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Traveling to India While Pregnant

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by SurbiKakkar, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. SurbiKakkar

    SurbiKakkar New Member

    My family will be going India to attend a wedding. Others have suggested me and thought myself that I should not go India as I am pregnant, and I would not want any problems, but I wish to be there with the rest of the family attending the wedding.

    I am a very careful person and am careful of the things I do. I am even more cautious now as I am pregnant, so I think I would be ok traveling to India while pregnant.

    I would like to get advice from other ladies about traveling to India while pregnant
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  2. Bonzer

    Bonzer New Member

    I find this amusing. India is a no longer a 3rd world country with inadequate amenities or lack of medical facilities. India in fact, is known for medical tourism and many affluent people from advanced countries regularly visit India to avail top-notch medical facilities.

    All major cities have corporate hospitals that give best possible care to pregnant women. if you can spend 500 to 1000 dollars you get great pre-natal and post-natal care. Well, I'm no lady, but you don't require a lady to give you the facts. Take care. Best of Luck!

  3. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    It depends on how far along are you into the pregnancy. The best thing you can do is ask your physician about it. But generally, if it's the first three months of pregnancy, it's fine as long as you scheduled a checkup before going abroad. Ask your physician any potential concerns and queries you might have. If you must, have some tests done before leaving your home country.

    If it's the middle trimester, it's even more okay. You can even do some basic blood tests and scans if the physician sees a need for it. And you can be back in time for giving birth to your home country.

    But if ever you have an existing condition that can add some risk to the pregnancy, I would advice you to think twice. Conditions like heart disease, diabetes, diabetes or respiratory disease, these are all going to add to the risk you have when you're pregnant. Ask your physician about it as well.

    Make sure that your baby is safe before travelling abroad. Some women are at higher risks for miscarriages and travelling can add stress to that which can be dangerous.

    Another problem you might encounter is premature labour. You won't really have this happen to you but in an emergency, you need to be sure that your accommodation is near a hospital. There are many hospitals in India that can accommodate you, problem is, they won't really know much about your history. Keep your doctor's number with you along with some important details like medication you're drinking and tests you have already taken.

    I hope this helps!
  4. oportosanto

    oportosanto New Member

    I think that it all depends on how many months you are pregnant, if it's just at the beginning of the pregnancy I guess it's fine, but if you are already 4 or 5 months pregnant I say it's somewhat dangerous as we never know what can happen and you might need immediate medical assistance.
  5. katiejean990

    katiejean990 New Member

    I do understand your con
    I definitely understand your concerns! I had a high-risk pregnancy, so I was literally afraid to do much of anything the entire time. My main concerns would be with your stage of pregnancy (trimester) and how well you're feeling overall. If you're late into the pregnancy, obviously enough, unexplained things can happen. Keep in mind that turbulence can be taxing on someone who's having trouble keeping her food down! Seriously, I had morning sickness a full nine months, and the slightest bit of motion or the wrong food could set me off in a heartbeat! Listen to your body and talk with your doctor to make sure everything perfectly safe for you to be on the road (or, in your case, airborne!). I wish you all the best for a happy, healthy baby and a wonderful traveling experience! :)
  6. Trevlr

    Trevlr New Member

    Your situation won't affect your travelling plans since you are just attending a ceremony and you may not be involved in any other activity. India has some of the best hospitals in the world and you don't need to worry. You will however need to talk to your doctor before travelling. You will also have to rest whenever you'll feel that you are uncomfortable.
  7. Danny Luke

    Danny Luke Member

    There are two important things you should consider before you decide whether you go or not. One, how far along are you in your pregnancy? If you are in your seventh or eighth month of pregnancy, then it's highly recommended that you don't go. Your pregnancy is very sensitive at this point and it's not worth it risking your health and the baby's health by going to a country you are not so familiar with. And two, where exactly in India are you going? If it's a rural area, then you might consider going because the air will be clean and there's no pollution to affect your health and that of your baby. If it's a bustling city like Mumbai, you can still go but you have to take into consideration the risks.
  8. cecejailer

    cecejailer New Member

    My mother did this, and I don't consider it. She didn't know she was pregnant and only found out in the middle of the trip, because she got sick and needed to come back. I wouldn't take the risk, as pregnancy is not something to be risked. Doctors say traveling is a stressful situation pregnant women should always avoid, specially after the fourth month. Talk to your doctor and see what they think about it, but I don't think it's such a good idea.
  9. AnnaBanana

    AnnaBanana New Member

    I thought the travel restrictions for pregnant women were primarily for those who would be traveling by airplane in the very late stages of pregnancy. I'm not sure what the reason is, perhaps something to do with altitude and pressure? If there were no issues in method of travel, and there were no health risks to the area she was traveling to, I don't see reason why a pregnant woman couldn't travel to where she pleased. Maybe I should do some research on this.
  10. rz3300

    rz3300 Member

    Well I can not attest to this personally, but there are several things that you need to consider if you are pregnant and travelling. Many are not really specific to India, though, so you can really look into what you need in a whole host of different places, which is good news. For India itself you might want to focus on health issues, and for that your physician should be able to tell you everything from immunizations to concerns about the Zika Virus, which I am pretty sure is a big concern there.
  11. AnnaBanana

    AnnaBanana New Member

    I believe the Zika Virus is primarily a concern in South American countries. Is Malaria a cause of concern in India? Antimalarial drugs are available and work proactively I think, but I'm not sure how safe they are for a pregnant woman.

    I need to correct myself on my earlier posts. I read today that Zika is endemic to India. Vaccines for Yellow Fever are also required, and people who arrive in India without that vaccine certification can be held up to six days. I believe there is a small risk of Malaria. With proper planning and precautions, these small risks can be mitigated.
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