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Tourist places in Madhya Pradesh

Discussion in 'Madhya Pradesh' started by Naveli, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. Naveli

    Naveli New Member

    My grandparents used to live in Madhya Pradesh many many years ago but moved away. I have always talked about where my family once lived to my kids and husband, and I would love to show them the destination.

    Where my family lived that is an old village, which we would be visiting, but I would also like to see the Madhya Pradesh state as well, as it is very less explored and along with my husband and kids I too would also like to get an insight into the places. We can't obviously see every place, so I would like to know what are the major tourist places in Madhya Pradesh, so we can go and see them on our next holiday.

  2. rootle

    rootle Member

    There are actually quite a few well known places in MP that are quite underrated. The Khajuraho temples are pretty amazing, some of the greatest Hindu temples in India. Of course they're quite inappropriate to look at so it may not be the best place for a family holiday. The Sanchi Stupa is a monument I haven't been to but it's very important in India's history. One of the oldest monuments in the country. I've also heard of the Bhimbetka caves, which apparently have paintings from about 17,ooo years ago. There's a fort at Orchha, near where I lived and it's pretty great from what I can recall. These are the first things that come to mind.

  3. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Naveli! Welcome to the forum!

    The heart of India, literally because it is located at the centre of the country, is Madhya Pradesh. A place for the nature lovers and a place for the wildlife lovers, that is the best description for the state. Why so? Because about 31% of the state is covered with dense forests. As a result, the entire state is a haven for jungle lovers.

    There are also nine national parks in the state which are considered as the best ones in the country. There are also about 25 wildlife sanctuaries in the state alone. With such huge numbers of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, it's no wonder that Madhya Pradesh is the best destination for wildlife safaris.

    Madhya Pradesh is also home to many important heritage sites in the country like the Khajuraho Group of Monuments and the Taj Ul Masajid. Along with the other monuments in the state, these sites are proofs of the amazing architectural styles of the different conquerors of the region. Don't forget to interact with the local tribes as the state is also home to the most number of tribes in the country.

    Here are the best places to visit in Madhya Pradesh:

    Yes, there are cities in Madhya Pradesh!

    1. Bhopal - The capital city of Madhya Pradesh tops this list. Bhopal deserves the top spot as it is not only a very modern city but it has held on to its nature and heritage. Often dubbed as the City of Lakes, some of the best lakes to visit here are the Upper Lake and Lower Lake. Both lakes have boating facilities like pedal boating or paddle boating. For learning more about the culture of the tribes in the region, there's the Museum of Mankind. It has life-size displays of the tribal houses along with fully decorated interiors. Yet another must visit here is the Taj Ul Masajid, the largest mosque in the country. It is located at the banks of the Motia Talab Lake and stands out with its red facade. Lastly, at just about 7 kilometres away from the city centre of Bhopal, is the Van Vihar National Park. Here you can find animals like panthers, tigers, sloth bears, lions and a variety of bird species. Don't worry though as Bhopal has plenty of budget and luxury hotels that can fit anyone's budget. And if ever you miss the complexes in your city, then Bhopal won't disappoint with its shopping malls and other complexes.
    • Must visit attractions - Upper Lake, Lower Lake, Museum of Mankind, Taj Ul Masajid, Motia Talab Lake and Van Vihar National Park.
    2. Indore - Although a progressive city, Indore is best known for its food. As such, it has been named as the Food Hub of Madhya Pradesh. One such place here, where you can have a taste of every type of food, is the Sarafa Bazaar. Whether you're craving for Chinese food, Indian food or even Italian food, this place has got it all. When in Sarafa Bazaar, it's a must to try out kachoris, samosas and dahi wadas. Of course the city is not only a foodie's paradise, it's also a haven for pilgrims as there are numerous temples around the city. Some of the most popular temples here are the Omkareshwar Temple, Kanch Mandir and Annapurna Temple. Something for the history lovers is the Lal Bagh Palace, built around the 19th century by Maharaja Shivaji Rao Holkar. And lastly, for those craving some adventure, an excursion to the Ralamandal Sanctuary is a must. Here you can indulge in trekking and reach the fort at the peak of the hill. So foodies, grab some snack and explore the city of Indore!
    • Must visit attractions - Sarafa Bazaar, Omkareshwar Temple, Kanch Mandir, Annapurna Temple, Lal Bagh Palace and Ralamandal Sanctuary.
    Something about the past

