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Himachal Holiday Itinerary Help

Discussion in 'Itinerary' started by Neel, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. Neel

    Neel New Member

    I am planning a family trip to Himachal Pradesh during the end of May, and in the travel will be my wife, two kids aged 5 and 10 years and my parents.
    The total number of days for the trip will be 10 days, and I would like some help from travelers to provide me with an itinerary for my Himachal tour, taking into consideration that I will have two elders with me as well.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Neel! Welcome to the forum!

    Here's a possible itinerary for you for your Himachal Pradesh trip:

    Day 1 - Arrive in Manali. Check in at your hotel and have dinner. Rest early for the night.

    Day 2 - After breakfast, visit tourist attractions around Manali. You can first start with the temples around Manali which are:
    • Hadimba Temple - This is located 2 kms away from the city centre of Manali. It is dedicated to Hidimbi Devi and has a pagoda-style of architecture. It is mostly made of wood and you can find carvings in its doors and windows.
    • Maa Sharvari Temple - This is located 5 kms away from the city centre of Manali, in the Shaminallah Village. It is a temple dedicated to Ma Sharvari Devi, a manifestation of Goddess Durga.
    • Basheshwar Mahadev Temple - This is about 15 kms away from Manali, in Bajura. This temple is dedicated to the Lord Shiva although you can find images of Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Durga and Goddess Lakshmi as well.
    • Bijli Mahadev Temple - This is about 35 kms from Manali and is a temple dedicated to the Lord Shiva. Its name refers to the 60 feet lightning rod here that gets struck by lightning every year.
    • Manu Temple - This is about 3 kms from the Manali and is dedicated to Manu. It is the only temple in India dedicated to the said sage.
    • Vashisht Temple - This is about 3.5 kms from the Manali. Rich Vashisht is one of the seven sages in Hinduism and you'd find a black stone image of him inside. There's also the Vashisht Hot Water Springs nearby the temple, you can include that in the day's itinerary.
    After lunch, here are some other places you can include for the day. Just choose a few that you can include in your time:
    • Manali Sanctuary - This is just about 2 kms from Manali. Children will have a lot of fun seeing the animals here. Birds are also quite easy to spot in this sanctuary.
    • Jogini Waterfalls - This is around 7.5 kms from Manali. Another great place for families, as there's a small pool in which the waterfalls flow through. You can swim here or just have a picnic beside the falls.
    • Museum of Himachal Culture and Folk Art - This is just 2 kms from Manali. You can learn a lot about the history and culture of the people of Himachal Pradesh through the various artefacts in here.
    End of the day. Have some dinner and rest for the night.

    Day 3 - Explore other attractions around Manali:
    • Solang Valley - This is about 12 kms from Manali. During summer, the valley is a popular area for zorbing and other adventure activities. There's also a lot of restaurants and eateries here so you can have a mid-breakfast meal in the area.
    • Rohtang Pass - A little bit further away at about 52 kms from the city centre of Manali, this is very popular for tourists as it has snow almost all-year round. It opens in May as well so you're in luck since you can visit it. Various snow activities can be done here like skiing or snow scootering.
    • Van Vihar - You can end the day here, just enjoying the views in the park. This is a few minutes away from the city centre of Manali. Kids can enjoy the swings and play area here. While the adults can sit at the benches and relax for a while after the hectic schedule for the day.
    End of the day. Have dinner and rest for the night.

    Day 4 - Travel from Manali to Shimla. This is about 249 kms which is 7 to 8 hours of journey time. Leave early and just have lunch en route to Shimla. You'd arrive in Shimla by mid-afternoon. Check in at the hotel, have dinner and rest for the night.

    Day 5 - Explore attractions in Shimla:
    • Annandale - This is about 3.5 kms from the city centre of Shimla. Formerly, this was a race course for cricket and polo where the British colonisers used to hold tournaments. Now, this is used for army parades, sports and there's even a helipad here for the tourists.
    • Chadwick Falls - This is about 7 kms away from the centre of Shimla. The falls are at a height of about 1,586 metres above sea level. Around the falls are thick Deodar forests and pine trees.
    • Shimla State Museum - This is about 2.3 kms from the city centre. There are artefacts related to the history of Himachal Pradesh here.
    • Naldehra and Shaily Peak - This is 23 kms away from the centre of Shimla. At about 2,000 metres above sea level, these are two of the highest peaks in the region. It offers panoramic views of the snow-capped mountains.
    Have some dinner en route to your hotel. Rest for the night.

    Day 6 - Travel from Shimla to Dharamshala. This is about 239 kms which can take 6 to 7 hours of travel time. You can reach Dharamshala during mid-afternoon. Do some shopping once you get there and eat out. Then, check in at the hotel and rest for the night.

    Day 7 - Have some breakfast and leave for the places to visit in Dharamshala which are:
    • Masrur Temples - This is about 5o kms from Dharamshala. These are rock-cut temples in the classical style of Indian architecture. These date as far back as the 6th to 8th Centuries. It has some resemblance to the rock-cut caves in Ellora as well.
    • Kangra Museum - This is about 20 kms from Dharamshala's city centre. Artefacts about Tibetan and Kangra culture can be found here.
    • Kangra Fort - This is about 24 kms from Dharamshala. There are temples, halls and watchtowers inside the fort.
    • Dal Lake and Kali Temple - This is just about 2.4 kms from Dharamshala. You can end your day here in the lake. Nearby, the Kali Temple can also be visited.
    Arrive by late afternoon in your hotel. Have early dinner and rest for the night.

    Day 8 - Travel from Dharamshala to Dalhousie. This is about 143 kms away so you can reach it in 4 hours time. Arrive in the hotel by lunch time. Check in and have lunch. Then visit the:
    • Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary - This is about 18 kms from Dalhousie. You can spot deers, black bears and langurs here.
    Return to the hotel and rest for the night.

    Day 9 - Have early breakfast. Then, visit the other attractions in Dalhousie:
    • Bakrota Hills or The Bald Hills - This is about 5 kms from Dalhousie. The name is derived from the lack of vegetation in some parts at the peak of the hills, giving it the appearance of baldness. It's reachable by car or by foot. It's a moderately easy trek that even kids and the elderly can enjoy.
    • Satdhara Falls - This is just a few minutes away from Dalhousie. This is about 2,035 metres above sea level. It is a mixture of seven streams, hence the name. The water here has "Mica" which can supposedly heal certain illnesses.
    • Panch Pula - This is just 3 kms away from Dalhousie. This place is famous for its various waterfalls and streams which are the main water sources of the village. There's also the monument of Sardar Ajith Singh here, a freedom fighter well-known all over the country.
    Return to the hotel and have dinner. Get some rest.

    Day 10 - End of trip, travel back to your region.

    There you go. I hope this helps! You can post here if you have any more questions. Good luck and enjoy your trip!