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Night out places in Delhi

Discussion in 'North India' started by HK23J, Nov 24, 2016.

  1. HK23J

    HK23J New Member

    I will be staying in Delhi, and I would like to know what options I have for the night out places in Delhi.

    I will not be on my while in Delhi and will be with a group of friends, but we would still like to opt for places which are safe, and I am sure there safe places in Delhi as well.

    The kind of places I would like suggestions for are places to hang out places, some clubs and also eating places.

    I have heard that there are parantha places which open at 9 pm until 3 am, please also provide some information about these as well.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!

    (Images Courtesy of Zomato, Aman Arora and Hangouts)


    Night out in Delhi? It's very possible as long as you know which places are open until midnight or way past midnight. Places where you can enjoy a leisurely time in with friends, where chatting and just hanging out in is possible. Or maybe places that have some kind of entertainment like live music or a happening dance floor. Or maybe places that can satisfy your midnight hungers, which always happens to the very best of us, but mostly to the foodies. If you have been wanting to explore a bit of Delhi at night time, while enjoying its skyline and less of its chaos, you can certainly do so. Keep reading and find out which are the best places for a night out in Delhi are.

    Night Out Places in Delhi

    Hang Out Places with Friends
    • AM PM Cafe - The AM PM Cafe is located in Rajouri Garden, quite close to the Rajouri Garden Metro Station. It is a very laid-back cafe, with modern interiors featuring Hollywood themes. There are three types of seating areas, an indoor one, an outdoor one and a rooftop one, so you can easily take your pick. Of course, for hanging out, the best section for that is the rooftop area, that is, if the weather is quite pleasant. Here, you can indulge in lazy chit chats with your friends while enjoying the skyline of Delhi. The menu of the cafe is very simple too with an assortment of Continental, Italian and American dishes. Their best sellers are their well-crafted shakes, especially the Kitkat Shake and Double Chocolate Shake. For food, you cannot go wrong with their pizzas and sandwiches. Open until midnight, you can certainly have a carefree time while in the AM PM Cafe.
    • Hauz Khas Social - Hauz Khas is well-known for its quirky cafes and restaurants, one of which is the Hauz Khas Social. Uniquely enough, Hauz Khas Social is an office during day time, where freelancers and businessmen can go about their works uninterrupted. But during night time, the entire restaurant turns into a lively pub. The interiors are that of resembling nature, earthy colours, complete with wooden furnitures. As you look out the glass-panel walls, the view of the nearby reservoir would greet you. Opt for a seat and table which overlooks the lake and you might just spend your entire night here with your friends, just remember that the restaurant closes at 1:00 am. Their menu is very extensive too, with Indian, Asian, Continental and American cuisines. For friends, you have the option of ordering their sharing plates, which are very affordable and can fit two to three persons already. And yes, the menu also has plenty of munchies to go with your get together with your friends.
    • India Gate - While the India Gate can also be visited during day time, it becomes a hot spot for hanging out during night time. The India Gate is open until past midnight and the good news is that there is 24 hours security in the place. If you're looking for a serene and safe place to hang out in Delhi during night time, this might just fit those requirements. There are even hawkers and food sellers around, so if you do get hungry, you have plenty of options. It's also not rare to see families spending their nights here, just having a picnic or chatting the night away.
    • TLR Cafe - Another cafe in the Hauz Khas Village is the TLR Cafe. It has this almost homely vibe to it, with wooden floorings, simple interiors and also a rooftop seating. The best part about the cafe is that it is cozy enough for friends to hang out in. Much like the ambience, their food has this home-cooked taste to it as well, with cuisines of America, Italy and other Continents available in the cafe. They have a variety of burgers and pizzas which can be great midnight snacks too. And if you're someone who cannot live without WiFi, TLR Cafe has direct internet access as well. The cafe is open from afternoon until past midnight so you can enjoy your whole night here with your friends.
    TLR Cafe (Image Courtesy of Buzz in Town)
    • Underdoggs Sports Bar and Grill - Want to hang out but at the same time have some fun? There's the Underdoggs Sports Bar and Grill in Ambience Mall in Vasant Kunj. It is mainly a sports bar with an assortment of television screens showcasing live matches. Also present are the numerous game tables for pool, billiards, fuss ball and shuffle board. There are also dart equipments, carrom boards, beer pong tables and other board games within the bar. For just Rs. 900 per person, you can avail of their buffet, cocktails and access all their indoor games. Oh, and they're open until past midnight too, perfect for the night owls who just can't seem to sleep at night.