    3. Gwalior - At just about 120 kilometres away from Agra, Gwalior is one of the most accessible cities in Madhya Pradesh. Once the region ruled by the Mughals, Marathas and Scindias, Gwalior also had a part in the independence of India. Thus, it's clear that the city has witnessed the ups and downs of the country. One such place that highlights the history of the city is Gwalior Fort. Having been passed on from one conqueror to another, it was once an invincible fort in the city. It was originally built by Raja Man Singh Tomar though during the 15th century. The palaces, temples and reservoirs inside the fort are worth exploring. If you cannot get enough of the historic sites in the city, there's the Jai Vilas Mahal, built around the 18th century by the Scindias. If you're lucky, you might even be able to spot the descendants of the Scindias living in the palace. Yet another must visit place here is the Gopachal Parvat, which you can cover on your way back from the Gwalior Fort. This structure takes you back to the architectural prowess of the bygone era, as the sculptures were made on a mountain. It makes you wonder how they did these cravings during that time.
    • Must visit attractions - Gwalior Fort, Jai Vilas Mahal, Gopachal Parvat, Sas Bahu Temple and many more.
    4. Orchha - Surrounded by the Betwa River, Orchha is probably one of the lesser visited cities in Madhya Pradesh. For many though, Orchha is the hidden jewel of the state. With its palaces, temples and even a fort, the city definitely has its place on history. Its relative seclusion, since not many tourists visit it, is also part of its charm. This is actually the best time to visit the city before it becomes touristy and commercialised. One of the main attractions here is the Orchha Fort, which houses three palaces, namely: the Raj Mahal, the Jahangir Mahal and the Sheesh Mahal. The fort was founded by Rudra Pratap, who was also the one who founded the city of Orchha. On the banks of the Betwa River, there are also 14 Cenotaphs worth exploring, which are memorials for the rulers of the region. There are also religious places that you can visit here like the Ram Raja Temple and the Lakshmi Narayan Temple.
    • Must visit attractions - Orchha Fort, 14 Cenotaphs, Ram Raja Temple and Lakshmi Narayan Temple.
    Heritage sites at their best

    5. Khajuraho - The mere mention of Khajuraho evokes one word into a person's mind and that is erotic. But the Khajuraho Group of Monuments, listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, is more than just that. In fact, only ten percent of the monuments are comprised of erotic sculpture while the rest celebrate the day to day lives of the bygone era. The monuments once stood at about 85 in number but due to time and age, only 22 of these monuments have remained. Just exploring these monuments can leave you astounded as the intricacy of the details of the carvings seem unfit for the time they were built. After visiting the monuments, do go to the Archeological Museum located just outside the temples. This museum houses the artefacts recovered from the Khajuraho Group of Monuments itself.
    • Must visit attractions - Khajuraho Group of Monuments and Archeological Museum.
    6. Sanchi - At just about 46 kilometres away from Bhopal, Sanchi is another UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main attraction here is the Great Sanchi Stupa, the oldest stone structure in the country, built around the 3rd century BCE. Nearby to the Great Stupa, there are also other stupas that you can visit although fairly smaller but built by the same ruler, Ashoka. Also, don't forget to visit the Ashoka Pillar located nearby the Great Stupa. It's also a must to visit the Sanchi Museum so you would understand more about the items excavated from the region. Another must visit here is the Udayagiri Caves, which are rock-cut caves with a mixture of Jain and Hindu carvings.
    • Must visit attractions - Great Sanchi Stupa, Ashoka Pillar, Sanchi Museum and Udayagiri Caves.
    7. Mandu - This city is a fine example of the architectural prowess of the pre-colonial era. For instance, the ancient rainwater harvesting system of the city is so intricate and flawless that it helped the city thrive for a long time, even if the city had no ground water system. Then, there's the Jahaz Mahal, built between two lakes. Such architectural design makes it look like the palace is floating on water. This is the harem of Mandu Sultan Ghiyas Ud Din Khilji where he placed his about 15,000 women lovers. There are plenty more monuments that you can explore in the city like the Hindola Mahal, Rani Roopmati Mahal and Jami Masjid. Each structure is unique and provides one with a glimpse of the architectural style of the ruler who built it. Another must visit attraction here is the Tomb of Hoshang Shah, which some believe is the inspiration for the Taj Mahal. So for those who love engineering and architecture, do not leave Mandu out of your list!
    • Must visit attractions - Jahaz Mahal, Hindola Mahal, Rani Roopmati Mahal, Jama Masjid and Tomb of Hoshang Shah.
    Nature lovers, unite!

