Chicken combines a lot of spices and onions and yes, butter! It is kind of fattening, but all the good thigs are, so...

    Chaat Papri is a kind of fried biscuit with chicken, potatoes and a sort of tamarind chutney served with masala and cilantro and herbs and spices. It's creamy and awesome! If you ever visit an Indian restaurant and they serve this, trust me you have to try it!
  8. Namiee

    Namiee New Member

    I definitely believe that Kohima has the best street food. It isn't for the faint-hearted, however! I believe that there are about 15 or so individual tribes living in Kohima, and each can contribute a unique style of cuisine ^_^! While it's common to find normal things, such as curry over steamed rice, I never visit Kohima to eat what I could eat anywhere else.

    The great thing about this cities street food is that they're very "protein-rich", and do so by some of the most "bizarre" means I've ever witnessed!

    Bottom-line, if you're planning on visiting India solely for street cuisine, get to Kohima!!
  9. Aja

    Aja Member

    Now, THAT sounds very interesting to me. I've never seen anything like that in any Indian restaurant I've ever visited. I am looking forward to making other food discoveries!
  10. freddi

    freddi Member

    I don't know how authentic it is (looking forward to finding out!), but the Indian street food served up in a place I like in Camden Town is gorgeous. My current favourite is gosht dabalroti...I love lamb so any way of eating it is good with me. I'm not sure what region of India this originated from though - anyone know?
  11. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    Well, you've sold me on Kohima now! I love exploring the food culture of places when I travel, and it sounds like it has a TON of quirky, unique types of foods from your description!

    I think it's always fun to try the bizarre things when you're traveling in a new place, too! Things that I would never be able to experience here in my country always intrigue me!
  12. Ankisha

    Ankisha New Member

    New Delhi is the hub of lip-smacking delicacies. It has some food joints as old as the history itself. And, in the case of the street food of Delhi the saying "old is gold" fits perfectly. The ancient eateries have still not lost their charm. They are as famous and in demand as they used to be in historical times. Don't forget to visit Chandani Chowk in old Delhi when you come to Delhi.
  13. Rose @ Walnut Acre

    Rose @ Walnut Acre New Member

    I've never been to India but would love to go some day. The street food sounds amazing and I love that it is so protein rich. But I would need to know exactly what the protein is, there are a few things I just can't handle the thought of.
  14. Rezonate

    Rezonate Member

    Indian food is amongst my favorite foods to eat. Combined with the curry and other spices these dishes are definitely among the tastiest. I might not have the luxury of being able to travel to India at the moment but we do have an Indian buffet here in Orange County and the food there is grest. Its got an intimate environment coupled with an amazing ambience. This is where I go when I crave Indian food.
  15. lstryhrn

    lstryhrn New Member

    Bademiya's kebabs are sensational. One of the nicest meals I've eaten anywhere
  16. swalia

    swalia Guest

    I love the street food in Punjab. Chole bhature, golgappe, amritsari kulche, papdi chaat, aloo tikki, soya chaap- the list is endless! And the non-vegetarians can relish roasted chicken, kababs and fish pakodas.
  17. Vinaya

    Vinaya Member

    I am a fan of Indian street food. Every time I am in India I make sure I eat from local dhabas instead of posh resturant. Some of the food that I love eating on the street are pani puri and pan.
  18. Daphne

    Daphne New Member

    I love Indian food and especially the spicy options as I love hot food. For me, butter chicken takes the cake! It's by far one of my favorite dishes.
  19. Ritika Sharma

    Ritika Sharma Member

    Chhattisgarh one of the best place known for its street food and traditional food.
  20. nshsarin

    nshsarin New Member

    Yes, rightly said Indian is famous for its Street Food variety. Every state has a plethora of street food. But I feel, Delhi the capital of India has the most variety as it has a population which is a mix of all people belonging to the different states of India.

    Especially the variety of chaat.
    You will love it