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Advantages Of Travelling Alone

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by ChaiNashta, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. ChaiNashta

    ChaiNashta Active Member

    Many of us are eager to travel, but often we find that the best travel companion we can have is just ourselves. Solo travel is actually quite easy to do and it can be completely liberating. Interests in solo travel have skyrocketed in recent years and the industry is offering ways to satisfy consumers of the growing segment. Many people want to travel alone, but they are often too afraid and they are concerned about the idea of travelling to a place relatively unknown without someone who could accompany them. However, by travelling alone, we could make the best use of our limited budget and time. We will be able to match our travel style with our own individual preferences for the best satisfaction. Here are other advantages of travelling alone:

    1. Planning is easier: People often have a bucket list of attractions and places that they seek to go to in their lifetime. Unfortunately, they start to hold themselves back from experience, if they can't find people who can share the excitement. In reality, each individual often has different interests, budget and schedule; so it could be difficult to find those who can accompany us backpacking around Southeast Asia, gourmet dining in Paris and visiting Niagara Falls. If we desire, we should be able to plan solo travel much more easily. If we are still too concerned about solo travel, it is a good idea to make plans for travelling alone in nearby locations at your own country. This will make us feel confident about visiting far-flung destinations.

    2. We will enjoy a personal time: Many people are sometimes tired of socializing with their friends, especially if they need to handle some toxic relationships. Solo travel allow us to get valuable alone time and while we are gazing at a foreign horizon, it is more easily for us to reflect on life and enjoy our own company. Although we may have some aversion of doing things alone, solo travel could actually be a gift that we learn to relish. We could be surprised with new interests that we develop when we are travelling alone. Solo travel often gives us a perfect situation for deep introspection.

    3. More flexible itinerary: During group travel, picking the dates alone is often a big hassle and that is often the beginning. We often need to consider what will we eat, where will we stay, what things that we can do and can't do. Simply put, group travel is full of negotiation and compromise, not to mention the possibility that conflicts will arise. People who travel alone can often indulge themselves with personal preferences, eat what their heart desires and sleep as much or as little as they want. Travelling is supposed to be flexible and we are able to take any enjoyable opportunity that we see.

    4. We make new friends: It is obvious, we will talk to strangers more often when we are alone. During group travels, people are more likely to talk with among themselves and only a few persons of the group will talk with strangers. We often need to ask local about highly recommended dishes and restaurants. We could also interact more with servers, waitress and bartenders. People are also more comfortable talking with a solo traveller, instead of a group of travellers who tend to talk among themselves. In fact, solo travel can be a highly social activity, while group travel can be a somewhat anti-social one.

    5. We will have more meaningful experiences: There are many exciting things we could get by travelling with loved ones and friends. When we visit specific museums, instead of the generalized art museums, like Louvre, we could have more profound experiences. This is especially true if we are not really interested with arts and archaeological stuffs. Vacation is about enjoying our own preferences, instead of others.

    6. We will be more confident: Even for the most independent travellers, going to a strange place alone could make them feel a bit nervous. However, after having more than a couple of solo trips to distant countries, people could actually feel that they are able to conquer the world on their own. The more we travel alone, the more confident we are and we should be able to tackle challenges in life with aplomb.

    7. We can control our budget: In many travel trips, money is often seen as a pressure point and this could be a complicated factor, because people often have different spending attitude and habits. We could have different spending style each day. We could choose less posh accommodation, but eat well. Travelling with people who have expensive taste could cause bad overspending.
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  2. BadBoy

    BadBoy Active Member

    According to me travelling all alone makes the journey boring atleast you need another person with you

    Jo maja Sab ke sath hai wo Akele nhi...

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  3. lionking

    lionking New Member

    I agree there are many advantages to traveling alone. You can go at your own pace in terms of where to go, what places to visit, which hotel to check in, what food to eat, what activities to indulge in, etc. You just have to contend with yourself and nobody else. However, this may be true in some particular circumstances only.

    During the summer of 2011, I went to the United States of America for a vacation all by myself. I visited friends and relatives there. Looking back on my trip, I realized that I had the most fun when I was in the company of friends or relatives while visiting one state after another. While traveling alone can be uplifting, there is really no substitute in having company while on a trip. The experience is more enjoyable, fulfilling and satisfying. Maybe that's just me.
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  4. KenBrace

    KenBrace New Member

    Yes, traveling alone definitely has it's advantages. It beats group trips that's for certain.

    Too many people = a lot of stress.

    On the other hand it can be pretty dangerous to travel alone. Especially if you plan on doing a lot of hiking and other wilderness activities.

