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Vivanta by Taj Holiday Village Goa

Discussion in 'Goa' started by RenuMitta, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. RenuMitta

    RenuMitta New Member

    I have joined the forum so that I can straight up ask my questions about the Vivanta by Taj Holiday Village in Goa. Some questions I have not found clear answers for, so I thought I would put them all together for forum members help me.

    1. What is the exact location of Vivanta by Taj Holiday Village in Goa?

    2. Which beach is it close to?

    3. Does the resort provide a private beach?

    4. How far is the resort from the local shops and restaurants?

    5. We are a family which consists of myself and my husband with our three kids, would the resort be suitable?

    6. Is there entertainment for kids?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello there, welcome to the forum!

    What is the Vivanta By Taj Holiday Village?

    The Vivanta By Taj Holiday Village is a luxury five-star property in North Goa. When it comes to the name Vivanta By Taj, opulence and exemplary services are always bonded with this hotel brand. The same goes with the Vivanta By Taj Holiday Village, one of the three properties owned by Vivanta By Taj in Goa, the other two being the Vivanta By Taj Fort Aguada and Vivanta By Taj Panaji. Heritage meets modernity in this unique beachside property that is sure to be your home away from home. Wonderful views, top-notch services and complete facilities, what more can you ask for? Not to mention that this property also houses some restaurants serving both local and international cuisines. This is the unique selling point of the Vivanta By Taj Holiday Village, a complete resort hotel that caters to every type of traveller out there.

    Where is the Vivanta By Taj Holiday Village Located?

    The Vivanta By Taj Holiday Village is located in Candolim, specifically in Sinquerim, just off the Aguada Siolim Road. It is merely 700 metres away from the Sinquerim Beach. In fact, the resort has an access area to a private beach, which means guests won't need to venture out to reach the Arabian sea from here. The resort hotel isn't too far from commercial areas too. Restaurants like Sinquerim Beach Cafe, Bon Appetit and Soul Chef are all under a kilometre away from the Vivanta By Taj Holiday Village. For shopping, street markets like the Tibetan Market and Arpora Saturday Night Market are under 10 kilometres away from the property. The nearest railhead is the Karmali Railway Station, which is under 22 kilometres away from the property. There are direct trains from Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and many more cities to this railway station.

    What is the Overall Vibe of the Vivanta By Taj Holiday Village?

    Spread over 28 acres of lush greenery, the Vivanta By Taj Holiday Village manages to intermix a range of features. First, there's the grandeur of the property, as the architectural design is largely influenced by the Portuguese. The terracotta roofing, the arched entrances and the regal furnitures are sure to inspire you, taking you back to the olden times. Second, there's that sense of spaciousness, as the villas and cottages are placed within good distance from one another. With that, honeymoon couples can have their privacy, families can enjoy the serenity and lone travellers can relish in their freedom. Third, the surrounding view of the sea or the garden, they are enough to render one speechless. The overall vibe of the property is luxurious but with an air of natural beauty still.

    What are the Room Types in Vivanta By Taj Holiday Village?

    There are two types of accommodation options in the property, which are mainly cottages and villas. Cottages are smaller and more affordable, having views of either the gardens or the sea. Villas are larger and more expensive, having views of either the gardens or the sea as well. Cottages and villas can then be subdivided into other categories that you can choose from. All accommodation types have their own private sit-out or balcony as well, so that guests can enjoy the views on their privacy. Fitted with modern amenities like flat-screen television, DVD player and surround speaker system, it's as if you're in your own modern paradise in Goa.

    Room Types + Rates in Vivanta By Taj Holiday Village

    Accommodation TypeViewRate Per NightInclusions
    Superior Charm CottageGardenRs. 10,890WiFi Access + Taxes
    Premium Indulgence CottageGardenRs. 13,310WiFi Access + Taxes
    Premium Indulgence CottageSeaRs. 16,940WiFi Access + Taxes
    Deluxe Allure VillaGardenRs. 22,990WiFi Access + Taxes
    Premium Temptation VillaSeaRs. 37,510WiFi Access + Taxes
    Luxury Bliss VillaSeaRs. 49,610WiFi Access + Taxes
    The table above highlights the various room types in Vivanta By Taj Holiday Village. There are five main types of rooms or accommodations in the property. These are the following: Superior Charm Cottage, Premium Indulgence Cottage, Deluxe Allure Villa, Premium Temptation Villa and Luxury Bliss Villa. The rates above already include access to WiFi as well as the taxes. If you intend to have daily breakfast in the property, they also have rates which already include breakfast or other meals of the day.

    The Superior Charm Cottage is a two-storey structure, comprised of a ground floor and a first floor. You can opt for either, as they both have a private sit-out area or balcony area, respectively. The views are of the well-manicured lawns and gardens. The interiors are of course influenced by the Portuguese architectural style. The wooden furnitures, the traditional lamps and the roller shutters in the windows are very charming. The bathroom, though not as huge or opulent, has its own bathtub and is fitted with marble flooring and inlays. This is the property's most affordable room but still won't disappoint when it comes to its luxurious atmosphere.

    Next we have the Premium Indulgence Cottage, which can be subdivided into a garden view one and a sea view one. The latter being the more expensive option, of course. It has the same concept, Portuguese in design, though larger when it comes to space. Both garden view and sea view Premium Indulgence Cottages are located on the ground floor as well. Located close to main areas of the property like the swimming pool and fitness centre, you won't need to worry about accessing them from your room. The bathroom has its own bathtub and shower area as well.

