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Best non veg restaurants in Pune

Discussion in 'Food & Drinks' started by Monica Archarya, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. Monica Archarya

    Monica Archarya New Member

    My cousins are coming to visit me in Pune and they absolutely love non-veg food and have it at least twice a day. I am someone who is not fond of non-veg food but do eat it and now I need to know where I can take them for eating.

    I would like to know which are the best non veg restaurants in Pune and if there are any specialties please do mention them.

  2. RajeshKK

    RajeshKK New Member

    There is plenty of choice of nonveg restaurants, but a few which serve some great nonveg food. So here is a choice of nonveg restaurants where you can take your cousins.

    George - Thi is a great place for nonveg food. The Chinese should be given a miss, as it has got more of an Indian touch to it. What should be tried at George is the chicken rotisserie and mutton chops and keema.

    Blue Nile - They serve some amazing biryani which many people visit the restaurant for.

    Nisarg - If you want to try sea food and you dont want to be dissapointed then Nisarg is the best and the only place to visit.

    Hiddenplace - For snacks, this is the place to be, where you should try the tangri kebab, popcorn chicken, and dilkush kebab

    Govind Restuarant - a bit pricey as compared to other places, but worth it for the butter chicken they serve.