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What are Kerela Backwaters?

Discussion in 'Kerala' started by Deepak, May 9, 2015.

  1. Deepak

    Deepak New Member

    Sorry for the lack of my knowledge but I thought it should be asked and this is the best place to ask it. I have heard about the Kerela backwaters, but what exactly is it? I always thought it was like a river, but obviously I was wrong, I would appreciate it if I was given some information on this.

  2. panchabhut

    panchabhut New Member

    In a nutshell, Backwater is basically a lagoon. A waterbody which is connected at one location with the sea. So the water is brackish in nature. The Kerala coast has several such lagoons which were further connected by creating artificial waterways, The backwater has its unique ecosystem and natural beauty.
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  3. Subu

    Subu New Member

    It is a must see and something to experience by any one who is in or near around Kerela. It is not your ordinary lake or river view or experience.
  4. PatelJigar

    PatelJigar New Member

    I suppose it is not good to go during the monsoons obviously because of the rain, when would you suggest going there?
  5. Shitish

    Shitish New Member

    Obviously it is not good to go during the monsoon season, first of all it would be raining and going outdoors would not be good or even fun and secondly the weather would be very humid, the best time to visit would be April - May or after September.
  6. travelguide

    travelguide Active Member

    April-May would be the ideal time for a visit to backwaters so that you can enjoy the cool soothing effects of nature without any disturbance. Get off your houseboat and use a rowing boat to experience the backwater to its full spirit. You can also feel the lush greenery around you.
  7. turtledove

    turtledove Member

    The backwaters are just a huge body of water, and they're very calm and peaceful. As panchabhut mentioned previously, it's closest to a lagoon. I think April to May would be the best times. Monsoon definitely wouldn't be a pleasant time to visit the area though. If you're visiting the area, I really would recommend boating around for a bit, and maybe taking some hot, fresh Indian food with you! It's very calm and peaceful.