    I like to travel with one or two good friends. A group of 2 - 3 people makes a good traveling team. You have companionship but there aren't so many people that it becomes difficult to coordinate.
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  5. moondebi

    moondebi New Member

    Well, traveling is a fun, and no fun completes a full circle until it is shared.

    I have been to different places, and found it extremely enjoyable in a small group rather than being alone.

    The biggest worry appears when you fall sick in an unknown place, which may happen in some extreme travel conditions. This one factor is sufficient enough to unsettle the entire trip.

    There are a whole lot of downsides, which may pose as a snag in making a plan of an all alone tour.

    However, solitary adventures definitely give a sense of freedom, but it may come up with a cost, as all the travel destinations of this world are not equally safe.
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  6. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    I've always found when I have travelled alone I have made new friends, but when I've travelled in groups or as part of a couple that hasn't happened. I guess when you're on your own, you're just so much more approachable to others.

    A lot of the people I've met and befriended on my solo travels are still friends to this day - I've even stayed with them when I've visited their countries!

    I also definitely find that it increases my confidence. Going outside my comfort zone always reminds me of how strong and competent I am, and that extends after my travels to other areas of my life such as my performance at work.
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  7. Untamed13

    Untamed13 New Member

    For me it's either travelling alone or travelling with the love of my life. The two are really just one and same ;):). I really can't travel with other people whether it be friends or family because I feel it takes a LOT out of the experience. I usually don't talk a lot which I guess can sometimes be awkward and it seems to me that people always feel pressured to engage in small talk. I hope I don't come off as mean, it's just that talking is the last thing I wanna do when there is a spectacular scenery in front of me.
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  8. cabrannon529

    cabrannon529 New Member

    While I agree with many of your points, I believe it largely depends on who you're traveling with. Some people can be a nightmare to travel with, others would make the journey feel complete. Number 5 is something I don't agree with, however. I believe some of the most meaningful experiences in life are those shared with others. Other than that, great post!
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  9. bluegreen

    bluegreen New Member

    I don't find any advantages in travelling alone if you have girlfriend or you are married. It's simply stupid to make a trip (I'm talking about vacations, not business trips of course) alone. You have to go at least with your GF so you can enjoy all the moments together. Of course that there are people that like to make trips alone but I don't agree a bit with that way of thought.
  10. Chahal

    Chahal ਜੱਟ ਕੀ ਤੇ ਘੱਟ ਕੀ Staff Member

    That gives me an impression that you are not married and are not in a long term relationship either :) Your profile says 22 years male... give it a few more years ;)
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  11. alifakhoury1

    alifakhoury1 New Member

    I think travelling alone will give you the ability to do what you want. You go to wherever you want to go, no need to go to somewhere you don't like because your friends want to go there, you have more personal time and you can organize your time to your liking. However, at some points you might feel bored, or even lonely, having a friend by your side will definitely keep you ready to explore! If you got sick or injured, your friend will always be there for you. And if you are going for a long trip, then no one can argue that having a friend with you is the better way to do it! I like to be alone sometimes and enjoy my time at my pace, but sometimes having friends and family around you will have its advantages.
  12. Ralph

    Ralph New Member

    Hahaha! I've been in a relationship with my girlfriend for several years now. I love her to death, and I love traveling with her, but I do think there is merit to "alone time". There's nothing wrong with wanting to get away for a little while!
  13. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Member

    The only advantages I see in traveling alone are the expense and the planning. Yes, there is no hassle in planning since you yourself decides on that. With the expenses, you are in full control so it is up to you to eat bread inside the accommodation or venture in fine dining restaurants. However, I don't relish the idea of traveling alone because that would just make me lonely. I am used to traveling with my wife and enjoy each other's company. In fact, we travel because the two of us decided on it.
  14. travelguide

    travelguide Active Member

    Yes, by traveling alone you are like a free bird and can decide things on your own. But I would prefer at least one more companion while traveling, especially in foreign countries so that we can share ideas. Moreover when two brains work on a single project, more ideas would come out. In some places it would not be advisable to travel alone. But traveling in a large group is a total disaster I think. We have to follow the decisions taken by a majority of the people willingly or unwillingly.

