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Darjeeling Hotel Suggestion

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by KarthikChopra, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. KarthikChopra

    KarthikChopra New Member

    I am going to be spending 4 days in Darjeeling in November with my wife and our 1 year old son. As we have our small child with us I want to make sure that we get a good clean hotel, which would give some good views.

    Some of the hotels I narrowed down on are:


    Cedar Inn

    Central Nirvana

    What is your take on these?

  2. Deven

    Deven Member

    The choices you have mentioned are good, but I would recommend something better like Mayfair and Windamere Hotel these are children friendly hotels which provide enough space for them to do activities. I would also like to add that if you would be going to the mall everyday then you would need to get public transport to reach the mall, as parking facility is not available.

  3. Rahul4640

    Rahul4640 New Member

    As I have not stayed at any of these hotels which you mentioned, I may not be at a good position either to comment or to reply. You have not mentioned your budget either. Please excuse me if you think my response inappropriate. But as a many time traveler to this city known as the queen of hills, I may only suggest that you may go through this page:-
    Darjeeling Hotels Guide
  4. Himanii

    Himanii New Member

    Here's a breakdown of the hotels you shortlisted, considering you'll be traveling with a 1-year-old and prioritizing a clean property with good views:


    • Spacious Rooms: Gleneagles offers family rooms that can comfortably accommodate a family of three.
    • Good Reviews: The hotel has generally positive reviews on cleanliness and service.
    • Central Location: Located close to Chowrasta, the main square in Darjeeling, which is convenient for exploring shops and restaurants.
    • Limited View: The hotel's location doesn't offer panoramic mountain views compared to some other options in Darjeeling.

    Cedar Inn


    • Great Views: Cedar Inn offers stunning views of the Kanchenjunga mountain range, especially from higher floors.
    • Family-Friendly: The hotel has a children's play area, which might be a good option for keeping your toddler entertained.
    • Clean and Comfortable: The hotel is known for its cleanliness and comfortable rooms.
    • Slightly Outside Town Center: The hotel is located a little away from the main tourist hub, but still within walking distance.

    Central Nirvana


    • Panoramic Views: Central Nirvana offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas, similar to Cedar Inn.
    • Spacious Rooms: The hotel has family rooms suitable for a family of three.
    • Central Location: Situated close to Chowrasta, convenient for exploring the town.

    • Mixed Reviews: Reviews regarding cleanliness can vary. It might be a good idea to check the latest reviews before booking.

    Here's my recommendation:

    Considering your priorities for a clean property with good views and a 1-year-old, Cedar Inn or Central Nirvana might be better options than Gleneagles. Both Cedar Inn and Central Nirvana offer:

    • Family-friendly amenities: Play areas or larger rooms to accommodate a toddler.
    • Panoramic Views:Stunning views of the Himalayas, which Darjeeling is famous for.
    Cedar Inn: A good choice if the children's play area and the slightly quieter location outside the town center are important to you.

    Central Nirvana: A good choice if you prioritize a central location close to shops and restaurants and are willing to check the latest reviews on cleanliness to be sure.

    Additional Tips

    Consider contacting the hotels directly to inquire about any specific amenities or services they offer for families with young children.

    Darjeeling can get chilly, especially in November. Be sure to pack warm clothes for your son.

    I hope this information helps you choose the perfect hotel for your family trip to Darjeeling!