    8. Jabalpur - Along the banks of the Narmada River lies the city of Jabalpur. Some of natural attractions that you can explore here are lakes and waterfalls. The Dhuandhar Waterfalls are formed from the Narmada River itself. The best way to view the waterfalls? None other than the ropeway located here. Nothing beats this experience as you zip through the entire forestry and have a bird's eye view of the waterfalls. Another must-visit place here is the Sangram Sagar Lake, a bird watcher's paradise. Something quite peculiar is the Balancing Rocks of Jabalpur, not shaken by anyone, by earthquakes, nothing. Not even science can explain this phenomenon. If you'd like to see the entire city, there's the Madan Mahal Fort, only reachable through trekking for an hour or so. From the peak, the ruins of an old fort can be seen along with a commanding view of Jabalpur. Adventure and nature? Check and check, Jabalpur has it both!
    • Must visit attractions - Dhuandhar Waterfalls, Sangram Sagar Lake, Balancing Rocks and Madan Mahal Fort.
    9. Kanha - The biggest national park in the state is located in Kanha. Home to the majestic royal Bengal tigers, the national park has also helped in conserving other endangered animal species. If perhaps you cannot spot the elusive tiger, then fear not, as there are plenty more of animal species to see here. Some of the commonly sighted animals here are the blackbucks, chitals, sambars, gaurs and sloth bears. The national park is also home to quite many species of birds like peacocks, peafowls, cuckoos, kingfishers and warblers. Do visit Bamni Dadar at the end of your safari for the best sunset views outside of the national park. There are also plenty of resorts around the national park so you can aim for a few safaris to be able to have a higher chance of seeing the tigers.
    • Must visit attractions - Kanha National Park and Bamni Dadar.
    10. Bandhavgarh - The Bandhavgarh National Park has one of the highest tiger densities in the country. With about 60 tigers in just 450 square metres of land, the possibility of spotting tigers here is higher. The mixture of the dry and deciduous forests provide less coverage for the tigers and other animals. The national park is also the home to the white tigers in the region. Aside from tigers, other animals that you can spot here are leopards, nilgais, spotted deers, sambars and chinkaras. Do be careful as the national park is also home to many species of snakes like pythons and cobras. Whether you'd like to indulge in a jeep safari or an elephant safari, one thing is for sure, the variety of flora and fauna in the national park is going to leave you satisfied. Within the national park, there are also other attractions that you can visit like the Bandhavgarh Fort, Baghel Museum and a Vishnu Statue.
    • Must visit attractions - Bandhavgarh National Park, Bandhavgarh Fort, Baghel Museum and Vishnu Statue.
    There you go, I hope this helps you!:)