    Night Clubs and Lounges to Have Fun
    • The Flying Saucer - The Flying Saucer is one of the hippest lounges in Delhi. It mostly becomes more vibrant during Fridays, when live bands present themselves at the stage and turn the cafe into a buzzing lounge. There are indoor and outdoor seating areas, both of which have this European touch in design. Their bar is well stocked with the best wines and liquors as well, to accompany your music entertainment. Food-wise, they have Italian, Mediterranean and Continental cuisines. One of their best-sellers is the Galouti Kebab, cooked to soft perfection and comes with their very own chutney. The Flying Saucer is a check in all aspects, food, ambience and music, so you can have an ideal great time here with your friends.
    • Molecule Air Bar - The Molecule Air Bar is mainly a microbrewery, located in Sector 29 in Gurgaon. Its interiors are very quirky, a combination of chemistry and war, with elements and some weaponries displayed alongside the different parts of the bar. They also have live music playing but it is neither too low that you cannot enjoy the music nor too loud that you cannot enjoy chatting with your friends. Its quirky design and personally concocted cocktails had made the bar a popular night out place in Delhi and in Gurgaon. When it comes to the food, they also won't disappoint, best sellers are the Paneer Tikka and Ghee Roast Keema Matar. So if you love alcoholic drinks along with great food, Molecule Air Bar would suit those criterions.
    • My Bar Headquarters - If music and dancing are your interests, the My Bar Headquarters might do well for you. Although the interiors of the bar are very simple, with just wooden tables and furnitures, along with bricked walls, the music scene here is very lively. In fact, the bar is rarely uncrowded and so you need to book a table in advance especially if visiting during the weekends. Loud music, good food and vibrant night life, these are all the features that a party person might look for in a bar and the My Bar Headquarters has all of them. If dancing isn't much of your interest, just head on to the outside seating of the bar for a more serene atmosphere.
    • Prankster - Prankster is a unique lounge in itself, mimicking that of the college experience. It has several sections, a chemistry laboratory, a library, a mixology laboratory, an amphitheatre, a parking lot, a canteen, a classroom and even a bunk room. You can even reserve one whole section for your group for the ultimate privacy. Prankster takes you back to your college days and with a group of friends, won't the nostalgia be quite fun and enjoyable? Even the meals served here are reminiscent of your older college days, from the Chicken Tikka, to the Kung Pao Chicken and even the delicious desserts. Open until past midnight, you can reminisce with your friends here and go back to the simpler and enjoyable times of your college life.
    Prankster (Image Courtesy of Whats Hot)
    • Kitty Su - The Kitty Su is located in The Lalit Hotel in Barakhamba Road. It is more of a posh party place since the entry rates and the food rates are on the higher side. Of course the interiors are quite elegant too, with comfortable couches, dim lighting, a spacious dance floor and a live music area. At certain times of the week, live music performances are done here and there are also renowned DJs occupying the music floor at times. While the food isn't as exceptional, the ambience and the music performances make up for it. Do set aside some money as you're bound to spend a bit more when in this club.
    Foodies Places
    • Olive Bar & Kitchen - Located quite close to the Qutub Minar Complex, in Mehrauli, is the Olive Bar and Kitchen. The restaurant is not open until the wee hours of the morning but it does operate until midnight. If you're a foodie who isn't really easily satisfied by mediocre dishes, the Olive Bar and Kitchen might suit your palate. With cuisines like Mediterranean, European and Italian, you would easily be transported to such countries as soon as you taste their dishes. The ambience is very elegant too, with a touch of minimalism. There's an outdoor seating area that is filled with greenery as well. Going back to the dishes, their best seller is the Tenderloin Pastrami, with the rare ingredient, white asparagus, as well as pickled onion, horseradish cream and parmesan. The combination of the tenderloin with the creamy sauce is beyond words, you must taste it to understand why this has become one of the best sellers. And for dessert, do try their Deconstructed Lemon Tart, not overbearingly sweet, just enough to make your palate want more of it.
    • Locale - Locale is located in Saket in New Delhi and serves a wide variety of dishes, from Indian, Lebanese, Mexican, Chinese to Thai. Its ambience is a bit different, with messy graffiti walls and just simple wooden furnitures. You can opt to dine in their indoor area or their outdoor area. But mostly people go to Locale for their scrumptious foods. They also don't scrimp on quantity of dishes, which can easily serve two persons. For vegetarians, do try out their Veg Extravagant Pizza, loaded with vegetable toppings and oozing with cheese, you won't feel deprived as a vegetarian at all with this one. Another must try dish here is their Stir Fry Shanghai Chicken with Ginger Fried Rice, mimicking the flavours of China, right at this little corner in Delhi.