    As @Alexandoy rightly mentioned, you can save on planning and expenses by traveling alone. But I doubt if you could enjoy much being alone.
  15. innaf93

    innaf93 Member

    I think that travelling alone is a good choice, but you should always have someone on hand, like a couchsurfing buddy or a new friend who can show you the town or place you are exploring. In the other hand travelling alone can get you a lot of freedom and own decision opportunities, but on the other experience can be good to share with someone, for example a native speaker can show you things and places your guide book never could think about!
  16. Delirium

    Delirium Member

    I agree, I love travelling alone. I feel like it's always better to have at least one other person with you though - I just like having someone to share the moment with. Someone you can go on an adventure with. Plus it's always nice to have someone to rely on and someone to trust. Taking pictures and posting them to Facebook or Instagram isn't half as fun.
  17. pwarbi

    pwarbi Active Member

    Travelling alone does have its advantages, and its always easier to plan a trip for one that what it is for a party of people.

    The biggest issue for though is the companionship you miss out on, and while you will meet others along the way, they'll often just be passing acquaintances who you'll probably never see again or even keep in touch with. There a also the safety aspect to consider also, and travelling alone you have to make sure you keep your common sense and be on your guard more. Travelling as a group you don't have to worry so much about that.
  18. KCDavis

    KCDavis New Member

    I don't like to travel alone, mostly because of safety. But I also don't have most of the problems this post specified, because I travel with my husband. So everything just kind of falls together when we plan trips. But I do see your point.
  19. ikram

    ikram New Member

    Travelling alone gives you the chance to know yourself on a deeper level, you become more independent, more courageous, more adventurous, you focus on yourself only. and it's also a great way to meet new amazing people.
  20. pwarbi

    pwarbi Active Member

    For some it's also a way to realise that your not as independent as you thought also!

    I knew a girl a few years ago that was supposed to be going travelling with some friends but one by one they ended up dropping out.

    As a gesture of defiance shall we call it, she said well I'll go by myself then, and when the time came off she went. Within 2 days she was back home, not only did she lose her bag with her money in, she also lost her passport before she even got to the country she was supposed to be travelling round so they refused her entry and marched her straight back on to a return flight!
  21. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    Ouch! Yes - it can definitely be a wake up call too - I find solo travel either builds you up or breaks you down and it can be a matter of experience and mindset. I've had times on solo trips where I've ended up crying back at my accommodation because of loneliness and feeling overwhelmed (culture shock is SUCH a real thing!) but I've also fought through those feelings on other occasions and ended up impressing myself with how much I went out of my comfort zone!
  22. innaf93

    innaf93 Member

    Uh, it's a good thread. There are so many sides to traveling alone. It can really depend on your personal feeling at that time or the amount of culture shock you are in. On the other hand it's hard to decide which is worse - a terrible traveling partner or the exhausting loneliness feeling.
  23. arthnel

    arthnel Member

    One of my favorite advantages when I travel alone is the ability to just be on the go. I can end up in one city and just drop everything there and be on my way to the other side of an island for days or skipping over to another port to enjoy that part of the country. I don't mind traveling with other people, but when traveling alone I've always loved being able to just decide and stick with it and just get moving. Two or more people usually have to spend a little time getting to some final decisions first.
  24. sapphire_jamie

    sapphire_jamie New Member

    For a loner like me, it is fine with me to travel alone. I like the idea of exploring new places alone just as long as I have guides to follow. I think people who travel alone become more flexible when it comes to dealing with others. They are the independent types. They like doing things alone and therefore have a different experience when it comes to interacting with people may it be of the same race or not. With that being said, one becomes more confident when it comes to people interaction.
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  25. GammaRay

    GammaRay Member

    Yeah I've travelled alone I agree with the list there are perks to solo travel and you have to take advantage of this time you chose to travel by yourself. See all the places you want, go on mini-adventures around the hike, bask in the fact that you're in a new place and therefore can be a different person altogether. Solo trips should be on a person's bucket list most of the time these solo travels will tell you more about yourself than the country you visit. you get creative and talk to strangers you usually don't. You get to eat anything you want with no one watching! You will be your own judge so tread well and travel with curious caution.
  26. MichelleVL

    MichelleVL New Member

    I can definitely see how traveling alone has its advantages, and I certainly agree with many of the reasons given. I personally though, would rather travel with 1 or 2 more people. Being a woman I feel safer going to a foreign country accompanied. Maybe I'm not confident enough, but I would rather have someone have my back in case I get sick or if something bad happened to me, like some sort of accident or something along those lines.
  27. djordjem87

    djordjem87 Member

    I agree with the points you made. The bottom line is that you are responsible only for your self. You are making decisions about where are you going or what are you going to do or who are you going to meet. The best thing is the freedom of your own choice. in this society you rarely do ever get the chance to have that kind of freedom. You are always bound to something or somebody else. It sounds like a big relief to travel alone. My next trip will probably be like that although i have to say that in a stage i am right now i do want one person to come along with me everywhere and i wouldn't complain about anything. That is the only argument on all of your points. Love. But since love is not with me now i believe the best way would be the lone way.
  28. mayasupernova

    mayasupernova New Member

    Traveling alone is great, but it simply is not for everyone. People tend to feel lost on their own. Some have troubles accommodating and finding their way throughout town, especially if another country is in question. Others just are not that great at reading maps. I definitely fall into this category. I can't seem to manage to learn how to read a map, so I always need someone close to me to help me with that. I actually prefer to travel with at least one friend,preferably my boyfriend, whom I would be able to rely on.
  29. Rezonate