    The Deluxe Allure Villa is a standalone villa perfect for families. It has a separate living room area which features a view of the garden. Not missing is a private sit-out and even a private lawn. While the parents chill out in the sit-out, kids can run and roam around in the private lawn. The beautiful flooring decorated with floral concepts, the traditional venetian blinds in the windows and the presence of old-world furnitures still make the villa in touch with the overall theme of the property.

    The sea-facing Premium Temptation Villa is a treat for the honeymoon couples. This is a standalone villa so you can have all the privacy that you need. Have a small picnic in your very own private lawn or maybe gaze at the stars at the comfort of your own sit-out. The large king-sized bed, the major Goan vibe of the wooden furniture and the overall eclectic ambience are sure to win over the history lovers. This villa is priced a bit on the higher side, but for a memorable Goan holiday, it's sure worth the money.

    The most expensive villa is the Luxury Bliss Villa, very spacious and awe inspiring. From the wonderful views of the Arabian sea, to the private lawn and sit-out, it would be very hard to leave this little oasis for the guest. It has a separate living room, bedroom and even a walk-in closet which would surely be appreciated by the ladies. This is the best accommodation option for enjoying the sunset amidst the sea. So if you do have the money for it, go on, indulge in the very best that the Vivanta By Taj Holiday Village can offer to guests.

    What are the Dining Options in the Vivanta By Taj Holiday Village?

    A luxury property must also satisfy the taste buds of its loyal guests, the quality of food and meals served here must be top notch as well. It is, in fact, a major factor that guides one's decision in booking a hotel. In the Vivanta By Taj Holiday Village, you can choose from four on-site restaurants. While some serve local cuisine, others serve international cuisine.

    Dining Options in Vivanta By Taj Holiday Village

    Restaurant NameCuisineOpening Times
    CaravelaGoan, Mediterranean and North Indian8:00 to 22:30
    Banyan TreeThai12:30 to 15:30 and 17:30 to 22:30
    Beach HouseGoan and Portuguese19:30 to 22:30
    DriftSnacks11:00 to 1:00
    Caravela is the property's all-day dining restaurant. It serves a variety of dishes from the Goan and Mediterranean cuisines but it mainly specialises in North Indian cuisine. This is also the venue for daily buffet spreads that is a sure hit with staying guests. Must-try dishes here are the Mutton Biryani and Chicken Tikka Masala. Banyan Tree is their fine dining, lunch and dinner only restaurant, which serves mainly Thai cuisine dishes. Best-seller dishes here are their Red Thai Curry and Papaya Salad.

    Beach House is their dinner only restaurant which serves delicious Goan and Portuguese cuisines to guests. Relax in the thatched setting of the restaurant, that surely brings in the Goan breeze. Their Goan Thali is a must-try here, as it has a variety of Goan delicacies like Prawns, Rawa Fried Fish, Fish Xacuti and more. And finally, there's Drift, which is the on-site bar slash restaurant. Enjoy Indian starters and snacks here along with a wide variety of cocktails and liquor-based beverages.

    What are the Other Facilities in the Vivanta By Taj Holiday Village?

    Let's start with the facilities that the little ones can enjoy. There's the outdoor swimming pool, which has a designated area just for children. Surrounded by lush palm trees and facing the sea, this is sure to occupy a lot of time of the staying guests. There's also an activity centre for the little ones, a lively and vibrant nursery area with fun doodles of animals on the walls. Stuffed toys, books, blocks and video games are all available in this area. For those with a bit older children, there's the sports complex where games like table tennis, billiards, squash and cricket can be enjoyed. This sports complex is shared by the Vivanta By Taj Holiday Village and Vivanta By Taj Fort Aguada, a golf cart can take you to the venue itself.

    Other facilities in the resort are a five-hole golf course, fitness centre, salon, shop, spa and library. For those celebrating special moments in their lives like birthdays, anniversaries or weddings, the resort hotel has various events halls. You can choose from the extensive lawns or sunset deck. For the business travellers, there's the debate hall where you can discuss special projects with prospective clients or business associates. For the adventurous individuals, the management can also arrange for thrilling sports like rappelling, rock climbing, trekking and various water sports.

    Since the property is huge, there is also a golf cart or battery-operated vehicle that goes around to transfer guests from one point to another. There's a travel desk too for the sightseeing and travel needs of the guests. Car rental can also be availed from the management premises. For internet, you can access it for a limited time free of charge. But if you want internet of higher speeds, you can also avail of their premium internet package charge. Services such as dry cleaning, laundry and ironing can also be availed from the property for a surcharge.

    What is the Verdict?

    You can't put a price on a relaxing holiday and that's why luxury properties exist. If you want to truly enjoy your stay in Goa, why not try out the world-class property, the Vivanta By Taj Holiday Village? Laid out like a village, into cottage and villas, filled with various modern and luxurious facilities, this resort hotel is suitable for all types of travellers, be it families, couples, friends or corporate groups. With the Sinquerim Beach just a few steps away, and accessible into commercial areas, guests can easily reach their preferred destinations even from the property. Indoor games, outdoor games, adventure activities and water sports are all offered by the resort hotel to staying guests.

    Good luck and I hope this helps you!:)