    • Pandara Road - While the above restaurants are standalone ones, Pandara Road is a culmination of different eateries and restaurants in one place. Most of the restaurants here are open until past midnight, depending on the crowds during that night. One of the most well-known restaurants here is Gulati, which serves North Indian and Mughlai dishes to guests. Melt in your mouth kebabs, flavourful chickens and soft muttons are just some of the best descriptions for their meals. Havemore is another North Indian restaurant here, best known for their creamy but not overpowering, Dal Makhani. If you love Tandoori Chicken, there's Pindi, which serves the best-tasting Tandoori Chicken in the area. North Indian food late night cravings? Pandara Road would be your best buddy for that!
    Gulati in Pandara Road (Image Courtesy of Buzz in Town)
    • Jawaharlal Nehru University - You might be thinking, 'What if I don't have enough budget for all these other restaurants?' Fret not, because the 24/7 Food Court of Jawaharlal Nehru University comes to your rescue. There is no elegant ambience here nor fascinating tactics, just plain and simple good old food. The food court mainly caters to students, who we know must always live in a tight budget. But even with such affordable meals, the JNU 24/7 Food Court doesn't compromise on hygiene or food quality. Their Afghani Chicken is a must try, perfectly spiced and soft enough to chew on. Their Tandoori Momos are also worth trying out, very cheap yet can fill the stomach quite easily.
    • Jama Masjid - Another budget foodies paradise are the street food stalls outside of the Jama Masjid. While most areas around the mosque start to close by night time, the street food stalls here operate until past midnight. You can take a stroll beyond the first gate of the mosque and relish in the smell of freshly cooked kebabs and fried chickens. For as little as Rs. 10, you got yourself a fulfilling meal and with Rs. 100, consider yourself fully stuffed with all the goodness here. If you enjoy restaurants more, there are also a few around the mosque that you can dine in. Karim's and Al Jawahar are cult favourites, both serve North Indian and Mughlai dishes.
    The Best Midnight Paranthas
    • Convergys Dhaba - This 24 hour dhaba is located in Sector 25 of Gurgaon. It is located in the roadside highway of NH8 and caters mostly to graveyard shift employees or even the all night party goers. The dhaba has an assortment of paranthas, ranging from Rs. 30 to Rs. 90, so very light on the pocket. One of their best seller paranthas is the Egg Parantha, the egg is stuffed inside the though, which adds this tinge of taste to the dish. Their Chicken Noodles is also a good option, especially during a cold night out of Delhi. Do keep in mind that this is mainly a dhaba, so there are no vibrant lights nor elegant ambience here.
    • Jain Chawal Wale - Located in Baba Kharak Singh Marg in Connaught Place is this busy little food outlet called the Jain Chawal Wale. As the name suggests, it mainly serves Jain dishes to guests. It also has an assortment of paranthas, which are some of the best-tasting ones in Delhi. The restaurant is open until past midnight and starts operating as early as 4:00 am. Their Aloo Pyaz Parantha is served with butter and sabzi, all for just Rs. 40. The stuffing, which is a spiced potato mixture, is lightly flavoured, just enough to warm your tummy for their other delicious meals.
    • Kake Di Hatti - Located in Chandni Chowk in Fatehpuri, Kake Di Hatti is an affordable street food stall selling mouth-watering paranthas. It operates from 8:00 am up to past 1:00 am daily. There is a sitting area but it's fairly small so you would see customers dining while standing in the nearby dhaba. Their paranthas are huge in size, it can easily satisfy two persons already with one serving. Price is very minimal too at just Rs. 110 on average. Their Lachha Parantha is a must try, although it's very simple, spread a dollop of butter into it and bite while it's still hot, the experience is unexplainable.
    • Moolchand Parantha Wala - This is one of the oldest parantha dhabas in Delhi, although they operate only until 1:00 am, sometimes a bit later depending on the crowds. They have a variety of paranthas which are all good to try out. A best seller, especially for children, is the Cheese Parantha and for adults, is the Chilli Garlic Parantha. Their paranthas won't cost more than Rs. 100 per serving too. The siding of green chilli pickle and onions add to the different taste of their paranthas. Also a must try here is their Lassi, which can remove the heaviness of the butter loaded paranthas.
    • AIIMS Parantha Wala - Located just opposite the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi, a small food stall named the Parantha Wala serves paranthas to hungry nurses, doctors and even passers by. Their Anda Parantha is a best seller, it is basically a spiced egg parantha, which costs less than Rs. 40 per serving. The food stall is open as late as 4:00 am in the morning so can cater to your late night or even late dawn hunger pangs.

    Yup, Delhi has a very vibrant night life too, which is a perfect scene to explore for a group of friends. Foodies, music lovers, bar lovers... Have your heart set out for Delhi's night scene, because it cannot be compared to any other city in the world. Enjoy!