    Rezonate Member

    I have travelled alone many times and to me it has a lot of advantages. When I'm traveling alone I don't have to babysit and wait For someone to get ready I can just get ready myself and leave whenever I please. The only person I'll be worrying for is myself.
  30. rtorir

    rtorir New Member

    There are some locations around the world that I would prefer to travel alone. It becomes more fun and adventurous. When you are alone, you are at liberty because there is no one to stop you. You enjoy the freedom of setting your own budget, learning to make decision and risk taking. You can explore new places, people and cultures which would be deniable if you are in groups.
  31. Dune Dude

    Dune Dude New Member

    I agree on being able to save more money whenever I travel alone. I like to be able to buy food and prepare it myself, yet others that I travel with perefer to dine out.
  32. Ritika Sharma

    Ritika Sharma Member

    I agree travelling alone is very advantegous it develops your skill and personality but at the same time being with someone feels secured.
  33. hellotraveler

    hellotraveler Member

    To add to this list, #8 would be: "No one is going to drag you down and make you late for something if they are tired, busy, or not on the same schedule". I can't tell you how many times this has been an issue for me, especially when going to places with people who are new to traveling, but aren't quite as respectful to the flow of things when you are traveling in a group. All of your points are good. I still travel with one or two others from time to time if business requires it or it's a personal vacation, but more times than not I actually prefer to travel alone for the reasons you outlined here.
  34. Vinaya

    Vinaya Member

    When I was a single, I used to travel alone, and I always loved solo traveling. Now that I am married I travel with my wife, and I still love traveling. There are many benefits of traveling alone,however, solo traveling can be dangerous of you are traveling in hinterland or in the rough terrain.
  35. Isafab

    Isafab New Member

    It would make planning much easier! Sometimes I get a little frustrated with the effort of doing all the research, and then I go to my husband with the plan and he wants to do something completely different! Still, I think there is something wonderful about seeing all new things with someone else there to share it with.
  36. cecejailer

    cecejailer New Member

    Although I agree with everything you said and I should try traveling alone at least once, I still think it's too risky. I don't know why, but I need a safe net, traveling abroad can be really scary and I don't know what kinds of situations I might face. The worst thing about traveling with someone is that travel partners can screw your plans... I've traveled with someone who wouldn't leave the hotel, it bothered me so much.
  37. Danny Luke

    Danny Luke Member

    For me, the biggest benefit of traveling alone is that I get to do everything on my own. I get to travel at my own time and pace. This is especially true during the times wherein I have to make a decision on whether I should go to that place. Or should I do this or that. You don't have to deal with the added burden of considering what a travel partner would think or say. However, every once in a while, is still travel with companions to break the routine, so to speak.
  38. pavilion

    pavilion New Member

    Travelling alone is a great idea when you want to perform some scout activities around a touristic place of interest before going there with family and friends. A trip focused in meeting locals in order to know first hand the popular and recommended camping spots, restaurants, inns, hotels, season prizes and events like traditional festivities and such.

    Is a way to discover new things and is really exciting regardless how inconvenient or disappointing It could turns out during your trip as a lonely traveller.
  39. rz3300

    rz3300 Member

    Well we al know that there are times when travelling with others is the best way to do it and then there are times when travelling alone is best, and to be honest I think that the ones alone are a lot more peaceful. So then it just depends on the purpose of the trip, if it is for relaxation then alone might be better, but for enjoyment, you most certainly want to share that experience with someone that you know well.
  40. hades_leae

    hades_leae New Member

    Well I won't say that it makes it boring, but I will say that it makes it more dangerous. I actually love to travel alone, but I know that people who are alone are easy targets, especially if you are far away from your own territory/country. Being alone doesn't necessarily mean that you will be bored, if you have much to do, and can make friends out there then you should be fine.
  41. Normad

    Normad New Member

    As much as I might appreciate the time alone and the experience of making new friends and all the other benefits of travelling alone, as a woman it really isn't an option for me. I would not feel safe at all. For me safety comes first. If I don't have a travelling companion then the trip is definitely off. I guess it might be a bit different for the guys out there.