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Distance from Mysore to Coorg

Discussion in 'South India' started by IVenku, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. IVenku

    IVenku New Member

    I want to go and spend some family time in Coorg with my wife and kids and I want to spend at least 4 days there. I know that Coorg is a driving distance from Mysore but I am not too sure exactly how far it is.

    I would like to know what the distance from Mysore to Coorg is so I know whether going to Coorg would be worth it or not. I don't want to be spending 5-6 hours driving and be tired when getting to the destination.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hi there, welcome to the forum!


    The distance between Mysore and Coorg is about 107 kilometres. If you're bringing your own car and driving, this distance can be covered in about three hours or less. Traffic is negligible though, especially around Mysore, but if you leave the city early, you can avoid the rush hours. You can also choose not to make any stopovers to further avoid any delays since the distance to cover isn't that long anyway. If you do make any stopovers, then your travel duration might increase up to four hours.

    Routes from Mysore to Coorg

    There are two routes that you can take from Mysore to Coorg. Both have their own pros and cons, but just remember to be careful when driving as you reach the hilly areas.

    1. Route No. 1 via Siddapura - Mysore > Elivala > Ankanahalli > Bilikere > Hunsur > Chilkunda > Maldare > Siddapura > Coorg.

    This is the shortest route at 107 kilometres between Mysore to Coorg. As you would notice, all routes pass through from Mysore to Hunsur, this is their commonality. This stretch is also the smoothest and easiest to navigate through out of all the stretches here. Traffic can be avoided by leaving early in the morning or just plain avoiding the peak rush hours.

    Mysore Hunsur Highway (Image Courtesy of My Gola)

    From Hunsur to Siddapura, roads are manageable. You would encounter plenty of badly laid speed breakers, so you need to drive very carefully. Aside from this issue, the hilly winds begin at this point too so make sure you drive as slowly as possible. Despite the short distance, you're looking into driving this stretch for about 45 minutes, more or less.

    From Siddapura to Coorg, there are some bad patches of roads as well but easily drivable. Just maintain slow speeds and you'd reach Coorg in a few minutes.

    2. Route No. 2 via Gonikoppal - Mysore > Elivala > Ankanahalli > Bilikere > Hunsur > Gonikoppal > Coorg.

    This route is roughly 111 kilometres long. Again, you would pass by the Mysore to Hunsur route that we have mentioned above. Instead of taking the road towards Siddapura, you would take a diversion into Ponnampet and then into Gonikoppal. This stretch has long been plagued by huge craters, potholes and overall, it was just a nightmare to travellers. However, due to an online petition, this stretch has been recently renovated and roads are freshly laid.

    Hunsur Gonikoppal (Image Courtesy of Coorg News)

    From Gonikoppal to Coorg, this is manageable. Virajpet is a bit bad but still, it has received much improvement as compared to the last few years. Other than that, you can easily reach Coorg from Gonikoppal.

    I hope this helps you.:)