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Mumbai to Shirdi distance by road

Discussion in 'Maharashtra' started by UthkarshPandey, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. UthkarshPandey

    UthkarshPandey New Member

    I am someone who loves driving myself to destinations, and my next destination I plan to go to is Shirdi. I am from Mumbai so my drive would be from Mumbai to Shirdi. I would like to know what the Mumbai to Shirdi distance by road is, so that I am well-prepared fo the drive and know what to expect.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hi, welcome to the forum!


    The distance between Mumbai and Shirdi is about 250 kilometres, it really depends on which route you take. Driving time from Mumbai to Shirdi can take around 5 to 6 hours, more or less. There are two routes that travellers usually take to reach Shirdi from Mumbai. The first route goes through the Mumbai Nashik Expressway while the second route goes through the Ghoti Shirdi Road. Just like any other route options, there are advantages and disadvantages to both routes. Below, we would highlight the route proper, the road conditions and the advantages plus disadvantages of these routes. This way, you'd know which route would work well for you on your journey from Mumbai to Shirdi.

    Routes from Mumbai to Shirdi

    On deciding which route you should take from Mumbai to Shirdi, you should take some considerations at hand. Like, for instance, what time of the day are you leaving from Mumbai? What type of vehicle are you taking? How many stopovers do you intend to take along the way? And of course, are you more into the quicker but less scenic route or the slower but scenic route? Once you have thought about these considerations, deciding on which route to take from Mumbai to Shirdi would be a lot easier.

    1. Route via Mumbai Nashik Expressway - Mumbai > Thane > Asangaon > Igatpuri > Ghoti > Nashik > Shinde > Sinnar > Pathare > Shirdi (254 Kilometres)

    This is the route via the Mumbai Nashik Expressway. This is also the conventional route that travellers take to reach Shirdi from Mumbai. From Mumbai to Thane, road conditions are very good although make sure you leave early to avoid the city traffic. Until Nashik, roads are four lane ones so the drive would be a breeze. Roads are very smooth, well-laid and don't have any issues like craters or potholes, an easy drive from the city until the expressway. From Nashik to Sinnar, roads are mostly two lanes but still smooth and manageable to drive in. This stretch can be plagued by traffic during rush hours though. The last stretch is mostly of narrow lanes with scenic views of rural villages. You can reach Shirdi in about 5 hours with this route.

    Since this is the most conventional route taken by travellers, a disadvantage is that there can be traffic in some stretches. It's also not advisable to drive in this route during night, as there are many blind curves and oncoming traffic might be harder to spot in some parts of the route. This is also a tolled route so you need to prepare some money before your road trip. On the other hand, this is a good route to take for those who like easy driving, with smooth roads and city views in most parts.

    2. Route via Ghoti Shirdi Road - Mumbai > Thane > Asangaon > Kasara > Igatpuri > Ghoti > Bharvir Khurd > Sinnar > Pathare > Shirdi (242 Kilometres)

    This is the second route that one can take to reach Shirdi from Mumbai. It passes by the Ghoti Shirdi Road, parallel to the Mumbai Nashik Expressway. You would also take the same roads from Mumbai, until Thane, to Asangaon, then into Igatpuri. Instead of taking the expressway route, take a turn into the old Ghoti Shirdi Road instead. Continue on until you reach Bharvir Khurd, then Sinnar, Pathare until Shirdi. Roads in this route are mostly two lane ones with scenic greenery, vineyards and wind mills all around. Traffic is also less with this route though you still have to drive slowly because you'd be passing by small villages, not highways proper.

    An advantage of this route is that you can enjoy the scenic drive. Yes, it might be slower but at least you can have a stress-free drive until Shirdi. Roads are narrower though so you need to exercise caution as they can be filled with slow-moving vehicles and two-wheelers as well. Though this route is shorter, the drive is longer because you won't be able to drive at higher speeds. Also, avoid taking this route during Saturdays, when there's an evening market in the area of Ghoti which can delay your trip due to traffic.

    3. Alternative Route via Malshej Ghat - Mumbai > Thane > Malshej Ghat > Narayangaon > Alephata > Sangamner > Shirdi (283 Kilometres)

    Aside from the usual routes mentioned above, you can also take this alternative route. It's longer than the routes mentioned above but very scenic. You take the same roads until Thane but continue on until Kalyan until you reach the Malshej Ghat. Continue on the Pune Nashik Highway until you reach Sangamner and onto Shirdi. Roads are good though not as wide as the previous routes. The views are very beautiful though, passing by lots of greenery along the way. You'd reach Shirdi in about 6 hours, more or less, with this route.

    Of course, the disadvantage of this route is that it is very long, 283 kilometres. While it might be scenic, it is not recommended for those who are short on time. Traffic is less on this route though roads are average so if you have a smaller car, you might need to think twice about taking this route. But if you have a bigger vehicle, with higher ground clearance, and would like the off the beaten path to Shirdi, you can opt for this route.


    Pressed for time and need to reach Shirdi faster from Mumbai? Then take the Mumbai Nashik Expressway, wherein you can reach Shirdi in about 5 hours or so. Looking for a more scenic route with good road conditions? Opt for the Ghoti Shirdi Road route, taking you through scenic villages, vineyards and wind mill views. Looking for a new unexplored route where you can avoid city traffic and enjoy beautiful views all around? Then opt for the Malshej Ghat route from Mumbai to Shirdi.

    I hope this helps you!:)