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Pork dishes

Discussion in 'Food & Drinks' started by Alexandoy, May 11, 2017.

  1. Alexandoy

    Alexandoy Member

    I understand that pork is taboo so Muslims although I am not sure if there are areas in India that are majority of Muslims in population. We are meat eaters particularly pork. What I see in this board is a majority of vegetarian food which is okay with me but not much. Maybe a meal or two of vegetarian food would be enough. And if there is no pork then I would be content with beef or chicken. I really want to know if eating pork can offend people in some places in India.

  2. iamawriter

    iamawriter Member

    You will find very few restaurants offering pork and beef dishes. While there is no law per se - although the cow slaughter ban saga is very hot just now in India, there are a few who do raise a shindig. If you really want to enjoy then Goa is the safest place as of now if you have not already been there. The new Indian government does have something up its sleeve - only time will tell.